A person removed six I-beams from a man’s residence without his permission on May 2. The man believes an acquaintance had some part in the theft due to knowledge of the property.

A homeowner stated May 7 that her sister decided that she wanted to move out of the house. She stated that her sister and and her sister’s boyfriend and her sister’s friend came over to get her sister’s belongings. The homeowner stated that she has made it known that the friend is not allowed in the home. The homeowner stated that after verbal altercations between everyone in the house, she and the friend started to fist fight. The homeowner stated that when the three of them left, the boyfriend broke her car window with a baseball bat.

Police received at call of shots fired at a house on May 7. On arrival, family members in the home said they were sleeping when they heard four to five “pops.” They thought it was a car backfiring or possibly gunshots. They found glass on the front outer door shattered and a hole on the metal of the inner door. A bullet then continued into the rear living room wall, into the drywall, and falling down inside the wall. An officer checked the house, vehicles and all outside items for any other possible gunshot holes and found none. They did not find casings either. The shots are consistent with being fired from a moving car directly in front of the house. A vehicle was heard but not seen leaving the scene.

An assistant principal at Springfield Junior and High School advised police that a student in her office admitted to her that he had smoked his THC “Dab” pen May 7 and was high. On arrival, police saw the Dab pen and three cartridges in a ziploc baggie. The 15-year-old student had red, glassy eyes and he seemed to be slurring his words slightly. He admitted that the pen was his and that he paid $70 for the pen and cartridges. He bought it a couple weeks ago and had just started using it. The student's father was advised by phone of the situation and and that a police report and pending charges could be obtained the next day. The student was charged with drug paraphernalia and drug possession. He will be referred to Community Youth Division along with any school disciplinary consequences he may face.

Police received a call that a juvenile was being unruly on May 9. Police met with 14-year-old girl’s father, who appeared to be highly intoxicated. He was slurring his words, unable to keep his balance, had bloodshot eyes and the odor of an alcohol on him. Police were unable to understand what he was trying to say due to his high level of intoxication.  When police spoke with the girl, she said her father was drunk and she wanted to leave and that he pushed her against the wall. The girl’s stepmother arrived at the residence and was advised of what the daughter said and the stepmother said that the girl has made accusations of violence in the past. The girl showed no signs of physical violence.The girl was told that it was her stepmother's decision on whether she gets to leave and go to a friends house. The father and stepmother were also advised that due to the high level of intoxication of the father and him being in care and custody of the child that police would be reporting the findings to Children Services for a follow up.

A woman was crying on May 10 and said that her brother hit her in the mouth and he was in the house. The brother, a 16-year-old boy, responded to the front door of the residence, stating that he and his sister were arguing and that she bit him on the thumb, which an officer observed was bleeding. Both subjects refused treatment. The boy stated that when his sister came over to get her clothes, he asked her for money that she owed him.. A verbal argument ensued and turned physical when his sister put him in a headlock. During the altercation, the boy tried to get out of the head lock and his sister bit him in the thumb. He responded by striking her in the mouth. The sister agreed that the fighting was over some money that she owed to her brother. She gathered her clothes and was picked up by another sister.

A man reported May 11 the front door window to a residence had been broken out. The man stated the property is vacant and the window could have been broken for weeks. The man also states that the home was secure and that he does not believe that anyone attempted to enter the home.

A man reported May 11 a chip on the windshield of his truck that occurred overnight. He stated there was no chip on the window when he parked his truck and believed the chip was vandalism.


A man had his black 9mm firearm stolen from his residence on April 19. It has been entered as stolen through L.E.A.D.S.

A man said his wife received a phone call on May 1 and the woman left a message. The woman had been contacted by an officer in February and advised that she was not to have any contact with the man or his wife. On May 5, the woman was placed under arrest and issued a summons to appear at the Barberton Municipal Court.

A man stated he had recently broke his leg at work and was prescribed pain medication. He said that a man who had been temporarily working for him was at his residence on May 3 and had stolen his prescribed pain medication along with $50. The man said the worker has a criminal history and is known for using drugs and theft.

