The recent article “Green looking to come together” has done very little to bring us together. The reporter talked to a few people in the city, taking one opinion after another. Suggestions of more money, gas odor agents, setbacks and buffers were all made, but little went into seeking or researching and facts.

Leave it to the Dave Mucklow and his sister, Sue Ridgeway, along with councilmen Steve Dyer and Matt Shaughnessy, to create the divide that is in our city. All four were reckless in their comments, editorials and during city council proceedings. In my opinion, not one of them had a clue what they were talking about.

All kinds of assertions were made. Where are their facts? None of them have ever been in a high level negotiation. How many easements had they read? Did they talk to other communities? Did they take the time to read up on things before they opened their mouths? Was the reason why gas odor agents are not required researched?

I have worked in the oil and gas industry for more than 13 years. I have helped countless landowners and have represented companies like CNX Gas, Chesapeake Energy, and several others in all types of negotiations. I have never seen a municipality ever receive an oversight agreement like Green did. Under the circumstances, the city was able to reach an agreement that gave the community protections. All in all, the deal exceeded all expectations.

Finally, I am shocked that Green City Councilman Steve Dyer would suggest it would be better for Green to give up the $7.5 million. This idea is so outrageous and unbelievable to me that anyone would think that this makes sense or good policy. The $7.5 million represents something good coming out of a situation that was otherwise completely out of our control. This money will help the city build Fire Station Three, and purchase other significant equipment that will benefit the whole city.

So in the end, this article is a puff opinion piece without researching the facts, and using the baseless opinions of those who seek to divide our community. What is the divide in our city is a few self-serving individuals who are looking to place blame where it does not belong. So when you are asked to vote in May and November, remember who has caused all the trouble in Green.

Des Wertheimer

CEO, Ohio Landowner Consultants LLC

Candidate for Green City Council At-Large