At about 7:30 p.m. March 9, a 29-year-old man was texting his ex, stating he wanted to see their son. The ex, an Akron woman, has an active protection order on the man. She reported the contact to the police. During the time of the call, Springfield Police was called about someone trying to break into a house on Hillstock Avenue, which was the woman’s address. When Lakemore Police arrived at the residence, the man called the woman twice. The first time he called, police could not understand what he was saying. The second time he called he pretended to be his father. The man was advised to not contact the victim again or he would be arrested for telecommunications harassment. When he hung up, police asked the woman who that was and she said she was 100 percent sure it was her ex. Due to the man’s prior conviction of a temporary protection order violation, the man was now has a felony warrant for violation of the protection order.

Between Feb. 28 and March 10, an unknown person gained entry into a property on Sanitarium Road and removed the furnace, central AC and AC junction box. There were no signs of forced entry.

A 30-year-old woman attempted to cash a bad check March 13 at a Canton Road store. She was found to have two active warrants out of the Summit County Sheriff's Office. She was charged with forgery and transported to the Lakemore Police Department for processing. After processing, she was transported to the Summit County Jail.

A man in his 50s stated that an unknown person used his personal identifiers to change the password on his Apple account and other media accounts on March 14. The man also stated that this unknown person has changed his profile on his computer so he was unable to access his accounts.

A traffic stop was initiated on a speeding vehicle on March 15.  When the officer approached the driver, the officer reportedly could see a clear rock like-substance lying next to the gear shift. The officer asked about drugs in the car. The driver denied it. Eventually, the driver gave consent to search and after further inspection the clear rock like-substance appeared to be meth. The driver, a 24-year-old woman, was read her rights and asked her if she had any other narcotics on her. She initially responded that she did not. The officer explained that if she brings narcotics into the jail, the charges are raised. The woman then said that she had a little "sack" of meth and a pipe in her crotch area. She handed it over without incident. She was arrested on possession of drugs and transported to the Lakemore Police Department for processing. After processing, the woman was issued a summons and released.

Springfield Township

A 58-year-old man took at Kitchen Aid mixer and fryer worth $358 and left a South Arlington Road store on March 11. When confronted, he returned to the store and brought the property back. The man was identified as someone who had previously stolen from the store and had been warned not to return. A warrant for theft and trespassing was waiting to be signed.

A 23-year-old woman and a 43-year-old man were were driving in Akron when the man tried to push the woman out of the car. She opened the door and started screaming for help. The man then told her to get back in the car and to drop him off at home before the cops arrived. The woman then drove to a residence where the man pushed her out of the car and took off. All the woman’s property was still in the car. A warrant was issued for the man’s arrest for felony theft and assault.

During SWAT training at a South Arlington Road hotel March 12, a sergeant found actual crystal meth. It was tagged to be destroyed.

Also during SWAT training, police were notified man and woman were walking through the parking lot and the man rammed a shopping cart into a glass door on the building, breaking it. SWAT officers detained the couple who was in their 30s. The man admitted to breaking the glass while the woman watched. They were released and the owner was notified in case he wanted to pursue charges.

On March 6, a woman opened an account on the Cash App to receive funds for her son from an out-of-state school project. The father donated some money through the app. Then the app had been compromised, but the funds were recovered. The woman wanted the police report so she could send it to Cash App and have the account closed. Whoever had accessed her account had blocked the woman from logging in. An unknown person is using her name, her son’s name and her wedding date.

A man called polie on March 12 saying his granddaughter, 24, was incoherent. When police arrived, the woman was on the couch unable to talk and was passing out. She could not say what she had taken. With permission from the grandfather, police looked in the woman’s bedroom and found a baggie with a white rock, suspected marijuana and a pipe. The woman was taken to the hospital.

Sometime between the beginning of March and March 12, three storage units were broken into at a Canton Road storage facility. The padlocks were cut off the units and items were taken. The units all belonged to different people. Items taken included antique furniture, a Christmas tree, a snowblower, furniture, household items, glass collectibles and car parts.

