At Courtesy Truck and Trailer, Two men allegedly quit their jobs from an East Waterloo Road business while the owner was out-of-state and took tools, engine manuals, plugs, a jack, trailer ramps and other items with them to their new shop in Navarre. Another former employee witnessed the theft. The owner found the witness using his stolen jack. The jack was recovered, but none of the other property.

A father called the emergency line on April 9 because his son was overdosing on illegal drugs. The Fire Department responded and administered Narcan. The son, who is in his 30s, was taken to Akron City Hospital.

A man purchased a pair of shoes from a South Arlington Road store and took the shoes to his truck. Then he took the receipt back inside, grabbed another pair of shoes and tried to walk out without paying. The man was stopped by loss prevention staff in the parking lot and he yelled and threw the shoes on the ground before driving off. The license plate information was given to the police who stopped the vehicle and the man was arrested. Police searched his vehicle and found stolen property from another South Arlington Road store as well. The total merchandise taken was $273.88. The man was issued a summons for theft.

An anonymous caller told police on April 10 that a stolen ATV out of Wayne County was parked on Crestline Drive. Upon arrival, police spoke to a woman who said that her boyfriend had received the bike from a guy he worked with.

A mother, 54, told police April 10 that her son and his girlfriend, 32, had arrived at her house that morning. The woman has told the son that he is not welcome in the past. The mother went to tell the couple again that he is not permitted there and they got into an argument. The girlfriend then allegedly exited a vehicle, pushed the woman, swung her around and took her to the ground. The son and the woman’s husband pulled the girlfriend off the mother. The incident was captured on the woman’s security camera. She did not want to press charges.

A 23-year-old woman put Lipton Tea and Strawberry Banana Body Armor drinks into her purse and walked out of a Canton Road store. She was stopped by a loss prevention officer, but she ran. She was caught, issued a summons for theft, and released. The cost of the merchandise was $3.59.

A 51-year-old woman was arrested for theft from a South Arlington Road store where she worked on April 12. Between Aug. 28, 2018 and March 16, 2019, the woman had taken $60 from the registers and putting the money in her pocket and walked out. She was caught on the security tapes. She was arrested, issued a summons for theft and released.

After an argument on April 12, a man punched and broke a van window. The man then fled the scene and threatened to harm himself. He was located later by Summit County Sheriff’s deputies and evaluated by Green EMS. He denied making suicidal threats. He was issued a summons for criminal damaging and released.

34-year-old man took toiletries, car products, medication and clothing, valued at $73.93, from a South Arlington Road store on April 12 and left without paying. He was stopped and issued a summons for theft and released.

Police were called to a South Arlington Road motel around 4 a.m. April 13 for a disturbance. While there, officers found a baggie of green leafy matter. It was taken to be destroyed.

A 26-year-old woman was in her vehicle at the entrance of a Massillon Road motel on April 13. Police stopped and asked if she needed help and she said she needed a jack to change a tire. When the officer got out to help, he smelled marijuana. He ran the woman’s name and she had a warrant out of Stark County. During a search of her vehicle, he found cocaine inside a pack of cigarettes. The woman was issued a summons for possession of drugs and given to Stark County Sheriff’s Office.

A 24-year-old woman called police  April 13 about a 43-year-old white man who had been stalking her inside a South Arlington Road store and watching her in the parking lot. Police made contact with the man and he said he didn’t know the woman and he wasn’t stalking her. The woman said she thought the stalking had started when she first saw him March 2 and had seen him several times since then watching her from his blue Chevy Impala. No charges were filed.

A 30-year-old woman took perfume with a value of $20 from a South Arlington Road store on April 15. The woman put the item in her purse and left the store. Outside, she was placed under arrest for theft. Upon searching her purse, police found a glass meth pipe. The woman was issued a summons for theft and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Someone stole a woman’s 2012 gold Cadillac from her driveway on April 15. The person entered the woman’s home went upstairs, found her purse and removed the keys. Also missing from the woman’s purse was $40. Four people were also at home during the time of the incident. The car was found the next day by a roommate on Market Street.

