Someone stole a UPS package from a porch on Renninger Road on March 19.

There was a report about a dog on the loose on March 23. An officer observed a woman’s dog on the neighbor’s property. The officer placed the woman under arrest and released her with a summons.

A man told police that his son was being punished for not going to work and became upset March 25 and flipped over the kitchen table. The man stated that he went to swat the son on the rear end and the son punched him several times. The man stated that he then tried to restrain the son and, while restraining him, the son struck him several more times. A female relative witnessed the fight and said that she grabbed a belt when the son started hitting the man. The son admitted to hitting the man and said that, afterward, he went upstairs to his room to get away from the situation. The son said the man then pushed him against the wall. The man said that he did push the son but was not trying to harm him. The man said he wanted the son to speed up the process of leaving the residence. The son was placed under arrest for domestic violence and was processed and transported to the Summit County Juvenile Detention Center.

A man reported seeing a loose dog March 26 while sitting on his porch. The man knew the owner. When police arrived, they saw the dog loose in the area. They spoke with the owner and she said she was attempting to retrieve it. The woman was issued a summons for restraint of dog.

A woman in her early 20s reported that someone used her personal information this month to open up three Instagram accounts and send friend requests to her ex-boyfriend and possibly other individuals.

A woman reported a domestic incident that was occurring at her residence between her son and daughter while the woman was at work on March 28. When talking with police, the brother stated he had gotten into a fight with his sister because of a dog. He stated she tried to attack him so he put her in a headlock to protect himself. The sister was visibly upset in the bathroom and bleeding from the bottom of her feet. She stated that brother had gotten upset with her over how she reacted to her dog throwing up and started to physically come at her. She stated he threw a glass at her and it broke and then he put her in a choke hold. She stated that in an attempt to get out of the hold she did try and bite him to break loose. The brother was placed under arrest for domestic violence and transported back to this department. The brother was then transported to Summit County Juvenile Detention Center.

An 83-year-old woman stated that an unknown person had called her from an unknown number March 29 stating she owes money. The woman then went to Walmart and purchased nine Walmart gift cards which totaled $4,600 and read them off over the phone to this unknown subject. She also gave the person her online bank information. She stated that they then got into her bank account and transferred $860 to an unknown account. This case is currently under investigation.

During a late night traffic stop on March 29, it was found the driver was under driving suspension. When the vehicle was being inventoried before the tow, an officer found open container and drugs. The driver (24) and passenger (21) admitted to the open container. The driver was issued a summons for open container and possession of drugs. The passenger was issued a summons for an open container.


During a traffic stop on March 19, it was determined that the two men inside the vehicle had marijuana and grinders. The young white men were charged with possession of drugs and paraphernalia.

A middle-aged man is a suspect in a theft from a Edison Street Northwest business on March 22. The man weighs about 200 pounds and has brown hair and blue eyes.

A 43-year-old man overdosed on March 22. EMTs revived the man and, after evaluation, cleared him.

At a residence on Middletown Street, two parents got into an argument with their 14-year-old son March 22 and the police were called. It was determined to be a verbal dispute.

A husband and wife got into a verbal dispute at their home on March 22. They decided to separate for the night.

Officers were called to a residence for an unwanted person on March 24. It turned out to be an estranged couple. The wife, 34, was told to leave the residence and not return.

A man in his 30s told police he felt suicidal March 25. He was evaluated and went willingly to Akron City Hospital for treatment.


A woman with dementia was reported missing from her home in the afternoon of March 18. The woman, who was in her 70s, had left her home while her husband was at the store. She had wanted to go on a walk and he had told her to wait until he had returned, but she went by herself anyway. An extensive search was conducted and the woman was found within the hour by a citizen who had heard she was missing. She was checked out by the Fire Department and returned home.

Police ran the plates of a vehicle driving on South Prospect Avenue on March 20. It came back that the registered owner being a suspended driver. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was the mother of the owner. The mother said she did not have a license either. When the officer made contact with owner, the owner said the mother did have permission to drive and the owner knew that the mother did not have a license. The mother was issued a citation for driving without a license. The mother and her passenger (her husband) were given a courtesy ride to their home. The owner, who also lives at the home, was issued a citation for wrongful entrustment. The vehicle was towed.