During a traffic stop on March 13, an officer smelled marijuana coming from the inside of the vehicle. The driver, a 44-year-old woman, had her vehicle searched. Police found three vials of THC oil of over 90 percent THC and two blunts. The woman provided a medical marijuana card. The Police Legal Advisor told the officer not to charge the woman. Because the THC vials were purchased illegally, they were taken to be destroyed.

A 69-year-old man reported theft on March 14. He stated that he sent $749 to a company called Kiniva Inc. for a lifetime protection plan on his computer in 2017. On March 9, he received a phone call stating that he owed $2,499 to cover 2018 and 2019. He went to his bank to transfer money to the company and was told by the bank that the company did not exist.

Police attempted to stop a vehicle which had fled the scene of a theft at a South Arlington Road store on March 14. The driver, a 46-year-old woman, had her license suspended eight times. She initially stated that her sister had stolen the items and was running away behind a nearby restaurant. She gave a fake name for her sister and for herself. The officer told her that she would be taken to the store to be identified, and she then admitted to the theft and that she had been alone. Police recovered $195.86 worth of merchandise. The woman also had three warrants out of Akron. She was processed, issued a summons, and released to the Akron Police Department.

A vehicle stolen out of West Virginia was tracked to Linwood Drive on March 15. While patrolling the area, three suspects took off running away from the police cruiser. They were caught and detained. The three suspects, two men and one woman, had taken the vehicle from West Virginia. They were all charged with receiving stolen property.

A loss prevention employee at a South Arlington Road store saw two people conceal property and leave without paying on March 15. They took clothing items totaling $265. Officers stopped the pair in the parking lot and the stolen property was recovered. The woman and man were charged with petty theft and issued a summons.

A woman reportedly got into an argument with man on March 16 because the man had not told her that he had a sexually transmitted disease before they slept together. The woman stated that during this argument the man hit her in the face and pulled her hair. Police did not see any visible marks. The woman said they had both been drinking throughout the evening and that the man took her stereo when he left. The man had given the woman $5 for the stereo and she said that he was supposed to pay her the rest at a later time. Police advised the woman that it was a civil matter. The woman said she had a paper that he signed saying that he would pay and that she wanted charges pressed for assault if he did not return the stereo. The woman was referred to prosecutor reference for the charges. The man was unable to be located and did not answer calls.

A man reported that his girlfriend’s vehicle had been stolen March 16 from a South Arlington Road store. He said that the suspect, a woman, had dropped him off to use the bathroom and, when he came back out, the car was gone. Video showed the car heading northbound on Arlington Road. The man did not want to file charges. On the following day, the owner contacted police and said she had found the vehicle in Akron.

A woman used a receipt from a previous purchase to return an item that she had not purchased on March 16 at a South Arlington Road store. The amount was $109.50. The woman was charged with theft, issued a summons, and released.

A woman took food from a South Arlington Road store without paying for it March 16. It was worth $50.96. She was arrested, issued a summons, and released.

A woman took $173.07 worth of merchandise from a Canton Road store without paying on March 16. She was stopped by security. When police arrived, the charged her with theft and released her with a summons.

Two men entered a South Arlington Road store and began to shoplift on March 16. The first man, a 38-year-old Chesterland man, took $124 worth of clothing. The second man took $678 worth of clothing. They went in the fitting room and removed tags from the items and hid them. Then, they left. A little later that night, the Chesterland man was located in a nearby parking lot. He was advised that he was under investigation for theft and would be notified of charges. On March 18, the Chesterland man was called and told of the charges of theft against him. He later showed up to the department to be issued a summons for theft and he was released. The second man has not been identified.