A man reported that an unknown male approached him wanting to sell him drugs on May 3. The man refused and the drug dealer started to chase after him with a club. When police arrived, they found the drug dealer’s vehicle at a gas pump. After speaking with the driver and the passenger, police learned that the passenger that had an active felony warrant out of the Summit County Sheriff's Office. The driver had a suspended drivers license.  Police detained the men and found a small baggie of a clear/ white crystal substance on the driver. The driver stated that it was methamphetamine and he was placed under arrest. The passenger had a single prescription pill on him, which he stated was a Percocet and he was also placed under arrest. They were both transported to the Summit County Jail. The vehicle was towed.

Police were called May 3 about a suspicious vehicle that was in a driveway.  Police recognized the vehicle as associated with a man who had an active felony warrant out the Ohio State Highway Patrol. While placing the man under arrest, police discovered two plastic baggies with white powder and a smoking device. The white powdery substance was field tested and came back as positive for cocaine. The man was transported to Summit County Jail.

Police were called about unauthorized use of a vehicle on May 4. The owner of the vehicle gave permission to her daughter to use the listed vehicle. The woman stated that when she would speak with her daughter that her daughter would not give her a straight answer on when she would be returning the vehicle. After reporting this incident, the daughter brought the vehicle back to her mother’s residence.

There was a domestic dispute in which two women got into a physical fight on May 4. One woman locked herself in the bathroom with a box cutter and had a cut on her arm. The woman, however, said she did not use the box cutter to harm herself. An ambulance was called to the scene for a mental evaluation and for the woman’s injuries.

Police pulled over a vehicle for speeding 75 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone on May 4. Officers could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver. Officers asked the driver if he had been drinking and he stated “yes.” Officers had the driver step out of the vehicle. That’s when the driver reportedly became disorderly and irate. Dispatch advised the driver was under twelve driving suspensions. The driver did not perform the standardized field sobriety tests to a satisfactory level, police reported and he was placed under arrest for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence. The vehicle was towed. He denied and refused to submit to chemical tests. He was issued a citation and then released to a sober party.

A mother stated that she has not seen her daughter since 9 p.m. on May 5. The daughter was last seen wearing a black pullover with white stripes and black riding pants with gold cowgirl boots. A BOLO was sent out. Around 5:30 p.m., the mother came to the police department and reported that her daughter was home the whole time.

During a traffic stop on May 5, an officer smelled alcohol coming from the driver. Two passengers in the vehicle also appeared to be heavily intoxication on alcohol and/or drugs. The front passenger had vomit on himself and on the side of the vehicle, police reported. The back seat passenger was laying face down asleep. The driver did not complete the standardization field sobriety tasks to a satisfactory level. He was arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence and the vehicle was towed. The driver gave a sample for chemical testing and was issued a citation. He was then released to a sober party. The passenger with the vomit said he been drinking beers and had shots of alcohol. He had also vomited down the inside and outside of the vehicle. He said he had vomited due to the alcohol. He was then placed under arrest for under age consumption of alcohol. He was issued a summons for under age consumption and released to a sober party. The second passenger, laying straight across the back seats, eventually woke up after several attempts. He said that he had been drinking. He was placed under arrest for under age consumption of alcohol. He was issued a summons, transported to his residence, and released to his parents.

A woman said she and her husband got into an argument on May 6. The husband did not answer any questions for police and the wife said it was because the man did not talk much because of dementia. Both parties were to remain at their residence for the night. Later, police were called back out because the wife said they had another argument. She said she was in fear for her life and had locked herself in the bedroom. She stated that husband was beating on the door trying to get to her. Police arrested the husband for domestic violence and brought him back to this department to be processed. The husband was then transported to Barberton Jail, who refused to take him due to his mental state. He was then brought back to this department and issued a summons to appear. Due to his mental state and fear for harming himself or his wife, police issued the husband an emergency admission form to Barberton City Hospital.

A man reported telecommunications harassment on May 9. He was receiving multiple texts and e-mails from a woman. He had blocked her and wanted all communication with her to stop. Police made contact with the woman via phone and advised her to have no contact with the man.

Police were dispatched for an assault May 11 at a West Turkeyfoot Lake Road bar. Bouncers had detained a man in the parking lot. The bouncers stated that the man was threatening them with a 2X4 and trying to fight them. The man appeared extremely intoxicated. Police issued a summons for the man.

