AKRON  New Frankin residents Justin Bryant and Wendell Sommers want to provide excellent customer service when it comes to transporting freight.

They also want to provide the best service and prices, so they decided to launch PLX Freight earlier this year.

"We want our customers to focus on what makes them money," Bryant said.

Bryant, a Coventry High School graduate, said he knows shipping can be frustrating, but said that won't be the case with his company as they are using technology to make it hassle-free. Bryant said they meet with a company and help them look over their freight bills and try to offer some savings.

He said Sommers has brought the technology and software aspect to the business, which helps them improve their efficiency and offer better pricing

Currently, the tech-based startup has 19,000 carrier partners and that number continues to grow.

"This whole business is built on technology," Bryant said.

Formerly, Bryant worked for a larger firm for almost 12 years and he didn’t like the direction it was going.

"I saw them losing touch with who they were," Bryant said. "I took all that I gathered and turned it into this company. I learned the things I don’t want to do."

Sommers, a former Lakemore councilman, said being technology based it gives them an edge to provide information to truckers and clients quicker.

"Everything is based online, we can access it anywhere," Sommers said.

Bryant said while their business is called PLX Freight, they wanted to be downtown Akron to be close to the University of Akron. He said they are developing a program for internships through the company, which could lead to full-time employment. They may have a couple of summer interns but are hoping to develop the program and have it ready to go for the fall semester. Being located downtown he said allows for students to live, work and go to school all in one place.

They are planning to expand into the suite behind them to expand their office space.

The company is arranging freight hauling for companies locally along with in other states. Bryant said they are working with some retail companies, manufacturers, food and retail clients.

He said the freight market is tied to everything and plays into the price of goods.

PLX Freight has six full-time employees and hopes to add 10 positions between interns and full-time staff members in the next year.