An estranged couple in their 30s were having an argument at home March 23 because the man said he wanted to sleep in because he didn’t feel well and he wanted the woman to help with the children. The woman said that the man had come downstairs and slammed her phone down on the dresser, putting a crack in the screen. When the woman stood up, the man grabbed her wrists and said, “I wish I could punch you.” Then, the man took their youngest child and left the room. The man said he did not threaten the woman. The woman’s mother arrived on scene and said she would take the man to his mother’s to stay for a few days. The man agreed. The woman was advised to contact police for standby when the man returns to take his belongings.

Someone reported that a man had defecated on the grass and sidewall in public view of a South Prospect Avenue business on March 23. Police located a man matching the description by the witness outside of a nearby business. The man, 68, denied defecating in public, but said he had just left the business. He was charged with littering and issued a summons.

A mother, 45, and son, 16, were arguing over going to the store on March 24. The son said the mother locked him out of the residence and left the area. He said the mother had pushed him into the shoe rack before she left. When the mother arrived back on scene, she said she had not touched him and that he was lying. She said he had kicked the shoe rack. The boy did not have any visible marks or injuries. She also said that he had been inside the residence when she left and he had gone outside and locked himself out so he could tell the police a story. The woman unlocked the door and let the son back into the house. Due to conflicting statements, there were no arrests.

A woman reported March 27 that she was having problems with her neighbor. She reported that if the neighbor hears any noise from her apartment then he will beat on the walls and yell obscenities at her. She said the neighbor had threatened to shoot her and that he had a gun. The woman’s adult son, who was installing a new shower head in the bathroom, had a similar issue with the man who had even asked the son to come outside for a duel. When the officer contacted the neighbor, he was intoxicated and denied yelling through the walls or banging. He also said the woman yells at him and keeps him up at night with the noise. When asked why he hadn’t called the police or landlord, he said he wasn’t a troublemaker. After speaking with the prosecutor, a warrant was issued for aggravated menacing.

In the early hours of the morning on March 28, police ran the plate of a vehicle driving on South Prospect Avenue. The vehicle’s registration came back with the owner listed as having a suspended license. The vehicle was stopped and the driver turned out to be a different man. The man said he did have permission to drive the vehicle and that the owner knew that he also had a suspended driver’s license. The man was issued a citation for the suspended license and the vehicle was impounded. The driver was given a courtesy lift to a nearby gas station so that they could wait on a ride. The owner came to the station to pick up his vehicle and he was served a citation for wrongful entrustment since the driver had not had a license. The owner said the man, who was his cousin, had taken the vehicle without his knowledge or permission. The owner hangs the keys in his house.


It was reported that a man was trying to return stolen merchandise on March 21. When police made contact, it was found that the 36-year-old man had an active warrant out of Lakemore Police and Akron Police. He was arrested and turned over to Akron Police Department.

A man, 76, reported that his employer, 54, called him a "putz" on March 23 and shoved him. The man then reportedly punched his employer and a bystander broke them up.

A woman reported March 25 that she moved out of a residence and the owner of the residence has since been calling by telephone constantly. The woman changed her phone number and now the owner has constantly contacted her by social media which the woman said was annoying. An officer contacted the owner by telephone and advised her to stop contacting the woman or face criminal charges.

Two women in their 30s were shoplifting items from a Canton Road business on March 26. Both suspects admitted to the officer to concealing the merchandise and taking it to their vehicle. One woman had a active warrant out of Wadsworth and she was arrested and turned over to Wadsworth Police Department. The other woman was given a summons and released.


Someone broke a residence on Sypher Road via a side door and stole copper pipes during the early morning hours March 21. Detectives have been notified.

A man in his 30s entered a South Arlington Road store March 21 after previously being banned. He turned himself in at Springfield Police Department later that day.

