GREEN  At its Feb. 26 regular meeting, Green City Council approved entering into a contract with the law firm of Walter Haverfield to provide legal services with respect to a citizen-initiated city charter amendment, known as Issue 14. 

The charter amendment requires the Green law director to be an elected position.

Prior to passage of the legislation, Councilman-At-Large Justin Speight made a motion to add an amendment limiting payments to the law firm at $30,000, including $10,000 already paid to the firm for services assisting the charter amendment implementation committee.

Language limiting the scope of Walter Haverfield’s work to providing legal advice on “the implementation of Issue 14…and not to assist in any effort to overturn Issue 14” was also added to the ordinance.

Union contracts

Council also approved agreements with the law firms of Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease, and Zashin and Rich Co. LPA to provide legal services in the area of labor and employment.

The Vorys contract is for a flat rate of $10,000 and the Zashin and Rich contract includes an attorney rate of $220 per hour and $125 per hour for paralegals, clerks, and other legal assistants.

The attorneys are being retained in advance of union negotiations with unions representing the city’s firefighters, service department workers, and fire department dispatchers.  The contracts of each expire in April and December of this year.

Property demolition agreement with Summit County

The donation of city owned property at 6423 South Main St. to the Summit County Land Bank to demolish structures on the property was approved.

Planning Director Wayne Wiethe said the property will be re-deeded to the city following the demolition and any needed asbestos removal and the program comes at no cost to the city.