NEW FRANKLIN  New Franklin Mayor Paul Adamson and the Tudor House Advisory Council are looking for volunteers to become part of the new Tudor House Garden Society. The group will work to enhance the beauty of the five-acre property of the historic Tudor House located on Turkeyfoot Lake.

In an effort to host more community events at the Tudor House, including outdoor events this summer, the Tudor House Advisory Council has plans to spruce up the grounds.

“It’s a beautiful property and a hidden gem here in New Franklin. We hope by getting community members more involved, people will realize how fortunate we are to have this historic, storied venue in our backyard,” Adamson said in a news release. “We’re working hard to plan some great events here this year and bring more families out to the Tudor House. The flower beds need some improvements, and I know we have people right here in our community with a green thumb.”

The Tudor House Garden Society will help select a variety of plants and flowers for the gardens as well as help maintain the gardens on the property.

“We’re looking for anyone with a passion for gardening or just a willingness to help,” Adamson said.

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Christine Lippincott at 330-882-4324 or

The Tudor House is a 20-room mansion built by B.F. Goodrich executive Frank Hibbard Mason in 1927. It was given to his grandson Frank Raymond and his new bride Zeletta Robinson as a wedding gift. Today many couples use the Tudor House and its beautiful lakefront lawn as the backdrop for their own weddings. For more information about the Tudor House, visit or the Tudor House on Portage Lakes Facebook page.