A man came home from work and found a loaded handgun sitting on his neighbor's porch on April 8. The Smith and Wesson was immediately secured and turned into the police.

While on patrol April 17, police observed a woman kneeling down on side of the road. After making contact, police found out she had warrants and the jail would take her. The woman then gave up her meth, pills and a glass pipe. While on scene, the woman’s boyfriend and daughter showed up in a vehicle that smelled like marijuana. After asking multiple times, the man turned over his marijuana and was issued a summons and released.

A man stated on April 18 that he had another man’s generator at his repair shop when an unknown person came into his garage and stole it. Later, police received information that the property was located at a residence on Church Street. An officer spoke with the homeowner who said that it was given to him by a man in his 30s, who said he had gotten it from a cousin. Officers retrieved the property and returned it to its owner. On April 23, the man was arrested in Springfield Township and transported to the Lakemore Police Department. He was processed and then released with a summons to appear.

An acquaintance took a woman’s debit card and removed $1,560 between March 1 and April 18. 

A 42-year-old woman reportedly threatened a 52-year-old woman with a gun during a verbal dispute on April 20. The younger woman denies threatening it and said the older woman had hit a seven-year-old boy. The older woman and a witness said it did not happen. The child did not have marks. The younger woman has been referred to the prosecutor’s office.

A woman left her front and rear door unlocked April 23 and someone entered her home during the afternoon. The unknown person took an envelope with a green sticky note containing $660 that was located in the middle of her living room floor.

A woman reported April 24 that her recently deceased boyfriend’s brother called her four times and left voice messages with profane, derogatory and racial comments. A written statement was obtained from the woman along with audio recordings of the messages from the brother. The brother’s residence could not be determined, but they contacted him via phone. The brother cried and apologized and said he had his wife call the woman to apologize on his behalf. The woman later confirmed the wife had called her and apologized. The brother stated he was upset with the circumstances of his brother's suicide and lashed out.

A woman stated that she saw a man that she knew walk by her residence several times April 25 and acting strange. She suspected the 28-year-old man may be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Then the woman heard a loud knock on the kitchen window. She saw the man standing there yelling. She was unable to understand what the suspect was saying. When police arrived, they saw the man standing in the middle of the road with his hands in the air.  He began crying and stated that he was over at the woman’s residence because the mother of his two children live there and he was attempting to rekindle the relationship. The woman said that the man has been told on several occasions, by law enforcement and herself, that he is not to return. The man told police that he ingested an unknown amount of an unknown medication and had been using meth that day in an attempt to commit suicide. Lakemore Fire responded and transported the man  to Akron City Hospital. The woman was advised to contact victim assistance to assist her obtaining a protection order. Criminal charges pending.

A woman called 911 April 27 stating that her boyfriend was threatening to cause physical harm to her and her son. When police arrived, the 45-year-old boyfriend answered the door and spoke to an officer. The woman continued to say that she was extremely scared for her life when the police were not on scene. She wrote out a witness statement and stated that she will sign domestic violence by menacing charges. The man was arrested and transported arrested to the Lakemore Police Station. He was processed and issued a summons with a court date. Police dropped the man at a hotel afterward.

A 13-year-old boy stated April 27 he was trying to get a screw to fit in his scooter so he used starting fluid as oil. He dropped the screw on the ground in his garage and, when trying to find it, he accidentally pressed the lighter and it caught a box on fire.

Police were called to a residence at 3 a.m. April 28 for telecommunications harassment. A man stated that a woman was texting him multiple times and wouldn’t stop. The man told the woman to stop contacting him, but she continued to text him and make threats. Police advised the man to block the suspect on all forms of social media and phone numbers so she couldn’t contact him any further. The man stated he did and he will block her cell phone number. Police were unable to contact the woman and left multiple voicemails. The man also stated that the suspect took some of his personal property and would like the Lakemore Police to get it back.


An officer stopped a vehicle for a minor traffic violation just past midnight on April 21. He spoke with the driver, a 35-year-old woman, and noticed that she had slurred speech and watery eyes. The officer had her step out of vehicle and then the officer smelled alcohol on her. The officer had the woman perform roadside field sobriety tests but she failed them. The woman was placed under arrest for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The officer ran the woman’s name and found she had an active warrant. She was taken to Barberton Jail for her active warrant.

Police took a report of identity theft on April 22. A man stated that an unknown person used his personal information to obtain money from his KeyBank checking account.