Officers received multiple calls about a fight and the possibility of a firearm at a South Arlington Road motel on March 17. Two men were standing in a yellow vehicle, yelling at somebody in the hotel. When police arrived, the two people ran toward a nearby store. The officer called in the description of the pair and a witness stated that the pair had been kicking the yellow car. Both tail lights were busted and there were some broken beer bottles next to the car. Another vehicle had its back window smashed. A woman said she had been headed to her car when the two people had arrived and started to argue with her sons. The woman was trying to get her car because she didn’t want her sons to drive drunk. The woman then left to call the police. The two men were arrested by an officer and they reportedly resisted and tried to get away. One of the men had two pill bottles with white pills. and they also smelled of alcohol. They were charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstructing official business, and one of the men possession of drugs. They were taken to Summit County Jail.

Police were called about an unresponsive man in a tanning bed at an East Waterloo Road tanning salon on March 17. An employee of the store attempted to wake the man several times. When police lifted the lid of the tanning bed, the man, who was tanning in the nude, woke up. When an officer went to give the man his clothes, the officer felt something in the pockets. The man said he did not know what it was. The officer searched the pants and found a plastic tube with a baggie inside. Inside the baggie was methamphetamine. The man was arrested, issued a summons, and released.

Officers were dispatched to a report of a man breaking things inside a house on March 17. When officers arrived, an intoxicated woman and two young daughters were questioned about the events. The man had left the residence. The daughters had been scared of their mother’s boyfriend who had been yelling and throwing things. They called their father who had called police. Officers contacted the father and he agreed to take the kids for the night. The woman, who had been spoken to separately, reportedly argued with officers. After the officers left, they continued to patrol the area. A short time later, officers were notified the boyfriend had returned and there was screaming in the house. The door was open and an officer went inside where he could hear things breaking. The officer heard the boyfriend say “the cops won’t find me” and then he went down the stairs where he was detained. The woman intervened and said not to take the boyfriend away. The daughters, when questioned, said the boyfriend yelled at them for calling the police and then punched and kicked the walls. He also threw over a large shoe rack while the girls were trying to hide. The boyfriend was arrested on child endangering and domestic menacing, both two counts. The father arrived on scene and took custody of the two girls. The boyfriend was taken to Summit County Jail. CBS was contacted.

Someone cut the chain to the rear garage and pried the door open to gain entry to a Canton Road business on March 18. The unknown person took $100, a Nintendo, and cigarettes.

Police identified a man as a suspicious person while sitting in his vehicle on March 19. He was removed from the vehicle after police smelled marijuana. He said that there was a little in the center console. Police found it and issued the man a summons for possession of drugs. He was released.

Two men  reportedly had an altercation over a quote for construction March 19 at a South Arlington Road business. The owner said the man who had asked for the quote pushed him unprovoked and told him that he would “kick his ass.” The other man said that he had received text messages that he had thought were threatening and then showed up to the business. He said they had argued but nothing physical had happened. Later, he changed his story and said the owner had walked into his hands, but that he hadn’t pushed him. The case is pending until video evidence can be viewed. The man did not want to write a statement. If the video evidence cannot be obtained, both men will be referred to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Someone stole a license plate off of an man’s trailer that he had on his property. He thinks it had been taken between Nov. 15 and March 20. The plate was entered into LEADS.

Coventry Township

A man called to report that his dog was attacked by two other dogs that had come into his yard on March 14. The man said that he jumped in the middle to separate the dogs, which had latched on his dog and caused wounds. Eventually, the two other dogs let go and ran away. The man took his injured dog to the vet. Later, the two dogs were located at their owner’s house. The owner of the two dogs admitted that his dogs had gotten loose. He was given a summons for control of his dogs.

A landlord said that his tenant had vacated the premises of the residence on March 16 and left a hole in the wall and caused damage to a bedroom door and door frame. The landlord was advised it was a civil issue and a report would be completed for documentation.