An officer saw a vehicle with an old registration sticker on the rear license plate on May 11 and he ran the plate. It came back to a registered owner who was under driving suspension for driving under the influence. The officer made a traffic stop and the owner was indeed the driver. The officer issued a citation with a court date and had the vehicle towed.

Police stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation on May 12. The vehicle was being inventoried and seized due to expired plates and the driver was detained. Police found a hypodermic needle in a bag behind the driver seat. The man was placed under arrest for possessing drug abuse instruments and was released on a criminal summons. The passenger had an active misdemeanor warrant out of the Barberton Police Department and was turned over to Barberton Police.

A man was making suicidal threats while he was at the hospital May 12 and then walked out. Police went to the last known location of the man and made contact with him. An officer filled out an emergency admissions sheet and transported him back to the hospital.

A fight was reported in the parking lot and inside a West Turkeyfoot Lake Road bar on May 12. An officer saw a fight near the entrance and grabbed one of the men by the shoulders to restrain him. The man turned and struck the officer with a closed fist to the left side of the head. After a brief struggle, the man was placed under arrest and transported ultimately to Summit County Jail.

A woman stated on May 13 that she was being sexually assaulted by several different people through her phone. She also stated that the government was surveilling her house and phone. New Franklin Fire Department arrived on scene for a psychological evaluation. The woman was taken to Akron Summa Hospital.

A Grill Road couple reported May 14 that someone had went into their shed through an unlocked window and stole three dirt bikes. The man followed the dirt bike tire tracks to a water treatment plant to the east of his property. Upon investigating the treatment plant, it appeared the dirt bikes were loaded into a vehicle using wood pallets as ramps.

A woman in her 70s stated May 14 that she found a ZTE cell phone in her vehicle the previous. She is unsure how it got into her vehicle. The phone was taken as found property.

A man told police May 14 that vehicles were driving on the easement and drove off their path onto his lawn, damaging it. The drivers were for a tree company who stated they drove on the easement to get back to the gas well to cut trees down for Dominion. A worker gave an officer the general manager's name and phone number.

Police received a report of a dog bite on May 15. A woman was walking her Bernese-mixed breed dog when a brindle-patterned pitbull-terrier reportedly got free of restraint and bit her dog. While trying to break up the dogs fight, the pitbull-terrier owner was bitten on her left hand and has a minor injury. Police completed an animal bite exposure form and faxed it to Summit County Department of Public Health.

A man stated that he was driving north on Akron Avenue May 16 when a tree fell onto the roof of his work vehicle. It damaged the roof, windshield and tool box. An officer spoke with two other men who stated that they were cutting a tree down and an already detached piece had fallen and hit the vehicle. An officer spoke with the property owner about the situation. The driver of the vehicle stated that he would make his employer aware of the situation. The driver and the property owner were advised that this was a civil matter. The driver stated that their insurance company would most likely be contacting the homeowner regarding this matter.

A Grill Road resident, after having three dirt bikes reported stolen two days earlier, said someone opened his shed door took an ATV, a dirt bike and a chainsaw on May 16. This matter is under investigation.


A 38-year-old man was reportedly peeking through a window next door to Sawyerwood United Methodist Church on May 3. Police stopped him and talked to the tenant in the residence who said she did not know the man. She did not want to press charges, but she said she had heard loud banging coming from the church moments before and the church had a broken front door. The man admitted to breaking the door. He was arrested for breaking and entering and taken to Summit County Jail.

A woman reported fraud on May 3. She had been using her old Twitter to make some money when she noticed her Paypal and other financial accounts were missing a large amount of money. She has contacted her banks.

A 37-year-old man broke into a neighbor’s shed on Milo White Drive on May 3 and was sleeping there. The man asked the neighbor to leave. When officers arrived, the neighbor had already left. A warrant was issued for breaking and entering.

A 30-year-old man was issued a summons for criminal trespass May 3 at a Canton Road grocery store. He had been asked to leave several times but didn't want to do so.