Officers made a traffic stop on a vehicle that went left of center on April 26. A machete was seen sticking out of the driver side door. The driver was placed under arrest for carrying a concealed weapon. Two passengers in the vehicle gave their names and one had a warrant out of Akron Police Department. He was transported to be picked up by Akron Police. While conducting the tow inventory, an officer found drugs in the seat where the driver was. He was arrested and taken to Summit County Jail. The vehicle was towed. The other passenger was revealed to be a 17-year-old girl, who said she was not living with her mom who had legal custody of her. The girl said she had been kicked out and was homeless. Child Services was contacted and took custody of the girl.

Police were dispatched to a domestic disturbance on April 28. The man who called said that another man had punched him in the face and head butted him in the head. The other man said no physical altercation took place and that it was just a verbal argument. Due to lack of visible injuries, no charges were filed. Both parties remained at the location for the night, but in separate sides of the house.


A woman reported that her neighbor made threats on April 20. Police investigated and the women were separated and advised not to speak to each other or trespass on each other’s properties.

Officers responded to a home for a domestic disturbance on April 20. A 31-year-old woman was arrested on two counts of domestic violence against her children, ages one and three. She was booked into Stark County Jail.

Officers responded to a call about fraudulent coupons being used at a Cleveland Avenue Northwest pharmacy on April 19. The parties involved had already left, but returned the next day. Officers made contact and issued a summons for theft to two women in their 30s. They were released afterward.


A man was stealing containers of alcohol from Marathon and Sheetz in early April. He concealed them in his coat and the back of his pants. The man was identified on April 23 and 25 as the same person. The stores want to press charges.

While driving, a woman flagged down police April 23 and told them a man was walking who looked intoxicated or to be having a medical problem. The man was located minutes later and he was stumbling in a grassy area off the roadway. When police made contact, the man smelled of alcohol and had red watery eyes. He did not know his home address. The officer found three unopened bottles of vodka in the man’s coat and a fourth opened one in his waistband. He said he is a recovering alcoholic and was supposed to be meeting with his sponsor, but did not. Hartville Fire Department responded and transported the man to the hospital. The man was also served with citations for open container and disorderly conduct by intoxication.

A man was on his mother’s property when he was not supposed to be on April 28. When police arrived, the man and a woman were sitting on the back patio. The man said he was waiting for his mom to get off work. The couple wanted a ride because they did not have enough money for a cab. During the conversation, the man kept touching his waistband. Police asked him to stand up so they could check for weapons. He said no. He was brought to his feet and police found hypodermic needles on him. He was placed in handcuffs. The man wanted to talk to the woman before he went into the police car and attempted to pull away. He was charged with possessing narcotic equipment. The woman was told to gather her stuff and move along but she said she had nowhere to go. The officer said he would give her a ride to a nearby gas station and asked if he could pat her down for safety. She advised that she had needles as well. She was arrested for possession of narcotic equipment. Police searched her bags and found crystal-like substances and more needles. She said she was a recovering IV drug user. She said the crystal substance was the man’s. The crystal substance was in a decorated vial and the man said he would never carry that around. The man was issued a summons and released. The woman was transported to the office for processing of possession of amphetamines as well.

A report came in for a credit card theft on April 28. A woman said she had dropped her credit card when she was in line to pay for her food at a West Maple Street gas station. She was advised by a shift manager that a short, white, blonde woman picked up her card and left the store. Police saw the woman the next day pumping gas at the same gas station. The woman said she had been planning on finding the owner and returning the card. She had not attempted to use the card.  Police ran the woman’s information and she had a suspended license and an active warrant out of Stark County. She was also cited for driving under suspension. She was taken into custody and she said that the vehicle was her son’s. The vehicle was towed and the woman was turned over to Stark County Sheriff’s Office. The woman had a dog in the car and officers drove the dog to the woman’s sister’s house. The bank card was returned. The son was issued a citation for wrongful entrustment.


Between April 1 and April 15, someone stole a registration sticker from a box truck from a township business. It has been recorded in LEADS.

A man reported April 27 that he had more than a dozen guns stolen.

A 41-year-old man reportedly drove through another man’s property on his four wheeler on April 27. The owner had previously told the other man not to cut through the yard so this time he contacted police. Police contacted the trespasser and told him not to be on the property. Later, the owner saw the man on the property again. Police talked to the man again and he admitted to walking on the property. He was then issued a summons for criminal trespassing and released.

