SPRINGFIELD TWP.  The Springfield Township Board of Trustees continued a nuisance abatement issue that began when an order was issued Feb. 28 for the property at 946 Onondago Trail.

During the April 11 meeting, the owner of the property was present and signed paperwork to permit township officials and those from the Summit County Health and Summit County Building Departments to enter the property to determine if the structure could be saved.

Township Administrator Warren Price said on the morning of the inspection, the property was secured and the departments were unable to get in as promised. The exterior of the property had previously been determined to be unsafe. Price said the township is removing the structure under the nuisance status. Because of the fifth amendment, in addition to the townships record, the owner will also have documentation from the Summit County Building Department and Summit County Health Department before demolishing the structure.

Trustee Dean Young said he understood that the owner contacted the Zoning Department after the April 11 meeting and said he understood that the property would come down. He just wanted time to take some items off the premises. 

A report dated April 25 from the Summit County Building Department stated, “Based on the conditions, it is the opinion that the structure is a violation of the safety and sanitary requirements under Ohio Revised Code Section 3781.06 and is a serious hazard under 2013 Residential Code of Ohio Section 109.4.”

The board determined the order from the February meeting constituting the property as a nuisance and the order to remove all structures on the property would stand and the Zoning Department should proceed with demolition.

In other business:

- The board gave approval to pay Smith Advisory Group $2,000 for the FEMA approved appraisal for 1221 Abington Road. The amount is 100 percent paid for by grant funds. The area is subject to flooding and the structures need to be taken out of the area.

- Resident Rosemary Noland spoke to the board about the Springfield Police Department. She said she applauds “our fabulous police department.” She said they have a son with multiple disabilities who is 40 years old and, at times, they have issues with him. They call the Police Department and they come and talk with him; it calms him down. She said if officers are driving by and see her son outside, they will just stop and talk.

“They are just wonderful. It is community policing at its best,” she said.

Young thanked her for coming and for her support of the department. He said the department is in need of cruisers and additional personnel to continue the level of service they give the township.

“It is a real benefit to have a local department,” said Young.