A woman ran out of gas on Mogadore Street on March 21 and someone called in the disabled vehicle. When police arrived, the woman said it was not her truck, but a friend of a friends. She appeared lethargic and, when asked if she was on drugs, hesitated before saying she didn’t think so. The woman did not have shoes on and Springfield Fire was called to evaluate her. Inside the truck in plain sight of the driver’s window, were three cut padlocks, a purse with a blue cell phone and bolt cutters. The woman was detained for suspicion of burglary. A man arrived on scene and said the woman was his niece and that she had called him when she ran out of gas. He said the woman had been at his mother's house in Akron in the morning and stole his mother’s purse which contained credit cards, checks, car keys and a cell phone. The man said that the woman had issues with meth and heroin. Upon further search of the truck, license plates were found in the bed of truck and they were not the correct plates for the truck. After running the VIN, the truck was also owned by North Canton Collision Center but it had not seen it since the week of March 15. The woman was arrested on receiving stolen property, issued a summons, and released.

The owner of a trucking company called Jana Express on March 22 to inform it that an employee who had been terminated had leased a trailer from the company. The employee, a 46-year-old man,  was supposed to return the trailer after his termination, but failed to do so. The trailer was entered into LEADS.

Police were called to a scene with two middle-aged men passed out in a vehicle in a parking lot on March 22. The car was running and the driver still had his foot on the brake pedal. Police opened the door and yelled at them to wake up, which they did in a daze. The driver said they had been driving in circles and had just dropped a friend off at one of the trailers, but did not give a name or trailer number. When asked if he was under the influence, the man said he was and it was marijuana. The man did not have an ID, but the car was registered to his wife. It was found that the driver’s license had been suspended and he was issued a citation. The passenger had a warrant for probation violation through Summit County. He was arrested and the car was inventoried. Inside the car, police found pay stubs which did not belong to the men, a knife, a pill container without pills, broken cell phones and a broken tablet, walkie talkies, and a third party’s credit card. The vehicle was towed.

Someone pried open a man’s camper door and went through all the drawers and cabinets inside at an Albrecht Avenue storage facility on March 22. The person took video games, a television, a surround sound system, DVDs, and the gaming system. Tires and car rims were also taken from the man’s storage yard and the title of a car that had been parked next to the camper. Bolt cutters were found at the scene and it was discovered that the person had cut the padlock on the rear fence of the storage yard.

A 78-year-old man reported that someone made charges to his bank account totaling $1,300 between November 2018 and February 2019. The man suspects a 39-year-old man who was looking after his residence at the time and had access to his account information. This matter is under investigation.

A woman reported on March 23 that her husband left their residence on March 17 and she has not heard from him since. The man does not have a cell phone and has not contacted any other family members. It was reported that the man had a drug addiction, had lost his job and was battled depression. The 46-year-old man was listed as missing.

A man violated a protection order and emailed the protected party from March 17 to the 23. A warrant was issued for the man’s arrest.

An officer saw a vehicle matching the description of a stolen vehicle out of Medina County driving on Ewart Road on March 23. The officer pursued and attempted to pull the vehicle over, but the driver would not stop and ran a stop sign. Speeds reached 100 miles per hour and the pursuit was terminated for safety reasons when the vehicle almost hit another vehicle. The officer then went to the driver’s home address to speak with his mother. While at the home, the driver called his mother and his mother put him on the phone with the police. The driver admitted that he was scared and that is why he had not pulled over. He said he had a flat tire now and wanted his mother to bring him a spare. The officer followed the mother to the location and the driver was arrested on failure to comply. He was transported to Akron City Hospital for hand and foot injuries. He was issued a summons and citation before being released to a Medina County Sheriff’s deputy for their charges.

A woman received a text from her ex to come over March 23 because their dog was missing. When she got there, they looked for the dog, but could not find it. When she left, she realized the ex was following her and tried to lose the man, but could not. The woman stated that she knew the ex carried a gun and uses meth so she called the police. Dispatch helped lead the woman toward the police station until an officer spotted them driving and pulled over the ex’s vehicle.  The ex said he was looking for his dog still and not following the woman. When pressed, the man said he didn’t like the way the woman and her new boyfriend had knocked on his door. He was detained. In plain sight in the ex’s vehicle, the officer saw a baggie with crystal rocks in it. The officer also found a loaded handgun under the driver’s seat, a smoking pipe, hollow point bullets and a kush box. The man was charged with possession of drugs and having a weapon while under disability.