A man in his 30s was overdosing on May 3 and he was brought back with Narcan. He had a needle and glass pipe on him. He was taken to Akron City Hospital for evaluation and officers wrote a warrant for possession of drug paraphernalia.

A 35-year-old man was overdosing on May 3 and was stated to be cold to the touch, had shallow breathing and was unresponsive. When police arrived, the man was on the kitchen floor. The man has a drug history and old track marks were on his arms. He was given a dose of Narcan. Springfield Fire arrived and gave him a second dose and he woke up. He admitted to snorting something but did not know what it was. He declined to go to the hospital.

Officers received a call on May 3 about gunshots on High Grove Avenue that came from a silver car. A car matching the description was seen and officers made a traffic stop. The vehicle had a strong smell of marijuana coming from it. The driver, a 17-year-old woman, had a baggie or marijuana and a glass pipe on her side of the vehicle. She said she had smoked. She was arrested for possession. Officer say she was yelling and acting crazy and she was evaluated by EMS and transported to Akron Children’s Hospital for her behavior. The vehicle was towed. The girl’s mother was notified to meet at the hospital.

A 38-year-old man was issued a summons for dog at large on May 4. His black and white dog was not on a leash and was roaming another resident’s property. The man has received verbal warnings in the past about the same issue.

A 30-year-old man entered a fitting room of a South Arlington Road store on May 4 with shorts, a jacket, and a survival toolkit worth $140. The man concealed the items while in the fitting room and then exited the store. The man was approached by loss prevention outside of the store when he fled on foot. Police found him hiding behind a Dumpster of at a nearby restaurant with the jacket in his hands. He was arrested for theft and patted down. Officers found a cut straw and the rest of the merchandise. The man was placed in the cruiser and he appeared to be having medical issues. The Fire Department responded and transported the man to the hospital. He was issued a summons.

An 18-year-old man was arrested for theft May 6 at a South Arlington Road store. He was seen selecting a portable projector worth $219. He concealed the item in the package of another item and used the cheaper barcode to purchase it at self-checkout. He was issued a summons and released.

Police were dispatched to a burglary in progress on May 6. A man said he found the screen removed from the window and it looked like someone had gone through the mail on the table. He said that his relative had done things like this before. When questioned by police, the relative said she was at the house to visit earlier that day. Nothing looked like it had been taken.

During a traffic stop on May 9, a passenger in the vehicle was identified as having a warrant for failure to appear on domestic menacing. He was arrested and transferred to Akron Police for his warrant. Police were given consent to search the car and they found drug paraphernalia belonging to a second passenger. He was arrested and issued a summons and released.

Two people selected $100 worth of merchandise May 9 and then left an Canton Road store without paying. The pair were confronted and fled in a vehicle registered to one of them. A photo line-up was pending to confirm the identity of the vehicle owner as one suspect.

A woman concealed $46.07 worth of merchandise May 10 and walked out of a store without paying. The woman had some the same thing on May 8. This time she was stopped and one of the stolen items from May 8 was recovered as well as the stolen items from that day. She was issued a summons for theft and released.

Between May 1 and May 10, someone removed a woman’s license plate from her vehicle which had been parked in her driveway.

Police were notified on May 11 that a 16-year-old boy called a 15-year-old girl 11 times and would not stop. He was contacted along with his parents and advised not to speak to her again.

A woman said that a man assaulted her May 11 while they were at the bus stop. Once on scene, police found the man had not assaulted her but he was in possession of an open container of beer. He was placed under arrest and they also found a small baggie of marijuana. The man was issued a summons and released.

A woman said she had been watching television May 11 when her boyfriend started yelling at her. He grabbed the remote and threw it at her causing a bruise on her ribcage. The woman said she tried to walk away, but the man hit her on the back of the head. When police arrived, they located the woman walking down the street. The man was standing at the front door. When he saw officers, he ran out the back door. The woman let the officers in and they could not locate the man. His handgun was also missing. A K9 unit was deployed and eventually the man yelled for police to hold their dog. The man came out with his hands up and was taken into custody for domestic violence. He was booked in Summit County Jail.

