NORTH CANTON  Part of Mercy Medical’s mission is to provide quality health care that is affordable, accessible and compassionate, and what better way to accomplish that than to bring free health screenings out into the community.

Public Relations Coordinator Becky Fernandez said that this year Mercy Medical has health fairs with free screenings planned once a month through December.

“We’ll be holding the free health fairs once a month every month this year," she said. "This is a yearlong program designed to make health care information and screenings more accessible throughout the communities we serve."

The health fairs and free screenings are planned for locations throughout Stark, Carroll and Tuscarawas Counties. Recently, one was held at Mercy Medical Center in North Canton on March 8. There is a health fair planned at the Jackson Township Mercy Medical Center on Aug. 9 and again at the North Canton location Sept. 13.

The different free screenings offered during the health fairs include blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), pulmonary function, strength and/or balance screenings and the Cancer Center is handing out early detection information.

Additional screenings that include a small cost to patients include blood work for Basic Metabolic County, Lipid Profile and Complete Blood Count. There are also screenings for thyroid, A1C Hemoglobin, Vitamin D 25-hydroxy and prostate for a small cost.

The Mercy Health Fairs are from 7 to 11 a.m. and have the following dates at Mercy Medical Centers in:

Tuscarawas County: April 12, Oct. 11

Massillon: May 10, Nov. 8

Carroll County: June 14, Dec. 13

Plain Township: July 12

Jackson Township: Aug. 9

North Canton: Sept. 13

“We have served over 115 people already this morning which tells us the health fairs hold value for our patients,” Fernandez said.

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