HARTVILLE  Village Council on March 5 approved a one-year natural gas agreement with Constellation Energy Group at a rate of 3.183 per MFC (1,000 cubic foot).

In January, Village Council asked Independent Energy Consultants to seek the best rates for the natural gas aggregation program for participating village residents. Gas aggregation is a bulk-buying program designed to give a lower rate to large groups or communities.

At that time, Council agreed to consider a four-year contract if a $3 per MFC rate could be locked in. Mayor Cynthia Billings noted that the price has only dropped to $3 or below one year, 2016, in the past 18 years.

 She reported at the March 5 meeting that Independent Energy Consultants was unable to secure a less-than-$3 per MFC rate.

 “So our fixed rate will be $3.183, which is still less than the 3.247 we paid last year,” Billings said.

The village has contracted with Constellation Energy for natural gas for the past several years, Billings added.

Other actions

Council also amended a village ordinance to allow to pay one-half hour per day comp time to supervisors at the village waste water treatment plant and in the police and street departments.  The per diem rate would also extend to those officially acting as supervisors in the department head’s absence.  

A fund transfer from the general fund to the state highway fund to cover general operating costs, including the continued purchase of road salt, was also approved.