COVENTRY TWP.  Several Coventry residents have some concerns they made known to the board of trustees.

During the April 11 Coventry Board of Trustees meeting, residents told the trustees about damage to their property from the Portage Lakes dam project.

Resident Mary Ford said she has damage to her concrete patio. She said the concrete is tilted and the patio cannot be used, adding that she was told if there was any damage to her property it would be fixed by the contractor. So far, that hasn’t happened.

Resident Kathy Finefrock also said she has damage on her property near the lake and cracks in her drywall. She said she has been voicing her concerns, but she believes residents are being blown off.

Coventry resident Rita Mace voiced her concerns about a property on Pear Drive, which has been a mess for years, she said. She said every year it has gotten worse and she and her neighbors want something done with the property. Zoning Inspector Bill Meyerhoff said the property owner does not live there, but he and the township’s legal council visited the property. A violation letter has also been sent out to the property owner.

In other business April 11, trustees:

- Approved a blanket certificate in the amount of $33,660 to Enviroscapes for the mowing of the township properties.

- Approved to renew a five-year agreement with Summit County and city of Akron for the Summit County-Akron Regional Radio System for a rate of $20 per radio per month.

- Approved to declare the property at 207 Delora a nuisance and to authorize the zoning inspector to have the trash removed and the costs assessed to the property taxes.

- Approved to accept the 2019 ReWorks Community Recycling Access Grant to be used for resident yard waste and leaf drop off events this spring and fall in the amount of $10,945. The township is planning the spring events from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 4 and May 18 at Cottage Grove Park.

- Approved to authorize the filing of an application for the 2019 NEC Grant for $4,980 to be used to put toward the purchase and installation of energy efficient windows at the administration and fire department building. Last year, the township used the grant provided by NOPEC to replace the windows in the front of the building. This year the rest of the windows in the building are expected to be replaced.

- Approved the township property and liability renewal with the Ohio Township Association Risk Management Authority in the amount of $62,800. The township is seeing a significant decrease from last year and is expected to be receiving a capital distribution reimbursement of $4,439 taking the township’s actual cost down to $57,568.

- Heard from Ohio State Senator Vernon Sykes who recognized Trustee Tom Seese, who recently passed away. He said he made a presentation on the Senate floor about Seese’s dedication to serving. Sykes presented the trustees with a proclamation from the Ohio Senate that he said could be displayed in Coventry. Sykes said Seese really cared about local government and being a labor leader.

- Swore in new trustee Robert Saffian along with new Fiscal Officer Lori Seeman. Seeman has been the assistant to the fiscal officer for the past 18 years.

- Heard from Road Superintendent Lael Stouffer that his department is working on drainage projects with an emphasis on those received from calls from the public. He said his department will soon begin working to replace culverts along this year’s road resurfacing streets. He estimates they will be working on that for the next two to three months as they want to replace any culverts under a road scheduled to be resurfaced.

- Heard from Meyerhoff about 19 permits being pulled during the first quarter. He also said the zoning text amendment for short term rentals has been sent to the Summit County Planning Commission. He said there will be a public hearing in regards to short term rentals tentatively May 15. He said once the county makes recommendations, a date will be confirmed. 

- Heard from Saffian about taking over as trustee. He said he has been averaging about 30 hours per week because he has the time to do it. One of the projects he has been doing is driving all over the township and looking at properties. He said there are many eyesores that will need to be addressed in different ways. Another area he is looking into is sightline issues.

- Heard from Trustee Richard Kutuchief about possibly organizing a community event to paint about 300 fire hydrants in the township. He said if anyone is interested, they should call him.

The next Coventry Township Trustees Meeting is set for 7 p.m. May 9 at Town Hall.