LAKEMORE  Mayor Rick Justice addressed his concern of the condition of the village roads during the Feb. 19 village council meeting.

Justice said there has been a lot of precipitation this year and it was more than just snow. In turn, water sitting on the roads causes damage. As soon as the Department of Public Services can get the durapatcher out, Justice says the village will take care of the damage.

Another important part to trying to keep road damage down, Justice said, is keeping the lake level down. He said village officials have been working with Springfield trustees to keep the level down and keep the water off the streets.

Other business:

- Councilman Chad Lance said the village is seeing a cost savings from the improvements that were done to the sewer systems during the last year.

- Justice said the village has a lot more work to do and there is grant monies left over from the Fourth Street project to continue their work.

“We have a lot of work to do and we are identifying those areas,” said Justice.

- Approval of amending a previous ordinance adopting construction and material specifications and standard construction drawings for all improvements within any existing or proposed village right of way. The change was to amend the Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant requirements. 

- An ordinance amending a previous ordinance to make appropriations for current expenses and other expenditures of the village during the fiscal year ending Dec. 31 was approved.

- A resolution approving the amendment to a previous resolution, a memorandum of understanding between the Summit County Combined General Health District and the village. The amendment makes the contract six years with the county health district for services of monitoring of storm water pollution and or enforcement of regulations prohibiting illicit discharges to the municipal separate storm sewer system of the village.

- Legislation to authorize the mayor to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the city of Akron for prosecutorial services relating to certain criminal and traffic cases before the Akron Municipal Court was tabled. Council members will discuss the resolution further in the next workshop session.

- A resolution read for the first time, will authorize the mayor to enter into an agreement with the Summit County Combined General Health District for a Creating Healthy Communities Project. The project will focus on improving the mini-park located at the corner of Main Street and Park Drive. The legislation will be read again March 4 and read for approval March 18.

- A first read of a resolution authorizing the mayor to accept the proposal from Hammontree and Associates to perform the waterline design, professional surveying and engineering services for the future development of the vacant property owned by Summit County between Sanitarium and Flickinger Road. The waterline will extend the existing 12-inch waterline west along Sanitarium Road from Pawnee Boulevard to the easement obtained on the east side of the proposed development area. The proposed waterline will then extend south through the easement from Sanitarium Road approximately 835 feet. The water line will provide connections for the buildings and will also allow possible loops to existing waterlines on Oneida Avenue, Ottawa, Street and Mohican Boulevard. The legislation will be read March 4 and for approval March 18.

- Lance said that Republic is having recycling issues with glass. It does not take plastic grocery bags and it doesn't want glass. Visit the village website for the updates on recycling guidelines, He also said with the cold weather there are useful tips about avoiding frozen water lines on the site.

- Lance also said it is time to think about applying for the community gardens. Application will be taken beginning April 1 for a free garden area.

- The last Lakemore United Methodist Church Swiss Steak Dinner of the season will be held March 16 and will benefit the Summer Fun program for kids.

- The Easter Egg Hunt for the village children will be held April 20, more information to follow.

- Clean up day for Lakemore will be April 27.

- Aurora Alexander spoke to council about issues she is having with a backup of the sewer system into her basement. She found out after purchasing the home that there were issues. She has been working with the village and Justice said that he had Gene Taylor of the DOPS will come out and assess the issues and see what can be done.

The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m., March 6 at the Municipal Building, 1400 Main St.