GREEN  A $1.7 million construction contract with Karvo Companies for the State Route 619 and Myersville Road roundabout project was approved by Green City Council on March 26, signaling the start of a project the city has long been in the planning stages.

 “This (roundabout project) has been on our radar for some time,” Councilman and finance committee chair Chris Humphrey said. “This is a very busy roadway and I think (the roundabout) will be a fantastic addition to our city.”

A $553,536 portion of the project will be funded by the city’s share of Ohio permissive license fees.

A second resolution allowing temporary and permanent easements on the two roads was also approved by Council at the March 26 meeting.

Humphrey said the work is scheduled to be done outside school sessions and the legislation related to property easements is necessary for the project to move forward in areas where, for example, utility work needs done. He added that affected property owners have the same rights to seek redress from a court they would have had the legislation not been put into effect.

New fire station property returned to city

Council accepted a land donation at 3803 Mayfair Road from the Summit County Land Reutilization Corporation, where the city’s new fire station 3 will be constructed. 

Planning Director Wayne Wiethe said the property had formerly been transferred to the county to conduct the estimated $10,000 to $30,000 demolition of a structure on the property, with the understanding that it would be donated back to the city following the demolition.  

Walking path lighting contract awarded

Council awarded a $68,600 contract to Abbott Electric for Torok Center walking path lighting.

Councilman Justin Speight said the first phase of the project will include lighting around the back portion of the walkway and outside Torok Center.

Arlington Road transportation study

Council also approved a $49,900 contract with Prime AE Group for planning and engineering services related to a long-range study of the Arlington Road corridor from State Route 619 to Boettler Road.

“This is a long-range study, from five to 20 years,” Councilman and transportation committee chairman Matt Shaughnessy said.

Ballfield groomer purchase approved

The purchase of $23,907 Ventrac tractor with ballfield groomer and renovator attachments was approved by Council. Humphrey said the groomer and renovator has been described as a “Swiss army knife”-like piece of equipment.

“There are multiple purposes that the city will use it for,” he said.

Other actions

Council entered into a lease agreement for miscellaneous equipment for use at the Raintree Golf and Event Center and amended the city’s civil service commission rules, a process that Councilman Bob Young said will ensure the best candidates for various positions with the city.