A man came home to find his landlord in his residence on April 28. He confronted the landlord, who smacked him in the face. The landlord left and the man noticed some of his belongings were missing. When police spoke to the landlord, he admitted to being inside the residence to put salt in the water softener. The landlord said there should be two empty bags in the basement. There were no empty bags. An investigation is pending. The man is missing pain pills, jewelry and $10,000.  The next day, the landlord’s wife was also reportedly in the man’s residence. She first told police she hadn’t been in there. Then she said she was in there to give her husband warning if the man was coming home. The landlord had not notified the man that he was going to enter the home. On April 30, the landlord and his wife received criminal trespass summons from the department and were released.

A 21-year-old female hid cosmetics in her purse and tried to leave a South Arlington Road store April 28. She was stopped, issued a summons for theft, and released.

A woman’s white mountain bike was stolen from behind her garage on April 28.

A woman received a letter in the mail with her maiden name on it from Paypal Credit for $803.61 on April 29. The woman contacted Paypal and told them she did not open this account. Paypal told her it was opened October 2018 and used in Texas for gift cards. The woman is filing a police report so she wouldn’t be responsible for the charges.

Between April 25 and April 29, someone entered a woman’s garage and stole a double hung window. She said she had 13 windows stored in there for an installation. Once installation started, she found one missing. The incident is under investigation.

Police observed a vehicle with a loud exhaust at a East Waterloo Road gas station on April 29. At the traffic stop, the driver advised that there may be marijuana in the glove box, but she wasn’t sure. Police ran the K-9 unit which alerted to the driver’s side door. They found a blunt in the glove box. The driver, a 19-year-old woman, was arrested for possession. She was issued a summons and released.

Someone entered a woman’s apartment and stole her Xbox and flat screen TV on April 29.

A 16-year-old boy got out of a blacked-out car and reportedly assaulted a 15-year-old on April 29. The mother wanted the incident documented.

A man went into his shed and noticed a cell phone laying on the floor on April 29. The man went through the phone and found the possible owner. That’s when the man noticed several tools missing. The phone was tagged as evidence.

A 17-year-old boy was pulled over for failure to dim on April 30. The police officer smelled marijuana  and deployed a K-9 unit. The dog alerted to the driver’s door and marijuana was found in a backpack in the backseat. He was arrested for possession and released to his mother.

A woman dropped off her car at an East Waterloo Road repair shop on April 30. When she returned to pick it up, she noticed the license plate was gone. It is unknown who took it. 

A loss prevention specialist at a South Arlington Road store saw two men loading three televisions into a parked car on April 30. She identified one of the suspects, a 39-year-old man, because she used to go to school with him. Plates were run and came back to a third person.

A man went out to his garage and found his friend overdosing on May 1. He called the Fire Department who administered Narcan when they arrived. The friend was treated and released. The man that called was found to have three warrants for driving under suspension, disorderly conduct and a dog at large. He was issued a summons and released.

Neighbors called about two women who had been arguing all day on May 1. When police arrived, they found one of the women had a warrant for failure to appear on a domestic violence charge. She was transported to jail.

A 16-year-old boy left home early in the evening on April 29. He attended school the next day, but did not return home. On May 1, he did not go to school. He had left home on foot. He has brown hair and eyes. He is listed as a runaway.

A 22-year-old started to overdose while sitting on a woman’s couch on May 1. The woman called police and the man was administered Narcan. When police and EMS arrived, the man was given another dose of Narcan and was checked out. He denied medical transport.

A woman was mowing her lawn May 2 when she noticed her neighbor sitting on the roadway in his vehicle near her property. She approached the neighbor, an 84-year-old man, and he began to honk his horn and drove at her as if he were going to hit her with his vehicle. A witness saw this and, when police arrived, confirmed the woman’s story. The man’s cats were also on the woman’s property. He was issued a summons for menacing and animal at large. He was released.

A woman said she was attacked by her live-in boyfriend on May 2. Photos were taken of her injury and the 34-year-old boyfriend was taken to Barberton Jail. A temporary protection order was put in place.

A relative of the owner of a South Arlington Road business was found with a woman in the rear of the business without permission near midnight on May 2. The relative, a 37-year-old man, gave police officers a false name. In the driver’s seat where the man was sitting, police found a glass meth pipe. The man is also a suspect from a theft on April 7. He also had a warrant out of Summit County Sheriff’s Office. The man was issued a summons for criminal trespass, possession of drug paraphernalia, and obstructing official business. Then he was turned over to Summit County. The woman was issued a summons for criminal trespass and released.


Someone took a dirt bike from under a carport between April 18 and April 22.

Someone went in a man's trailer on Krebs Drive and took a leaf blower between April 20 and April 22. During that time, someone also went in another trailer and took stereo equipment.