A 25-year-old man was acting strangely while walking through a South Arlington Road store on May 12. He took his shirt off and the manager saw a handgun in the waistband. When police arrived, the man attempted to run and put the gun on a rack. Police got him in custody and he appeared to be under the influence of drugs. EMS checked him out and he was transported to Akron City Hospital. Charges are pending.

Two middle-aged men took a trailer and four zero-turn mowers between 1 and 2 a.m. May 12 from a South Arlington Road store. They used a black pickup truck and made three trips. They used bolt cutters to cut the cable attaching the mowers together.

Police saw a motorcycle parked outside of a room of a Massillon Road motel on May 14 that was listed as stolen. Police spoke with a man and woman in the hotel room. The man said he did not know where the motorcycle came from. The woman gave a false name and said that the man had picked her up on the motorcycle and brought them to this location. The woman also said the man gave her a pill that she took but she didn’t know what it was. The woman was detained in the cruiser. She eventually gave her real information and then passed out. The man said they had taken Xanax. Springfield Fire Department was called to check on the couple and they were transported to the hospital. Warrants were filed for the couple for receiving stolen property, obstructing official business, and drug paraphernalia which had been found.

A 37-year-old woman attempted to walk out of the door of a South Arlington Road store May 14 with a shower seat. The woman could not produce a receipt and was stopped by loss protection employees. She admitted to stealing it and she was arrested for theft. Police searched her and found medical marijuana in her purse. The woman had purchased it in Las Vegas and said she brought it back home. She did not have a medical marijuana card. She was issued a summons for theft and possession of drugs and released.

A man said he was at customer service for a return May 14 and laid his wallet on the counter. He then finished the return and walked away, forgetting to take his wallet. An unknown person then removed $350 and two gift cards. Loss prevention officers are going to check store surveillance for any video and give it to the police.

A woman said she had her phone in her back pocket May 14 while at a South Arlington Road store, but when she went to grab it, it was no longer there. She said it must’ve fallen out or someone took it. She said she could see someone using it through the Snapchat app. 

A man took $21.99 worth of food from a South Arlington Road gas station without paying May 16. He was stopped by police on the road after eating some of the food. He was arrested for theft and trespassing and issued a summons. He had been told on May 3 not to return to the business. He also had a failure to appear on a warrant from May 14. He was taken to a homeless shelter.

Someone attempted to steal a catalytic converter from a man’s vehicle at a South Arlington Road business on May 16. The person cut through the exhaust pipe while the vehicle was in the parking lot. The vehicle was out of range of surveillance videos so there is no suspect at this time.

A woman said she fell asleep at around noon May  16, but when she woke up later that day her car was missing. The keys had been inside the residence but they were now missing. An acquaintance, a man in his 20s, had access to the home and the woman suspected him of taking the vehicle. The vehicle’s owner was notified. The car has been entered as stolen.

A woman reported that between Dec. 18, 2018 and May 17 someone had hacked her computer and stole her identity. The person took $4,137.49 and the woman has been receiving calls from debt collectors. She believes someone may have opened accounts in her name.

A woman was stopped for driving down the middle of the road on May 17. When they ran her information, she had a suspended license. She was asked to get out of the car and a K9 unit went around the vehicle and was alerted. After a search, police found pills in the driver’s purse. The woman said she thinks they are Vicodin but when her brother took them he almost overdosed. She wasn’t sure what the other pills her. The pills were sent to testing.

A neighbor heard a girlfriend and boyfriend arguing at 3 a.m. May 18. The boyfriend, a 30-year-old man, was heard threatening to beat the girlfriend. The girlfriend then walked away from the boyfriend up the road but he followed her. The boyfriend then turned around and went home because he thought the neighbor had fired gunshots at him. When police arrived, there was no evidence of gunshots. The boyfriend admitted to arguing. The girlfriend could not be found and did not have a phone.

A woman reported her cellphone had gone missing overnight on May 11 to May 12. She believes someone took it from her home because it was last seen on a table. The battery was almost dead.

A man reported May 19 that another man was entering a residence by force. The residence the man was entering was his ex-girlfriend’s. The man had come in through a window and started yelling at his ex about another man in the house. Then the man left out the front door and was stopped by police. He was arrested for burglary and taken to jail.