A 32-year-old woman was identified as suspicious as she sat in her car outside of a South Arlington Road motel on April 15. Officers approached the woman and smelled marijuana. They searched the vehicle and found a tin with marijuana in it. She was issued a summons for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. She was released.

A 44-year-old woman put four small candles and two pairs of women’s underwear in her purse and then left a South Arlington Road store without paying on April 16. Loss prevention attempted to stop her but she fled on foot. She was later found by patrol units and taken into custody. In her purse was the stolen merchandise, worth about $30, and white powder in a folded white paper. The powder tested positive for meth. She admitted to the theft, but said the meth was not hers. The woman was processed and released with a summons for possession and theft.

A woman purchased $25.67 worth of merchandise from an East Waterloo Road store on April 16 and paid with a counterfeit $100. She was given her $72.60 change in cash.

Police saw a 14-year-old girl walking on the road just past midnight on April 17. She told police she had left her house to see her boyfriend without the permission of her parents. She was placed under arrest for being out after curfew, transported home, and released to her mother.


An husband showed up at his estranged wife’s residence on March 27. She called police. He left before they arrived.

A man told police he believes a bullet went by his head while he was outside walking his dog on March 27. He said he heard the whistle of the whiz of the object and the ricochet. He does not have any injuries. He has video of the event and his dog responds to the possible shot. He is not sure if it was a gun or a CO2 device.

A woman trespassed onto a neighboring woman’s property on March. The woman who trespassed was cited and released.

A vehicle was driving erratically on State Street on April 1. He was pulled over and found to be having a possible medical issue. Hartville Fire Department responded and evaluated him. They then transported the man to Mercy Medical Center.

A man had formula stolen from his porch. The man checked with the mail carrier because he gets the special baby formula on a regular basis. They said they delivered it between March 11 and March 12.

Police were called to a verbal dispute between a grandson and grandmother on April 4. The grandson, 27, had gotten into a fight with his girlfriend over the phone. The grandson then started to throw things in the kitchen of his grandmother’s home. The grandmother wanted him out of the house due to the damage. He left the home with his property.

Someone entered a vehicle parked on Broad Vista Avenue on April 5 and stole several credit cards, a purse, and other personal items from the vehicle. An investigation is pending.

Officers were responding to a report for a stolen trailer on April 6. During the investigation, a 38-year-old man refused to give his information to officers so they could verify ownership. He was arrested for obstructing official business.

A 26-year-old woman was making threats to a 36-year-old woman on April 6. After an investigation, the younger woman had a warrant for her arrest filed for menacing.

Officers were dispatched to an Edison Street market on April 8 because an employee’s cell phone had been stolen. It was a Samsung S7 with a flower case.

A vehicle was stopped for having a loud exhaust on April 8. The driver, a 22-year-old man, also had expired plates and marijuana in the car. He was issued a citation and released.

While a woman was at work April 10, someone spray-painted “Lie” and “Lear” on her driveway in green paint. Then on April 13, someone spray-painted “Y This” and “Lies” on the same driveway. The woman suspects it was her estranged husband. On April 15, the woman then reported that her ex had disconnected her power at the electric meter box.

Someone stole a package from a porch on Pontius Street between March 19-21. The item had been ordered online and delivered, according to FedEx. The man never received it.

There was a complaint of a woman driving while impaired on April 13. Police stopped the vehicle and determined the 31-year-old woman was impaired. She also had two children in the car, ages three and one. She was arrested on driving under the influence and endangering children. She was booked into Stark County Jail.

Officers responded to a report of an assault against a 50-year-old man on April 14. The aggressor was not on scene. Police located him, an 18-year-old man, and arrested him for assault.

A man saw a juvenile throwing rocks at the windows of his junk vehicles that were parked in the yard on April 14.

