LAKEMORE  There is a saying, "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence."

For more than 400 villagers in Lakemore that was very true as they stood on the other side of the fence at the Springfield High School football stadium where 5,500 plus brightly colored Easter eggs filled with many surprises laid on the green grass.

The children and their families waited excitedly on April 20 for the ever-popular East bunny to arrive and do the countdown allowing for them to unite in a takeover of the field and wipe it clean of those eggs. The excitement could be heard in the crisp spring air. Village families talking together, kids laughing and running around, it was obvious that the Easter hunt is one of the favorite days in the village.

Once the pink-tailed rabbit, who had a bit of a, how would you put it, "wardrobe malfunction," not knowing front from back, arrived, families began to line up covering the entire 100-yard sideline of the field.

Beginning with the 0 to 3-year old egg hunters, the Easter Bunny raised his hands as Mayor for the village, Rick Justice counted down 3-2-1-GO. The bunny dropped his hands and the kids began to gather the special eggs. There was a technique even with the youngest of egg gatherers. Three-year-old Charley Molea set her goals on eggs that were way across the field. She took off running and found her own patch to gather from. But rather than gathering all her eggs from one patch she figured her treasures would be better if she gathered from different patches. Gathering as quickly as her little hands could she took two from one place, two from another and so on until her large basket was full. Some began picking up the eggs right at the sideline and working their way across the field.  It didn’t seem to matter what the technique was, everyone gathered large amounts of candy filled eggs and some even found eggs that had money inside.

Once all age groups, 0 to 3, 4 to 6 and 7 to 10 had cleared the field of the colored eggs, families sat together emptying the eggs into their baskets to leave the eggs with the bunny to be filled again next year. There were some special prizes in those eggs as some egg hunters received the grand prizes of large chocolate bunnies, stuffed animals and more.

Much of the candy was donated by village residents and the mayor and council members organized the event. Special helpers were on hand to help stuff the thousands of eggs and spread them on the field.

It is something to watch. Come out next year and watch how quickly the children clear the field of eggs. It is a village tradition that has been going on for many, many years and will continue to provide a special time for families for years to come.