Police were called about a suspicious person taking a tree or bush out of a yard on May 19. On arrival, they found a 27-year-old man with a shrub. He had used his vehicle to get it across the street to a party. The man was told to bring the plant back and replant it.


Two neighbors had a dispute May 3 and one neighbor said he was threatened and verbally attacked across property lines. Due to conflicting statements, there are no charges. The man was referred to prosecutor’s office if he wishes to pursue charges.

A man reported May 6 that someone was making unauthorized purchases on his credit card. He still has the card and has notified and closed the account. $1,200 was taken from his account.

A 36-year-old woman assaulted her boyfriend and then fled the area on May 7.

Between April 13 and May 7, a woman’s two vehicles were broken into and items were stolen including clothes, car batteries, and power tools. Neither vehicle is registered and both are disabled. The property owner requested that the woman also remove these cars as soon as possible.

Officers were dispatched to a report of a suspicious person on May 8. They found a highly intoxicated white man in his 40s who could not stand. He was taken to Mercy Medical Center.

An officer attempted a traffic stop on a motorcycle on May 9 and the subject fled. The suspect has been involved in spray-painting and menacing by stalking incidents with his soon-to-be ex-spouse. An investigation is pending.

Someone found a cellphone and brought it to the department on May 10. It was Sprint white LG phone. Sprint could not say who owned the phone.

A woman’s children reported May 12 their mother had made verbal statements about wanting to hurt herself or drive off a cliff. She had then left the home. Officers were able to reach the mother by phone. She went to the police department and was checked by Uniontown Fire Department. The woman was then taken to the hospital.

Someone reported that an unknown older man was at a girl’s softball game May 14 standing by the dugout. When the game had finished, the man was holding his cellphone sideways and appeared to be taken pictures or video of three teenage girls. The reportee confronted the man, who said he did not have any family members at the game. The reportee asked the man to leave and he did. He walked south through a wooded area. The reportee was advised to contact the police if the man returned to the school.

Someone forced entry into a woman’s home during work hours May 14 and took jewelry, jewelry boxes, watches, silver dollars, and a television.

Officers responded to a report of a suspicious person on May 15. It turned out to be the same man who was found intoxicated on May 8. He was again intoxicated and could not stand. He had also fallen in the creek. He was taken to Mercy Medical Center.


A man was pulled over May 2 because the license plates didn’t match the vehicle. The driver was patted down and a K9 unit went to the car. The K9 alerted to the passenger side of the vehicle, but nothing turned up during a search. The driver had multiple driving suspensions and the vehicle was towed. The driver was issued a citation and transported to a nearby gas station. The owner of the license plates will be contacted to see if they were stolen.

An officer saw a vehicle May 5 which had license plates that did not match when run through the system. The driver did not speak English and the passenger said the driver did not have a license. The passenger was also unclear if the man had any ID at all. The passenger was also on her phone. The driver was taken out and detained. The passenger started to get out and was told to stay in the vehicle. She got out anyway and the officer drew his weapon. The woman was ordered to place her hands on the car. Backup arrived and the passenger was handcuffed. A second car arrived with the passenger’s mother in it and they were told to leave. The passenger’s mother then returned to the scene on foot and she was detained. The driver was issued a citation for driving without a license. The passenger translated for the police that the vehicle belonged to someone related to the passenger and the passenger said they had permission to take the car. The car was impounded. The owner of the vehicle will be served with wrongful entrustment citation.

The manager of a credit union reported May 6 that someone attempted to counterfeit the credit union’s bank checks. Someone had intercepted a payment from the credit union to Time Warner Cable. The information was used to make three fake checks that were denied.

While on patrol May 7, two officers saw large tire marks around a gas station that weren’t there before. It looked like they had been left on purpose by a truck driving in a reckless manner. The employee inside said it happened around 1 a.m. and three men had peeled out. From video, officers were able to identify two of the men from a previous encounters. The third man was the one that had spun his tires. The third man was identified and he came to the station where he was issued a citation for reckless operation off street.

A driver made a turn on a red light and the vehicle was stopped on May 8. The driver, a woman, had a driving suspension. Officers also detected an odor of marijuana from the vehicle. They searched but could not find any. A K9 unit found very small pieces scattered in the front passenger compartment. The woman was released with citations. The boyfriend arrived on scene and he was issued a citation for wrongful entrustment. The vehicle was impounded.

