SPRINGFIELD TWP.  The Springfield Local School District received the Auditor of the State Award for the third consecutive year.

During the Board of Education meeting April 16 at Young Elementary School, Treasurer Chris Adams introduced the team for his department, Kim Jurmanovich, Christine Poling, Melissa Kitchen, Marilyn Harris and Cathy Grubbs, who was not present. 

“This (Auditor of State Award) makes our department very proud,” he said. “The staff is the reason why we got the award.”

He said they work very well together and take their work very seriously.

“We have $40 million to balance every year and we balance to the penny every month and that is the key," Adams said.

Adams said he is cautiously optimistic that a new state funding model will be put in place that is going to hopefully correct 20 years of the sins of the past.

“We are hoping that the final product comes out close to what was proposed. It could benefit a lot of school districts in the State of Ohio,” he said.

Graduation requirements

Curriculum Director Mary Meadows informed the Springfield School Board of the changes in Ohio Pathways for graduation requirements for the class of 2020.

Meadows said that what students are doing in their junior year of high school will also matter for completing the graduation requirements. The graduation pathways have changed yearly. For seniors graduating in 2020, there are three pathway options to earn a diploma. First is to earn 18 out of 35 points on seven end-of-course state tests - earn up to five points on each test - needing a minimum of four points in math, four in English and six across science and social studies. The second option is industry recognized credential and score on workforce readiness test. The requirement is 12 points and earn a required score on the WorkKeys test. Ohio pays for students to take the test one time. The third option is college and career readiness tests. Students earn remediation free scores in math and English on the ACT or SAT. It is given in the spring of a student’s junior year one time for free.

If these pathways are met, there are options available to the class of 2020. To see explanations of all of the additional graduation options available visit www.education.ohio.gov/graduation. Meadows said school guidance counselors are working with students to get them set on the correct path to graduate.

Other business:

- During the meeting, student members of the Young Student Lighthouse Team spoke to the board about how they work together to lead team meetings. They said they meet with Principal Jenifer Ganzer before team meetings to ask her if there is anything they need to put on the agenda.

“She asks for our opinion on decisions that impact our entire school or asks us to help her with presentations or projects,” said team members.

Coordinators/Advisors for the team are teachers Sonya Cunningham and Kate McFeaters.

- Approved business by the board included a variety of personnel items. The retirement resignation of teacher Jamie Eberts, effective June 1. The reassign and employ of classified employees and substitutes. Tenure was approved for teacher Tim Cole. One-year limited contracts for teachers and tutors and the employ of Jennifer Kruegel as a speech language pathologist for the 2019-20 school year.

- A service plan contract with Summit Educational Service Center to provide employment services during the 2019-20 school year, at the cost of salary and benefits, plus any other costs incurred in the employment of the individual(s) upon written request of the District Superintendent or designee was approved.

- The board approved an amended exempted employee contract.

- A design plan agreement with MPG Architects to develop a preliminary master plan for the Springfield High School Stadium facility was approved.

- A service agreement with LLA Therapy to provide therapy services as necessary to the students of Springfield Local Schools from August 14 through August 13, 2021 was adopted.

- Donations were accepted from Durbin Industrial Valve of $250 to the Springfield Spartan Softball Team. The Springfield Township Women's Club donated $50 to Young School.

- Donations of Springfield High School Spartan yearbooks from 1934, 1935, 1936 and 1937 from Springfield Local Schools in Holland, Ohio, were accepted.

- Business Manager Dustin Boswell reported that some of the projects the department is working include security upgrades and Chromebook updates and testing requirements.

“We have to stay current and compatible with the online state testing requirements,” he said.

In transportation, the district is obtaining proposals for studies for the new transportation depot.

- Superintendent Chuck Sincere said at the beginning of the school year, offiicials were concerned about a large number of students and their chances of graduating. He thanked Meadows for updating the board on the requirements. He congratulated the staff of the treasurer’s office and said he works with the staff and they all work well together.

The next meeting will be held at 6 p.m., May 21 in the Community Room at Springfield High School and Junior High School.