GREEN  Construction of the next roundabout in the city of Green will be getting underway soon.

While a large part of the construction won’t begin until summer, some utility and prep work will begin at the intersection of state route 619 and Myersville Road.

During the March 26 council meeting, City Council approved a contract on second reading with Karvo Companies for approximately $1.7 million for the project.

The reason behind the second reading passage instead of third is to place the order for lighting sooner because of how long it takes for the materials to come in.

Green Mayor Gerard Neugebauer said the city received several comments about the state Route 619 and Pickle Road roundabout not having lights as soon as it opened. He said he wants to make it his priority to make sure there are lights when the 619 and Myersville Road roundabout opens.   

Improvements to the intersection are based on accidents not because of capacity. Between 2010 and 2015, there were 10 injury accidents at the intersection. The decision for a roundabout came based on roundabouts reduce injury crashes. Also, the city cannot just put up a traffic signal as traffic signals have to be warranted and certain criteria met, which isn’t the case at the intersection.

Paul Ciocca, an engineer for the city, said the city plans to take a slightly different approach with this project compared to past roundabouts. He said any closures of 619 or Myersville Road will have to take place once school lets out for summer and be completed before school resumes in the fall.

State Route 619 will be able to be closed by the contractor for up to six weeks and Myersville Road can be closed anytime when school is out.

Ciocca said the best way to accomplish the project is to close the intersection. The entire project is expected to take approximately 145 days to complete.

The closure will be a little shorter than the closure to construct the state Route 619 and Pickle Road roundabout, as that intersection was closed for almost three months.

Councilman Chris Humphrey said the city had a series of community meetings outlining the details of the project and why it is needed. He said the city did a nice job of making people aware of the project through the community meetings, which property owners directly impacted attended.

The city still has one outstanding issue with a property owner at the corner of the intersection of 619 and Myersville Road. The issue pertains to the price of a portion of the property as the property owner and the city don’t agree on what the price of the land is worth.

Exact closing dates and detours have not been announced yet, but information will be posted on the city’s website and on the city’s social media accounts.