Someone broke the door of man’s shed and took wood from the wood pile during the early morning hours of March 23. The wood was placed around the property and the fuse box was opened up. There are no suspects at this time.

Police attempted to serve several felony warrants on a man March 23 when they saw a Jeep pull to the side and then turn around. When police pursued, the rear door of the Jeep opened a the man fled on foot into the woods. A perimeter was set up and a K-9 unit was used to search for the 23-year-old man. He was located an hour later in the woods and said he had swallowed fentanyl so he was transported to Akron City Hospital.

Police were dispatched to a call/hang-up on March 24. When they got there, a woman was distraught and confused. She said something had happened to her family. Springfield Fire responded and the woman said she had used cocaine and meth a few hours before. No evidence of this could be found. The woman had children and their father was called to take the two youngest juveniles to his home for the night. The older children stayed a friend’s house. An inquest was made to Children’s Services.

A vehicle was stopped and an officer smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle on March 24. A search was conducted and police found a bag with marijuana, two smoking pipes, a grinder, two lights and a bag with filters. The driver, a 27-year-old woman, was arrested on possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, issued a summons, and released.

Aperson removed a utility trailer with the license plate in the early morning hours on March 24. The trailer was entered into LEADS.

A 17-year-old shoplifted lip balm, a screen protector and a charging cord from a South Arlington Road business. All total it was $16.76. She was arrested and charged and released to her guardian.

A 27-year-old white woman took merchandise worth $37.84 March 25 and attempted to return the items for cash. She was charged with theft, issued a summons, and released.

A woman reported that the house she was renovating had been broken into between March 23 and 25. The person went in through the garage window and stole a tool kit worth about $100. The woman is unsure if anything else has been taken.

A man purchased the house next door to his and was fixing it up. He said that between March 22 and March 25, the home had been broken into while he was out of town. His tools had been taken and there were a pair of rubber gloves left at the scene. The gloves were taken as evidence.

The owner of a South Arlington Road motel said a man was supposed to check out at 11 a.m. March 26, but no one saw him leave. They went to check the room, but the door was locked and deadbolted. Summit County Dispatch was called when no one answered. Because of no response, the police forcibly entered the room. The man who had rented the room had committed suicide by hanging and the man was transported for an autopsy. It was the missing man from March 23.

A man would not leave a South Arlington Road store after being asked on March 26. The man was found by police to have a warrant out of Brecksville Police for failure to appear on a speed violation. He was arrested and turned over to Brecksville.

A man called police because he believed his girlfriend was high on meth and trying to stab him with a knife on March 27. When police arrived, the man was outside and the woman appeared in the doorway half-undressed. She was ordered out of the house at gunpoint. There was blood on her legs and officers said she appeared fidgety. She said she wanted to go back inside so, in handcuffs, she was taken back inside. Springfield Fire was called. The woman reported that she had parasites crawling out of her legs.  The house appeared to be destroyed with broken glass throughout the home and blood on the walls. The man said that the woman was already high and hallucinating when he came home. She had been aggressive and hit him with a TV mount and threatened to stab him. The woman was taken to Akron City Hospital. She was treated and taken into custody for aggravated menacing and domestic violence. She was issued a summons and released since the jail would not take her.

An officer saw a vehicle driving and two people hanging out the back windows on March 27. The officer stopped the driver and smelled marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. All parties were asked if they had any drugs and a passenger, a 20-year-old man, admitted to having pipes. The driver, a 19-year-old woman, said she had some marijuana in her purse. The backseat passenger, a 21-year-old man, said he had an open container of alcohol. All three were issued summons for their respective crimes and released.

