SPRINGFIELD TWP.  Trustee Dean Young spoke about two items at the beginning of the Feb. 28 Springfield Township Board of Trustees meeting.

He said two things happened this week.

“First a company in this township gave a short three-day notice that they will cease providing curbside trash pick-up," Young said. "Second, our telephone service went out this week. A fire in a man-hole took out our service, and it is still out.”

Young said as of the morning of Feb. 28, it was still out and could be for another week.

He said that the police are using a cellular phone and by March 4, residents were to be able to contact the rest of the township and reach and reach a person.

Young read a statement about the trash service:

“On Monday, February 25, 2019, Springfield Township became aware of a letter being distributed by Huth Rubbish to Huth’s customers, in which Huth provides a short notice to its customers that the company will cease providing curbside trash pick-up in Springfield Township. Springfield Township did not force Huth’s action to terminate curbside trash hauling services within the township. The township trustees did enter into a contract with Republic Services last year for a townshipwide, single waste hauler at a reduced rate for our residents. This contract, however, does not become mandatory for another 12 months, and until then, township residents are permitted to use any waste hauler. The township is encouraging residents to sign up for Republic’s reduced rates that were negotiated by the township’s trustees last year. If you have been impacted by Huth’s decision to terminate curbside trash collection service for its customers located within Springfield Township and wish to take advantage of the reduced rates negotiated by the township trustees last year, please contact Republic Services at 1-800-247-3644. Republic will be able to arrange for new trash service at the township negotiated rate, however Republic will not be able to answer any questions regarding Huth. When calling Republic Services, please make sure you mention that you are from Springfield Township in Summit County, Ohio and that you want to take advantage of the special rate for Springfield Township. This is important since Republic Services offers refuse and recycling collection to other communities named Springfield. It is also recommended that you explain to Republic Services that you need your service to start as soon as possible because Huth stated that March 1, 2019 is the termination date for offering services within Springfield Township. There are several levels of service available through Republic and a senior discount is available for residents over the age of 65.”

Resident Jeff Weyand asked why just one company was chose to cover Springfield Township.

Young said If that if a company covers the entire Township, a cheaper rate is given.

“It shouldn’t be forced upon us," Weyand responded.

Young replied that the board did weigh all the options.

Resident Rita Vincent said she only wanted ‘on call’ service, not regular pick-up.

The trustees continued with the business meeting that included a nuisance abatement for 3408 Samuel Road for trash and debris. Howard Reynolds was present representing the property. Young said officials had sent someone out the day of the meeting to update the situation.

Reynolds said he has it cleaned up and did call for pick up. 

“From the photos, it does look like you have worked on this,” said Young. 

Zoning is ready to dismiss the abatement if the ownders comply with having it hauled away. Trustees tabled the abatement and it will be updated March 14.

A nuisance at 946 Onondago Trail was initiated to remove structures and trash. Young said it was based on Summit County Public Health deeming the property unfit for human habitation and constituting a nuisance on Jan. 25. No one was present representing the property.

A nuisance abatement for the property located at 1029 Oneida Trail was approved as the property has been condemned and Summit County Public Health deemed it unfit for human habitation. No one was present representing the property.

The board approved the appointment of Michelle Moyer to the Board of Zoning Appeals as alternate for the period of March 1 to December 31, 2021. 

Davis announced that 911 calls are up and working.

The board went into executive session for the purpose of discussing the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion, and compensation of a public employee to include the Board of Trustees and the Administrator.

The Regular Meeting resumed with no action taken.

The next meeting will be held at 6 p.m., March 14 at Town Hall, 2459 Canfield Road.