On May 7th, residents of the City of Green will be casting a ballot in a primary election for Mayor. Having served in this office for eight years, I know how important it is to have a mayor with the relevant experience who values honesty and transparency. I believe that Mark Herdlick is the candidate who has the character and knowledge to lead the City of Green.

Mark has a background in finance/accounting and is a small business owner. I can attest that having a background in finance is a key component of being a mayor. Much of the mayor’s time is spent making decisions that affect the City’s finances. Mark has spent the last eight years as a member of the Green Local Schools Board of Education. There, he has been a part of building the most stable financial situation that Green Local Schools has experienced in decades. I am sure this is due in part to Mark’s understanding of public sector finance. A mayor without a keen understanding of all aspects of municipal finance could quickly put the City’s strong financial outlook in jeopardy. I have every reason to believe that Mark has the knowledge and experience to be an excellent steward of your taxpayer dollars.

Of equal importance is having a mayor who is trusted by the residents and who is as transparent as possible with those he represents. Mark has a reputation of being a person of great integrity. He models his campaign slogan, “we are all better working together,” in all of his public service work. One can see this by watching the way he has conducted himself on the Green School Board. Mark has always been honest about the operation of the District and has shared information and listened to suggestions to help make the District the very best. The decisions that the mayor must make are not easy and are not always popular, but I can see that Mark understands that clear and honest communication is key to gaining the respect of community members and leading the City.

As a grandfather of students in the Green Local Schools who have benefitted from Mark’s leadership and as a former mayor of the City of Green, I believe that Mark Herdlick is the best candidate to bring this community together and move the City toward a strong future. Please head to the polls on May 7th and vote for Mark Herdlick for the mayor of the City of Green.

Dick Norton
Former Mayor, City of Green