A 17-year-old girl said she had an argument with her stepfather March 28 stemming from a fight with her sister. The girl was told to get her stuff and leave the house for the night but she did not listen. The stepfather tried to take the girl’s phone and she charged at him, according to the stepfather. The man said he had to take the girl by the arms and smack her away from him in self-defense. The man did not want to press charges. The girl took her items and left to stay at a friend’s house for the night.

Someone shouted that a woman was stealing stuff from a South Arlington Road store on March 28. The woman, 28, then ran across the access road and up a hill and items were reportedly falling out of her jacket, handbag, and hands while she ran. When officers stopped the woman, she admitted to stealing. She was arrested on theft, issued a summons, and released. Lost Prevention provided video of the theft. She had taken $648 worth of household items.

A woman said a man took her cell phone while he was visiting her residence on March 28. The 21-year-old man was later located at a gas station by officers and the cell phone was recovered. The woman did not want to press charges. However, the man had a loaded Sig Sauer semi-caliber handgun and meth in his possession. He was arrested on carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a controlled substance. He was taken to Summit County Jail.

A woman received a phone call from a friend of her ex-boyfriend on March 20. He wanted to get something that belonged to him but would not say what it was. She said no because she was in Florida. On March 26, she called the man and asked him what it was. He said it was a sawed-off shotgun that he had given to her ex for safekeeping. The woman looked in the house but could not find it. On March 28, she received another call and that’s when she found the gun in a Coleman canvas bag under the water tank in her garage.

Police were called to Onondago Trail for a loud altercation on March 28. Once on scene, they saw a man in his 20s outside. That man said a 27-year-old man had come to fight him and had banged on the door of the residence until the tenant, a woman, went to open it. The 27-year-old man then forced his way into the residence and began to assault the man. During the fight, the first man was able to grab a box cutter and stab the 27-year-old in the side. The 27-year-old then fled the residence and was later located at Akron City Hospital for his injuries. All parties declined to prosecute.

A woman reported that a 31-year-old father had shot their daughter in the butt with an air gun on March 28. It left a red mark. The man did it reportedly because the daughter had been talking loud to him. The man was homeless and could not be located. Warrants were issued and CSB was notified.

A man pretending to be a woman’s grandson called March 29 saying he got arrested with drug charges and needed $7,800 for bail. The 87-year-old woman FedEx’d a package overnight to the person’s address in Miami, Fla. Police advised the woman to call FedEx and stop the shipment. It was.

A 24-year-old Onondago Trail tenant told police March 29 they had been receiving harassing calls on her phone and through social media from a 28-year-old woman. The Onondago Trail tenant wants the harassment to stop and says she will pursue telecommunication harassment charges if the person does not stop. The incident is under investigation.

A 41-year-old woman believes that her mother, 72, over-medicated herself with her prescription on March 29. During the argument, the mother threw a pizza box and pushed her child. The woman did not want to press charges on her mother. The mother was advised that if she became physical again, she would be charged with domestic violence.

A boyfriend and girlfriend got into an argument March 29 and the boyfriend reportedly began to throw things in the residence. The boyfriend then hit the woman in the head. When police arrived, the girlfriend had cuts on her head and the boyfriend was intoxicated. The boyfriend pushed the officer into a door. The girlfriend refused medical treatment. The boyfriend was charged with domestic violence and booked into Summit County Jail.

Officers stopped a vehicle for speeding March 29 and smelled marijuana. A search of the vehicle found marijuana and vape oil in the passenger door and passenger seat and center console. The driver, a 20-year-old man, was charged with possession of marijuana and also had warrants out of Springfield and Akron. He was issued a summons and transferred to Akron Police.

Someone broke into a woman’s storage unit and broke the padlock between March 29 and March 31. The person took an electric heater, a television, a blu-ray player, a microwave, a tablet, a jewelry box, an audio system, a Coach purse, a Shark vacuum cleaner, a toaster, cutlery, cookware, and a slow cooker. The woman made a claim with her insurance company.


A man reported March 26 an air conditioning unit had been taken from a business and they did not know how long it had been missing.