A woman made a report of domestic violence while she was at Barberton Hospital ER on April 22. She said that her and her boyfriend had been arguing on April 21 about breaking up. An officer went out to her house, but she did not answer the door. The woman later contacted the department back later saying she did not want to file a report and that she was at her brother's house. At 3 a.m. the next morning, the woman invited the man back into the residence and they argued again. The woman said the man squeezed her head and she had a headache and neckache. Officers could not see any injuries. The ER said they had not seen any either.

A man and woman were involved in a verbal argument on April 24. There were no signs of physical altercation. During contact with the police, they found that the woman had an active warrant for failure to appear on a traffic offense. She was arrested and turned over to Barberton Police.

Someone forced open a door and took a TV, a DVD player, speakers and hand tools and items from a Krebs Road parking lot on April 25. The man said he stores his camper at the parking lot during the winter months and had not been back to check on it in more than a month. There was also damage to the awning.

An unknown woman with blond hair stole dove shower foam from a township business on April 26. The loss prevention specialist said the woman had stolen before but they do not know her name. Around the same time, a 31-year-old man stole $29 worth of groceries and did not pay. He was stopped as he was leaving the store. He was issued a summons for theft and released.

A woman reported that she and her grandson had an argument that resulted in the grandson, 21, breaking items in her home on April 26. She did not want to press charges but did want him to leave. The man packed some items and left.

A woman, 25, was working as a group home staff member on April 26 when one of the clients, a 46-year-old woman, cornered her and demanded she buy her soda. The younger woman felt threatened so she said she would. That's when the older woman left and went outside. The younger woman followed and saw the older woman now yelling at the neighbors while they were in their car. The older woman was yelling at them to buy her soda. The younger woman tried to de-escalate the situation, but the older woman put her fists up as if to fight. When police arrived, the older woman was found in the middle of the road still yelling. She was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and transported to Summit County Jail.

Two special needs residence had money and a food stamp card stolen on April 26. The property had been in a locked drawer with the residence supervisor. When the supervisor returned a couple of days later, the items were gone. The information has been forwarded to detectives for investigation.

A PT Cruiser had been parked in a lot abandoned for two weeks on April 29. The 72-hour notice ticket had been untouched. It was towed.

Someone stole a trailer from a man's yard on April 29. There is no evidence at this time.

A stolen vehicle was found in a parking lot of township business on May 1. The GMC had no license plate and was returned to its owner.

A man was renting out his place on Airbnb on May 2 and the renters were supposed to leave by 10 a.m. but had not left by 3 p.m. and were refusing. Police arrived, and the renters were packing up their belongings and complaining about issues with the house. They were told they could take the issue up with Airbnb but had to vacate. They were advised to go through small claims court. While the renters were waiting on their ride, police found a warrant for one of the men for probation violation. The 47-year-old man was arrested and transported to Summit County Jail to wait for extradition to New Jersey.

Someone stole a gas generator from a construction site on Towpath Trailhead on May 3.


A network technician of a South Arlington Road business found three copper plates missing on April 22. One had been stolen from inside a building and two were taken from the exterior inside the fenced perimeter. The building is secured with a combination door lock handle and fence. The man said that anyone that had been contracted to do work at the business would have had the door lock.

Police responded to a welfare check on a woman who seemed to be unstable on April 23. The ex-husband had reported that she had been off her medications and was sending text messages about killing sprees and missing children. When contacted by police, the woman said she had been off her medication and she had felt better after texting. She said she would go to bed.

A man gave the name of "Gary" and used a fake $20 bill to pay for a room at an East Turkeyfoot Road motel on April 23. He was not on scene when police arrived. He has been described as a white man about 5'8" to 5’10".

A woman said her daughter, 13, had run away on April 23. An officer found her sitting in the front yard underneath a tree. The girl told police she wasn't running away and she was tired of her mother yelling and screaming at her. She said that her mother had struck her in the eye during an argument which she reported to school officials. The officials had contacted Children's Services. The officer could not see any injuries to the eye. The girl said that her mother had taken her cell phone and she didn't want to live with her mother anymore. She wanted to live with her father. The mother believes the girl is depressed from moving and will take her to the children's hospital for an evaluation.

A woman said that she and her son had been in an argument that turned physical because the son would not let her get to the phone on April 24. He grabbed his mother by the wrist which tore her skin and caused her to bleed. The man threw a table across the room and it broke. He also threw glass items which broke on the walls and floor. He said he was going to kill himself and left. Police put out a BOLO and a warrant was issued for his arrest for felony domestic violence.