A man came to the department and stated that another man had stolen his small white Chihuahua named Shaggy on April 15.

A man with disabilities went missing from his home April 15. A resident of the shared home flagged down officers. The man was later located.

Officers were dispatched to Trenton Road NW on April 16 for a complaint about illegal drugs in a vehicle. Police found hundreds of various pills, alcohol prep wipes and hand cleaner and a syringe.


A man arrived home to find his vehicle, which was parked at the residence, unlocked April 14. Items inside were missing.

An officer observed a vehicle with loud exhaust and no license plate light pull into a closed business on April 14. The officer stopped and talked to the driver and asked for a identification. The driver said he did not have any with him. When asked for his name and social security number, the driver said he does not have to give that information. The officer told him that he saw him drive the vehicle and pull into a business which was closed. The driver still said that he was not going to give the information. The driver was placed under arrest for obstructing official business. During a search of the driver, the officer found an Ohio identification card. The driver had a suspended license. The vehicle was towed and the driver was transported to Barberton Jail.

An officer stopped a vehicle for going left of center on April 16. When speaking with the driver, the officer smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. The driver was detained while the officer searched the vehicle. The officer found a grinder and the driver said it was his. The driver was arrested and issued him a summons to appear.

A woman reported on April 16 that someone was contacting the treasurer of her company pretending to be a board member. The woman stated the first transaction occurred on April 5. An additional transaction was made on April 9. The woman noticed the transactions and contacted her bank to put a hold on the account. Police asked the woman to forward all the emails to me and found two suspicious names and addresses. However, the names and addresses did not match anyone in the police database.

A man reported April 17 that someone had gotten into his E-Benefits account. The person then changed the password, bank information, email and home address. The fraud department for the Veterans Affairs notified the man as well as The Department of Defense. The man was advised to get a local police report for their investigation.

A woman stated that an unknown person entered her home April 17 through a basement window and took property.

A report came in about a juvenile spray painting a stop sign on April 17. Police stopped a 15-year-old boy who admitted that he had done it. He was placed under arrest for criminal damaging. Photos were taken of the stop sign. The boy was then released to his mother.

A man stated that his sister, 38, came home intoxicated April 18 and was trying to leave the residence in her vehicle. The man took her keys and she yelled at him. Both parties stated that the argument was all verbal and not physical. Both parties agreed to stay at the residence.

A man stated that he and his brother got into a verbal argument that turned physical on April 18. The man said that his brother punched him several times in the back and held him against the wall. The brother did not want to answer police questions, and when being arrested, the brother struck the officer in the face and started resisting arrest. The fight went to the ground and the brother got the officer in a choke hold. When the officer got away, the brother continued to come at him and the officer deployed his Taser. It was ineffective. The officer hit the brother on the arm with a baton on his arm. The brother then ran outside. Backup arrived on scene and deployed another Taser which was also ineffective. The two officers then took the man to the ground. New Franklin EMS arrived on scene to take the taser prongs out of the brother. The brother then gave them a false name. He was then arrested and transported to Summit County Jail.

An anonymous caller stated April 19 that a woman and man were arguing at the corner in a white Chrysler minivan. The caller stated that the vehicle sped off and drove through a yard. When police arrived, all parties were gone. An officer got a phone number for the owner of the vehicle. She stated that she and her boyfriend got into a verbal argument and he then sped off after she got out of the vehicle. She stated that it did not turn physical during the argument. The officer tried to contact the man, but was unsuccessful. The officer also spoke with the resident of the yard that was driven on. He stated that he did not wish to pursue the matter of the yard being driven through at this time.


Two students were fighting at Springfield High School on April 10. A 15-year-old boy said he was fed up with the harassment from everyone. He assaulted a 14-year-old boy in the classroom and it continued into the hallway. The older boy said he was sorry and that he takes responsibility for what he did. The younger boy said that after he was attacked he did retaliate and, at one time, he and the older boy used to be friends. Both students will receive school discipline according to school policy. The older boy will be charged with assault and the younger boy will be charged with disorderly conduct by fighting. The younger boy had the opportunity to not continue to fight after he had the older boy down on the ground on his back.