Two women got into a fight March 17 at a Manchester Road church. It was reported that one of the women had mental health issues and struck the other woman in the face with her fist several times. Church members separated the woman and the victim's three-year-old son was pushed in the fray. He fell and got a cut on his head. He was transported to Akron Children Hospital and the victim was treated on the scene for injuries to her face. The other woman was arrested for assault and child endangerment, issued a summons, and released. Because of the mental illness, she was then transported to Akron City Hospital.

Between March 1 and March 18, an unknown person entered a man's garage through a side door and took several tools and a gas can, a total worth of about $800.

Someone reported that a man had asked about a starter for a Honda Accord at a Manchester Road business on March 18. The suspect started walking the aisles and took two items totaling $60. When confronted, he threw the items down while still inside the store and ran out the door.  A search was unsuccessful in locating the subject.

A woman said a man was in her trailer without her permission on March 20. The man had resided at the residence at one time and the pair had children together. The woman was advised that this was a civil matter and advised who to contact.

An ex-boyfriend, 24, had been reportedly calling and texting a woman, 38, after she had told him to stop. The man said that she never told him to stop. Both were advised to have no further communication with the other.

A man in his 30s was dropped off at Akron-Canton Airport in order to rent a vehicle on March 21. He then stopped at Mckinley Air and asked about chartering a plane. Then he said he needed to speak with President Trump. Police were called and, upon further investigation, learned that the man had just been released from a mental health unit and had a suspended driver's license so he was unable to rent a vehicle. He was transported home.

Someone stole a 2001 Ford Econoline E250 which had a DVD and a composite railing box from a Killian Road business on March 24. The owner had left the doors unlocked with the keys under the seat. The vehicle was entered into LEADS. There are no suspects at this time.


A woman stated that the ex of her current partner was banging and screaming at her door for more than 20 minutes on March 11. The ex wanted to drop their children off with their father, who does not permanently live at the address and was not home at the time. The woman said this is the fifth or sixth time the ex has come to the house with no prior arrangements made. Police made contact with the ex and told her not to return to the property. She was advised to find a neutral spot to do the exchange of children.

Someone stole an old Singer sewing machine from a man between Sept. 2, 2018 and January 14, 2019. The sewing machine is valued at $500.

A woman was walking on East Turkeyfoot Lake Road with an unknown man March 11, causing cars having to swerve out of their lanes. Both parties were stopped and the woman had a hypodermic needle in her purse. She was issued a summons for possession of drug abuse instruments and released.

A customer of a Massillon Road gas station found a black purse in the parking lot with a cellphone in it. From the ID inside, a police officer was able to identify the owner and go to the address. The owner was not home and the officer left a message with the purse owner’s mother. The owner later came to the department and picked up the purse.

A boyfriend and girlfriend got into a verbal argument at a Corporate Woods Parkway motel on March 14. They left the motel in their Chevy Cobalt and were stopped. The woman had an active warrant for probation violation for aggravated possession of drugs. The couple had left a vest at the motel with a glass pipe in it. The woman said the vest was hers, but the pipe wasn’t. The woman was arrested and taken to Summit County Jail for her warrant.

A woman, 43, told police that she had been arguing with her boyfriend, 48, on March 14. After the argument, the woman’s son, 23, grabbed a cellphone used by the boyfriend and went to the bedroom. The boyfriend followed the son and grabbed him by the wrist. A fight started over the phone and the boyfriend fell down the stairs and injured his shoulder and left eye. Green Fire treated and released the boyfriend. The son had red marks on his neck and cheek from the fight. He denied treatment. The boyfriend was arrested for domestic violence and taken to Summit County Jail.

A Strongsville woman said someone gained access to her bank account on March 12 and transferred $4,200. She reported the incident to her bank and there are no suspects at this time.

A 16-year-old girl dropped a vape in plain sight of an officer observing a classroom change at Green High School on March 15. This was the second time the girl had been in possession of a cape and she was charged with a violation of a juvenile in possession of tobacco as per school rules. She was released to her mother at the school. The matter will be handled by the juvenile diversion program.

