Diebold Nixdorf signs 10-year deal that expands its management of ATMs for the sixth largest savings bank in Germany.

GREEN  Diebold Nixdorf announced it has extended a self-service fleet management contract and expanded the scope of services it provides Germany's sixth largest savings bank.

The company has been working with Sparkasse Hannover since 2014 managing the bank's roughly 500 automated teller machines and service systems. Diebold Nixdorf and Sparkasse Hannover will work together to optimize processes and procedures of the self-service equipment.

The new agreement with Sparkasse Hannover is both the longest term and covers the largest scope of service of any of Diebold Nixdorf's managed service agreements, Ansgar Steden, a Diebold Nixdorf manager based in Europe, said in a statement announcing the deal.

Operating the fleet of ATMs and self-service equipment no longer is one of Sparkasse Hannover’s core competencies, Patrick Schlicke, IT and service provider manager for the bank, said in the release.

"That’s why we decided to outsource the management of our self-service systems entirely to our long-standing service partner Diebold Nixdorf and only perform coordination and control tasks," Schlicke said.

Having self-service equipment available and keeping customers satisfied is a top priority for Sparkasse Hannover, Steden said in the release. "During the time of our engagement with Sparkasse Hannover, the availability of its systems increased to over 98 percent and led to significant savings in staff capacities and streamlined internal processes," he said.

Sparkasse Hannover is the sixth largest of 385 German savings banks. It has more than 500 self service systems at more than 100 branches.

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