A man stated April 12 that an acquaintance of his started to argue with him about going to a job. The acquaintance, a woman, told the man not to talk to her that way and scratched the right side of his face. When police arrived, the woman was in the restroom. While police were talking to the man, the woman left the residence on foot. Officers were unable to locate her. The woman had staying with the man for two days and he did not want her back in the home. He also did not want to pursue charges. He is also unsure if the name she gave him “Nikki” is actually her real name.

A 41-year-old man has been contacting a woman and her mother via cell phone. He was advised by an officer to stop contacting them or he will be arrested for telecommunications harassment. The woman wanted a report for documentation.

A man and woman were arguing outside of their house in their driveway on April 12. The man was angry that the garage door was open so he reached into the woman’s vehicle and ripped out the rearview mirror and the headliner of the vehicle. The man was issued a summons for criminal damaging. He also had to warrants out of New Franklin. The woman refused to sign charges for the criminal damaging.

A man was threatening physical harm to his spouse on April 12. His spouse asked him to leave the residence multiple times and, when he did not, she called the police. Officers arrived on scene and the man was arrested for domestic violence via menacing. He was transported to Summit County Jail.


Officers received a report March 29 of an eight-year-old home alone at her mother’s house. When police arrived, the father was in the driveway. The couple are separated and he lives at a different address. The father said that his daughter had called and said she had been left alone. The mother was not on scene and the father took custody of the daughter for the night. An investigation for neglect and endangering a child is pending.

A woman said that her son saw a gray Honda Civic with stickers on the back of it pull into her driveway March 29 and park next to her detached garage. A man then got out and went into the garage. The man then returned after a few seconds with a gas can and put it in the car. Then the person drove away. The woman did see the car leaving the driveway.

A local law firm filed a report for fraud on April 2. It received a credit card machine by Fedex that It did not order. Now, they are receiving bills for fraudulent charges from multiple companies.

A vehicle was pulled over April 4 for having a tow hitch blocking part of its license plate. The driver said he didn’t have insurance or a license. He said that his wife owned the vehicle and that it might have insurance. The man had multiple suspensions on his license and the latest was “habitual alcoholic.” The man was cited for driving during a suspension and improper display of plates. The vehicle was towed and the man was picked up by a coworker. The officer also wrote a citation for the wife for wrongful entrustment and it will be issued when she comes to the headquarters to complete impound paperwork.

A woman, 77, reported a theft April 11 at a West Maple Street store. The woman stated she had purchased items from inside the store and they were stolen out of her vehicle while she was in the parking lot. She said she had placed the bag in her vehicle and, when she walked around to the other side, she noticed the bag had disappeared.

A report for a domestic dispute came in April 11 at a Kent Avenue Northwest business. The owner of the business stated that his daughter had keys to his vehicle and would not give them back. She wanted to take the vehicle, but her license is suspended and she cannot drive. After an argument, the owner took his daughter to a hotel and then left.

A traffic stop ended with a driver being charged with giving false information to an officer on April 12. A vehicle did not have illumination on its read license plate. When stopped, the driver presented insurance and registration, but she said she did not have her license with her. The woman gave a name and social security number that did not match her description. The woman then identified herself as the 21-year-old daughter of the owner of the vehicle. The woman was under 12 driving suspensions. She received a citation for driving under suspension, false information, and license plate light. The mother received a citation for wrongful entrustment.

Police units were called to a suspicious vehicle April 15 where a man was sitting in his vehicle. The man consented to a search and police found a vapor pen pod that resembled THC concentrate.


A woman from a Ley Drive business said she needed a VIN verification April 16 for a Chevy Blazer. It turns out it was entered as stolen out of East Cleveland. However, the vehicle was sitting in the parking lot in Akron. The vehicle had not stolen been stolen, but repossessed.