A husband and father reportedly became angry while arguing over directions and cell phone usage on March 16. The mother/wife pulled the car over when the man attempted to exit the vehicle. The daughter, 15, called her sister to come pick her up. The son, 17, stayed with the family. An officer found the family on the median of the highway. Eventually, the parents approved the daughter leaving with her older sister. There were conflicting statements about what exactly occurred, but all parties denied physical violence.

A woman reported that someone had scratched her car while she was shopping at a Corporate Woods Parkway grocery store on March 16. There were scratches on the hood, driver's door, and length of the passenger side. Video from the store was unable to see the victim's car in the lot.

A 55-year-old woman took her grandson over to see his father for visitation on March 16. The father, 37, reportedly saw them pull into the driveway but then went back inside. Then he sent a text saying he was afraid of her and was calling the police. The woman waited 10 minutes but no police arrived and the man did not come get his son. She then left with the child.

A 29-year-old man reported March 17 that his Chipotle account had been hacked and a purchase of $80 worth of food had been made. It was to be delivered to a New York City address. The man took measures to change his account information and contact his credit card fraud department.

A 20-year-old woman left her wallet on her vehicle and drove away from a business in Massillon on March 18. When she arrived home, she realized that she had lost her wallet. Inside was her food stamp card, bank card, ID, social security card, and $105. The wallet was turned in by a local citizen from Green, but the items were no longer inside. There are no suspects at this time. The woman has contacted all the necessary people to alert them that the cards are no in her possession.

A 58-year-old woman was stopped by loss prevention staff for shoplifting March 20 from a South Arlington Road store. She had taken about $411 in retail items. She was charged with theft, issued a summons, and released.

A religious leader of a Steese Road church reported on March 22 that someone created a fake email account and pretended to be him. The fake had sent emails to parishioners asking them to get iTunes gift cards of $500, $100, or $50 for a friend who had cancer. The fake message asked them to deliver the cards by scratching the silver lining off and sending them to a specific email address. The religious leader does not recognize the email address. Attempts to locate any suspects have been unsuccessful.

Two people were attempting to sell a TV via social media while at a Fortuna Drive hotel on March 22. They were contacted by an old friend who wanted to purchase it. The old friend is a man in his 30s. The old friend arrived to their hotel room and then punched one of them in the face. A fight began and the old friend attempted to flee and struck the other person in the face. When police arrived, the old friend was unable to be located. Both people had injuries to their face and refused medical treatment. A warrant was issued for the old friend for assault.

A woman in the Ohio Army National Guard was on military duty and was coming back from formation March 22 when she noticed her coat and military ID were missing. There are no suspects at this time.

A man in his 80s reported that someone damaged his mailbox by breaking the wooden pole and cracking the plastic box on March 22. It appeared to police that a vehicle may have left the roadway and struck the mailbox.

New Franklin

A man believed one of his storage units had been broken into March 16. The officer on scene did not notice any signs of attempted break in. But there was an abandoned trailer that was damaged, missing its passenger wall and tires. This officer ran the trailer’s VIN through dispatch and found it was reported stolen from Springfield Township Police Department earlier that day. Dispatch advised Summit County Sheriff's Office and the trailer was towed.

A 33-year-old man told police that his girlfriend had locked him out of his apartment on March 17. The officer spoke with the girlfriend who stated they were having relationship issues and thought it would be best if they stayed separated for the night. The boyfriend agreed to voluntarily stay the night in the neighbor’s apartment with the owner of the apartment’s permission.

Property was reportedly found March 18 at a Manchester Road grocery store. An officer attempted to locate a phone number for a woman who was presumed to be the owner, but could not find a number. The officer then logged the listed property into the property lockers.

A woman, 41, stated that she and her boyfriend’s daughter, 21, had a verbal argument over dinner on March 21. Police spoke with both parties. The matter was closed.