Police spoke to a couple April 20 about a verbal disagreement. Both parties agreed it never got physical. One of the parties gathered all of her belongings, left the residence and stated she was not coming back.

Two neighbors had a dispute April 20 because one of them blew the grass clippings onto the fence while he was mowing. Police reported the complainant became irate and started yelling at his neighbor. The neighbor advised that he would do his best to prevent the grass from going onto his fence when mowing his lawn. The neighbor did want a report done to give to the courts. The neighbor had thought the yelling was threatening and he wanted to place a restraining order.

An officer made a traffic stop for an obstructed back license plate on April 20 and detected an odor of marijuana when he talked the the driver. The officer asked the driver, a 23-year-old man, if he had any marijuana in the vehicle. The man then pulled marijuana out of the center console and handed it to the officer. The man was placed under arrest for the listed offense and released with a summons. The officer gave the man a verbal warning for the traffic violation.


Two women took items from a South Arlington Road store on April 17. They did not pay and left the store. They got into a black 2006 Hyundai Tucson.

Someone took a catalytic converter from a truck which had been parked in the lot of an East Waterloo Road business overnight on April 17.

Police responded to a dog biting a six-year-old girl on April 18. The girl’s mother said the dog bit her daughter in the stomach. The dog was black, brown, and white pitbull. The owner of the pitbull could not provide license number for the dog or a shot record. The girl said she had been playing next door when the dog jumped up and bit her. The owner of the dog said that another child had been walking the dog when this girl had run up to the dog to pet it. Then the dog sniffed her and the girl ran away. Another witness said that she was across the street and did not hear a dog barking or any children crying. There was a red mark on the girl’s stomach. A bite report was sent to the health department.

A man stole $262.25 worth of merchandise in outlets and dimmer switches from a South Arlington Road business on April 18. He concealed the items in his pants and left in a black 4-door sedan.

Police were called to a South Arlington Road motel for an unwanted guest April 19. The man would not leave the room or pay for another night. At the room, the man was sitting on the edge of the bed and the room was covered in blood. The man had had a bloody nose overnight and was weak from blood loss. Springfield EMS responded to check him out. The man said he was alone and had not had any visitors and there had been no foul play. In plain view, police found a crack pipe and issued a summons for the man. The man was transported to the hospital.

A woman made threats of suicide on April 19. When police arrived, she appeared to be having a mental breakdown and had admitted to using meth the day before. She was taken to Akron City Hospital by the Springfield Fire Department.

A man was banging on the door of his 80-year-old mother’s home at 3 a.m. April 20 demanding that his mother pay for the cab he took to her house. She said she would not pay. The man had been told not to return to this property before. The mother signed a trespassing order. The man was arrested and issued a summons. He was taken to Lakemore and dropped off.

A woman on Sypher Road found her back window was busted out of her vehicle on April 20. She thinks it happened overnight or sometime during the next day. A large rock was found in the vehicle.