Two people were seen taking grocery items without paying from a Massillon Road grocery store on April 25. The 52-year-old woman and 27-year-old man were arrested, issued a summons for theft, and transported to Summit County Jail.

A man came home April 25 to find someone had forced their way in by prying open the back patio and breaking the frame on the sliding door. The person removed jewelry and cash.

A 28-year-old woman took $72.26 worth of merchandise and exited an Arlington Ridge store without paying on April 25. The loss protection was able to describe the woman and the purple zebra bag that she hid the stolen items in. The officer went out and made a traffic stop on the woman. She returned the items to the store and she was issued a summons for theft and released.

A 51-year-old woman took five cans of crab meat from a Massillon Road grocery store without paying on April 25. It cost $18. She was arrested, issued a summons for theft, and released on scene.

A 63-year-old white man was parked in the lot of a Interstate Parkway business with the car running on April 25. When police approached, he was slurring his speech and smelled of alcohol. He had an open bottle of wine and vodka on the floor of the passenger seat. The man could not do field sobriety tests because he was unable to walk. He was taken for further testing and arrested for open container while having control of a motor vehicle and operating a vehicle under the influence. He blew a .226 BAC. He was given a summons and taken to the Summit County Detox Center.

A woman was working at an Arlington Ridge business when a man handed her a box of chocolate-dipped fruit worth about $30 on April 25. The woman hid it in her jacket and left the store. A warrant has been issued for her arrest.

Two brothers in their 30s were involved in a physical fight on April 26. One brother punched the other in the face after the other had tried to attack him with a knife. The mother, who witnessed the event, said it was mutual combat. Both were arrested for domestic violence and transported to Summit County Jail.

A employee of the City of Green reported April 26 that a man kept filling in a drainage ditch that the city dug. He's been doing this since October of 2018. The 43-year-old man agreed not to fill in the ditch again and he was advised that he could be cited with a city ordinance if he did.

A woman saw two boys enter a vacant residence on April 28. Police went to the residence and found the glass door to be broken. The two boys, 16 and 14, were upstairs and came down when the police announce themselves. They were arrested for criminal damaging and taken to the office where they were released to their parents.

A man said that his ex-wife choked and assaulted him on April 28. Photos were taken of the man's scratched hand and neck. He filled out the domestic violence statement. The woman told police that she should have killed the man and was going to “beat his ass.” She was arrested for domestic violence and a warrant for drug paraphernalia. She was taken to Summit County Jail.

A man went to work with blood on his shirt and back on April 29. His employer asked what happened and he said that his girlfriend had cut him with a knife. The man was transported to Akron General Hospital where he admitted that she did not cut him, but that he had fallen in the shower while intoxicated. The woman was interviewed and she said they had gotten into a verbal fight about his drinking. The man had then fallen in the shower and cut his back on the shower knob. The knob had visible damage and blood.

A woman reported April 29 that her antique silver flatware is missing and it could've been stolen by contractors or appraisers between July of last year and today. The 45 piece set is worth about $3,000.

A 46-year-old man loaded a shopping cart from an Arlington Ridge business and left without paying on April 29. He had been seen stealing before but police had not been able to apprehend him. He had stolen two beach towels, cat litter, sports balls, a baby float, swimming goggles and an inflatable mattress. The man was stopped and admitted to stealing. He was issued a summons for theft and released.

A man and woman were in an argument at a South Arlington Road restaurant on April 29 and he wanted the woman to get out of his vehicle. The man said the woman then slapped him on the arms. He wanted the incident documented but did not want to prosecute.

A woman said that her older sister was intoxicated and angry about being confronted about household issues on April 29. The older sister threw a glass at the younger sister which caused it to break. The older sister grabbed the younger sister by the hair. When the father attempted to separate them, the older sister shoved him. She was arrested for domestic violence and transported to Summit County Jail.

A woman went over to her boyfriend's house April 30 to tell him that she cheated on him. The woman said that he had then choked her and threw her on the couch and pushed her head in a pillow. The man was arrested for assault.

A 24-year-old woman punched her boyfriend in the face May 2 while they were watching a movie at an Interstate Parkway theater. He had complained about the girlfriend calling the lead male in the movie "baby" and she attacked him. She admitted to hitting him and said it was defense because he had choked her. Both agreed not to have any further contact with each other. They left separately. Charges were not filed.

A man returned home from work May 2 to find his front door kicked in. Missing were two remote controllers, 10 Playstation games, his Playstation and a laptop. Two shoe prints were found on the front door. A neighbor said their dog did start to bark while the man was at work, but the neighbor did not see anything. Jewelry and firearms were left out in plain sight and had not been taken.