A woman reported March 26 that her personal information was used to open a Macy's credit card without her permission. She received a letter in the mail on March 14 from Macy's fraud department that there was suspicious activity. She then received the credit card in the mail on March 23. She will be giving this report to Macy's Fraud Department.

A man called about an unwanted woman at his residence on March 28. When an officer arrived, the woman yelled racial slurs at the officer and resisted arrest. Once in the cruiser, she continued to yell and kick the passenger door and window. When an officer went to tell her to stop, she spit on him. She was charged with aggravated assault, assault on a police officer, and resisting arrest. She was taken to Summit County Jail.

A woman and her daughter got into a verbal argument March 28 and the daughter left on foot. The daughter, 16, could not be located and was entered into LEADS as missing. The daughter returned in an hour and both parties were advised of domestic violence laws.


A server at an Interstate Parkway restaurant reported March 23 that a woman became argumentative with staff. The woman left the scene before police arrived and was later located in her vehicle. She had an active warrant through Cuyahoga Falls Police Department for failure to appear. She was arrested and turned over to the Cuyahoga Falls Police Department.

A son, 16, told police March 24 that he saw his father, 47, hold his mother by the throat and start to hit her. The father then chased the son around the home. Police observed red marks on the woman's throat and she confirmed what happened. She was checked out by Green Fire. The father was arrested on domestic violence and transported to Summit County Jail.

Someone hacked a man's Chipotle account and made six different order for a total of $185.50 on March 25. The food was to be picked up from various locations in Minnesota. The man cancelled his debit card and notified the bank of the charges. He also advised Chipotle of the matter.

A man, 41, reportedly came home intoxicated March 25 and started to verbally abuse his wife and children. The family dog bit the man on the forearm and Green Fire responded. The man refused treatment and chose to leave the house for the night.

A man told police that his sister-in-law did not show up at an arranged time that the man was to take possession of a vehicle on March 25. The woman had been staying at a local hotel and the man knew she had a felony warrant out for her arrest for probation violation for possession of drugs. Police responded and the woman was arrested. During a search, she was found to have Suboxone and Xanax in her purse. She was also charged with possession for these.

A 56-year-old man entered a bus while intoxicated and demanded the bus driver take him somewhere on March 25. When police arrived, the man refused to get off the bus at first. After several commands, he exited the bus and became belligerent. He was arrested and sent released to Akron Detox Center. The man stated that he was homeless.

A woman's credit card number was stolen and used to buy a cell phone and monthly plan under T-Mobile at a cost of $700. There are no suspects at this time. The woman needed this report to give to T-Mobile for an investigation.

A man reported that someone called his residence and told him he won $19 million. The person had a foreign accent and he said that the man just needed to pay $320 delivery fee through Walmart. The man was advised to block the number and contact his phone provider to have the number flagged as fraud.

An employee of a Corporate Woods Parkway grocery store saw a woman placing merchandise in reusable bags on March 26. The woman then purchased alcohol and exited the store through the back without paying for $154.93 worth of merchandise. The woman was confronted while she was loading the merchandise into her vehicle. She was arrested for theft and issued a summons and released. She was also placed on the criminal trespass list.

A counselor from Mentor was moderating a group March 27 when three people got into a physical altercation. No one was injured and the three juvenile were released to their parents.

A man, 35, told police he was punched in the face by another man, 44, at a Massillon Road restaurant on March 27. The pair knew each other and the man refused to prosecute. He also refused medical treatment.

A boyfriend and girlfriend got into an argument over money and property on March 27. They called each other names and the man then struck the woman in her chest. The man said he had a medical condition which causes him to lose his balance and that he accidentally hit the woman during this time. The man is also in anger management courses. Research into the condition on WebMD made police unsure that the medical condition really caused him to lash out. The woman completed a domestic violence statement saying that the man intentionally struck her and a motion for temporary restraining order was signed. The man had previously been convicted of domestic violence as a felony in 2005. He was transported to Summit County Jail.

A maintenance manager to a Glen Eagles Boulevard apartment complex said that someone threw rocks at the rear door of a building and broke the plexiglass window on March 27. He was advised to contact the police department again after reviewing the footage if a suspect could be seen.