A welfare check had been called in on April 17. A woman's mother and her sister had been trying to contact her via phone. Police arrived at the residence and separated the woman from her husband. The couple is going through a divorce and the man had been staying with his mother on and off for two weeks. The woman told police that she had hoped the man would leave for the night but she did not want to start a fight about it. The man was advised of the woman's wishes and he agreed to leave the residence.

A woman said that her friend, a 31-year-old man, took her vehicle without her permission on

April 18. She said the man had permission in the past to drive the vehicle. Officers could not contact the man. The woman signed a warrant for the man's arrest for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Someone came in through an unlocked window while a South Main Street business was closed on April 18 and stole T-shirts, baseball caps and a coozie.

A Dodge Dakota was observed making lane changes without signaling on April 18. Officers conducted a traffic stop where they found the driver was under a suspension. He also had an active warrant. The driver, a man in his 30s, was arrested. The rear passenger did not have a driver's license either and she was told the vehicle would be towed but first it had to be inventoried. The woman admitted there was a needle in the car and she had relapsed earlier that day. In the car, police found the needle and a metal pipe. The woman was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments and paraphernalia.

A man took two packages of pork chops and did not pay at a Manchester Road grocery store on April 19. He was stopped and he returned the pork chops. Then he left and his license plate was noted. When police caught up with him, the man admitted to not paying but said he did return them. It was on video. He was arrested, issued a summons for theft, and released on scene.

A man reported April 20 that his and four other trailers had been broken into between April 1 and April 20 on Krebs Drive. The man had found his padlock broken off and a hand cart had been taken. The other trailers had also been tampered with and the locks broken. Some had been entered and others were just damage. Also missing were some coolers and alcohol. Because the owners of a few of the trailers could not be reached, it is unknown how much is missing.


A 32-year-old woman was stopped as she tried to leave an Arlington Ridge store the store without paying for merchandise. She had taken hygiene products, luggage, swimsuits, rash guards, laundry detergent, a coat, and more. She said she was taking the items for her children's Easter baskets. She was arrested on theft, placed on the trespassing list, and issued a summons.

A man was yelling at his father April 15 because the father would not purchase alcohol for him. The man did admit to yelling at his father. There was no physical violence. Both parties agreed to separate for the night.

A man was stopped behind an Arlington Ridge restaurant April 16 while carrying two bags. He gave the officer consent to search and advised him that he had a syringe. He was issued a summons for the syringe and released.

An elderly man pulled a tree onto the property April 16 at a Mayfair Road country club which caused damage to the grass. After talking to both parties, it was determined that the trees belonged to the country club/city of Green. The tree had fallen on the man's lawn. The director for the country club was advised to have all trees removed that fall onto private property.

An anonymous caller reported a couple arguing in a roadway around 2 a.m. April 18. Police made contact with the couple and the man, 19, said he had left the residence and walked to his friend's house after an argument. He said that the woman, 18, followed him in her car to get him to come home. There was no physical violence. The man was transported to a nearby store per his request. The woman was told to go home.

A woman was crying and upset while waiting for police at an East Turkeyfoot Lake motel on April 19. She had a cut on her forehead and she said that a man had thrown an ashtray at her. The man, 39, said that they were friends and they had an argument about the woman talking to her ex-boyfriend. The man said he did not hit her, but he smelled strongly of alcohol. Green EMS transported the woman to Summa Health of Green for treatment. The man was arrested and booked into Summit County Jail for assault.

A man came into the station April 20 to say that a woman had been following, calling and texting him about 45 times in the past hour. She had been sending threatening messages and had pulled into his office. Officers found her there and found she had an active warrant for possession of drugs. She was arrested. Her vehicle was towed and inside officers found a purse with a white rock in it, a container with white power, a white pill, and a snorting straw. The woman admitted that it was meth, cocaine, and hydrocodone. The man had also filed many reports about her harassment and police charged her with telecommunications harassment.