Someone found a box of shotgun shells on the roadway on May 10. The owner is unknown.

An employee of a West Maple Street gas station found a syringe while cleaning the bathroom on May 15. It was in the trash can. Police logged it into the property room.

A man was burning items on his property on May 15 and when police made contact, officials stated they smelled marijuana as they approached and saw the man place a joint on the floor. The man was instructed to use his garden hose to extinguish the fire. The man put the fire out and he was advised about possession of marijuana laws and fires in the village. He was given a warning for these offenses. The joint was taken and logged into property.


A man suspected his son, a 35-year-old man, to be under the influence of drugs on May 5. The son refused to answer his father about what he had taken. His son also refused to leave the house. The son punched holes in the living room and pushed his father. When police arrived, the father and mother were waiting in the driveway. The son could be seen pacing inside. When the son heard police, he ran into the basement and fled through the backyard screaming. He was ordered to stop, but did not and an officer deployed his taser. The son dropped to the ground and resisted arrest. The officer reportedly hit him in the face with his knee twice, but the son was able to get back up and tackle the officer. The son was able to get up again and advance on the officer who drew his gun and ordered the son to the ground. The son retreated back into the residence. A second officer arrived and the son ran out through the garage. He was Tasered again and resisted arrest, but the officers were able to get him handcuffed. The son was transported to Barberton Hospital. In the basement, officers found a spoon and a bag containing methamphetamine residue. The son was charged with assault of a police officer, domestic violence, drug paraphernalia, obstructing official business and resisting arrest.

An unknown person entered an a woman's apartment during work hours May 5 and removed bras and underwear, a rug, a blanket and toiletries. The door was locked when the woman returned but the deadbolt was not. There were no signs of forced entry. The woman had a window which had been broken previously, but her apartment is on the second floor.

A father and daughter got into an argument May 5 because the father did not want a dog at the residence. The daughter, 17, said the argument got physical when her father struck her in the nose with a closed fist. Police did not observe an injury. The daughter said she did not want her father to get in trouble. When speaking with the parents, they said their daughter has a history of mental health and behavior issues, The mother said she was present and nothing physical happened. The daughter left the residence for the day to stay with her boyfriend.

A man confronted a homeowner about loud music on May 6. The homeowner reportedly told the man to go home, but the man swung at him. The homeowner dodged the swing and pushed the man away. The man pulled out a knife and cut his own hand by accident. Police were called and the man was treated for his hand injury by Coventry Fire. The man was issued a summons for disorderly conduct.

A woman was contacted by PNC bank about a night deposit that did not match the deposit slip on May 6. She works for Family Video and had $257 that should have been deposited from the store. Only $.07 had been deposited. The woman contacted the night employee and he said he would make things right by the end of business on May 6. The woman then found video games were missing while the man had been on shift. The man was contacted and he said he would make things right when he got paid next. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

A woman told police she found out she failed her nursing test and had gone out drinking on May 6. When she returned and tried to bathe her two-year-old daughter, the woman's mother was upset because the woman was intoxicated. The woman swung at her mother and knocked the phone out of her hands and knocked the woman down. When the mother fell, she hit her head. The mother said she had to hold the woman down so she would not be hit anymore. The woman was arrested on domestic violence and booked in jail.

Someone broke into a building and was breaking things inside on May 6. A witness at the scene saw a man in the window and heard glass breaking. They did not see anyone leave the house. Police did not find anyone inside either.

Two men came into an auto auction business on foot May 8 and stole a van which was used for security. The van had been unlocked with the keys in the vehicle. There is video footage of the incident and the vehicle has been entered into LEADS as stolen.

A woman left her home during work hours on May 9 and returned for lunch. She found the door open which had been locked. She found that someone had stolen $3,500 and three tablets. The woman said the person must've gotten the key from her desk and went into her fireproof lockbox to steal the money. The person also took money from around their house which was stashed in envelopes.

Someone stole $100 from a secured desk drawer at a township business on May 13. It had been pried open.

