SPRINGFIELD TWP.  It was a scene different than most police officers are used to as they were summoned to Springfield Junior Senior High School on April 13.

The officers were greeted by volunteers holding large amounts of brightly colored plastic eggs. The eggs needed to be placed gently on the floor of the gymnasiums before the huge crowds of little egg gatherers arrived.

One officer was handed a bunny costume . . . hmmm! They all had their jobs and even though they didn’t show it, they were having fun watching all the excited children and families coming through the doors of the school sporting their best egg gathering tools.

Once the scene was set, the eggcited children and their families gathered in the gyms. Their little eyes were set on where they were going first, which eggs had their name on them, so to speak, and where they could gather the most in a short amount of time.

It was Police Chief Dave Hoover that counted down for the kids to begin their gathering. Once he said go, it was like a hurricane of little hands grabbing for the prize and many were sprawled out on the floor or on their knees to get every egg within their reach.

Kayden McNeal, 5, of Springfield, was asked what he thought of the egg hunt. He gave it a big thumbs up and continued enjoying his delicious rewards he found in the eggs.

This was the McNeal’s first year. Mom, Justine, said she thought “it was a great thing for kids and they were really excited.” 

Once the children were finished, which was just a matter of a couple of minutes, the floors of the gyms once held more than 8,000 brightly colored eggs was wiped clean except for a few pieces of Easter straw and some half eggs.

The kids then emptied the treasures they had found in the eggs into their baskets or bags leaving the eggs so they could be filled by the Easter Bunny again next year.

Age groups were toddlers to 3, ages 4 to 6, and the 7 to 10-year old. Hot dogs and chips were free for the families in the cafeteria. Kids and families had a great time having their pictures taken with the Easter Bunny.

The egg hunt is organized by the police department each year and the Volunteer Auxiliary Springfield Police (VASP). Organizers Kate Thurston and Officer Billie Laurenti thanked the volunteers at the Willows and Springfield Resident Bobbi Hefner for stuffing eggs. They said Ideal Bakery donated the hot dog buns and Liz Ray volunteered in the kitchen. Thurston and the Easter Bunny thanked the Springfield Schools for allowing them to use the building and said a big thank you goes out to all the volunteers that helped in many ways.