A manager of a pet supply business said a man in his 40s tried to buy a gift card with a counterfeit $100 on May 15. When he was confronted, he left in a silver Buick with tinted windows and a missing front grill.

A told police May 16 that someone poisoned his gold leaf weeping willow tree by pouring something around the base. The tree is showing signs of dying off and the ground around it is dead.

Two men were arguing over a joke that one of the men made toward a bartender of a Manchester Road bar. on May 19. One of the men said the other started the charge him and he punched him in defense. Bar staff separated them and they agreed it was just a misunderstanding. No charges were filed and both parties were picked up by sober adults.


A man in his 40s was intoxicated and harassing customers at a Coporate Woods Parkway grocery store on May 4. He was detained near the entrance and would not leave to store. He was removed and arrested for disorderly conduct. He was turned over to his wife.

A man with dreadlocks and a black shirt and black pants and yellow hoodie rang a doorbell and forced entry into a home on May 6. The resident of the home confronted the man who fled. The resident gave chase, but was unable to catch the man. Police found the man matching the description and detained him. He denied being involved but he was taken to the residence and the resident made a positive ID of the man. The man's shoes also matched the footprint at the scene. The man was arrested and Green Fire responded because the man seemed to be impaired. He was transported to jail on charges of burglary, criminal trespass, and criminal damaging.

A man left his home in the morning May 6 and someone kicked in the basement door while he was gone. The person stole $150, pain pills, and a handgun. A large footprint was found on the door that was forced open.

Someone reported that two men entered a movie theater one after another May 6 and produced fake $100 bills. The one man purchased two movie tickets and made a $3 donation to Stars of Hope. The other man purchased an adult ticket and a kids ticket. They then left the theater.

A man loaned a vehicle to his employee and it was supposed to be returned on May 6 but the employee, a 60-year-old man, did not return it. On May 7, it was entered as unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. The next afternoon, the vehicle was located and the man was arrested.

Someone drove through a man's yard May 7 causing damage to his lawn.

A man and his wife left on vacation on May 2 and returned home May 6. While they were gone, someone had used a pellet gun to break the front window of his house. There are no suspects at this time.

A 29-year-old man shoplifted a honeybun, candy bar and energy drink from a Massillon Road gas station on May 7. Police found a man matching that description at a local motel. He admitted to shoplifting and he was arrested on charges of theft and released.

A 19-year-old man stole an energy drink May 8 from a Massillon Road gas station and the employee was able to get the person's license plate number. The owner of the car was contacted and identified the man as his stepson. The stepson admitted to the theft and arrested on those charges. He was issued a summons and released.

A woman stole a pair of shoes May 8 from a Arlington Ridge business and ran toward a nearby restaurant. The woman was then located inside a  nearby gas station and admitted to taking the shoes. She also had a warrant on file for theft. She was issued a summons and turned over to Stark County Sheriff's Office.

A woman in her 70s said someone had entered her vehicle May 8 and stolen change and a pair of gloves. On May 10, a 37-year-old woman in Coventry gave police a wallet that belonged to the woman. The younger woman had found the wallet in her adult son's clothes. The adult son has warrants for auto theft and is a suspect in other crimes.

A younger man met a 37-year-old man in a parking lot of of an Arlington Road business May 9 to sell a Playstation posted through the social media app LetGo. The older man pulled a gun and threatened the young man. The older man then took the Playstation and fled the parking lot. The older man was stopped in his mother's driveway and was found in possession of a realistic CO2 pellet gun. The mother gave police consent to search her home and they located the Playstation. The young man positively identified the man and he was arrested for robbery, a felony in the second degree. The Playstation was returned to the young man. The older man was transported to jail.

A younger woman told police May 9 that an older woman is upset with her because she's dating the older woman’s husband. The older woman keeps calling and texting the younger woman and making threats. The younger woman said she asked the older woman to stop contacting her and blocked the woman. The older woman was contacted by police. She said she has not contacted the younger woman and she has also blocked her number. The older woman said the younger woman had been making threats. Since both parties agreed to not have any contact and due to conflicting statements, no charges have been filed.

A man at Temple Baptist Church had a license plate stolen off of his small utility trailer on May 9.