LAKEMORE  Village officials addressed the issues with recycling at the Lakemore Council meeting on Jan. 22.

Mayor Rick Justice said, “I spoke to our trash haulers (Republic) about our recyclables," Mayor Rick Justice said. "They are going to come out to a council meeting to see if there are ways we can help. It is a problem happening in cities across the nation as China is refusing contaminated recycling which leaves the US with recycling issues.

"The cost has just gotten out of control. There are things we can do better, such as to how we separate our recyclables, that will help."

Plastic bags from the grocery store are a problem as well as glass and unclean items going in the recycling bins.

Councilmembers will be working on the issues with Republic and get notice to residents as to how they can help.

Approved business at the meeting included:

- An ordinance authorizing persons employed by the Lakemore Fire Department the right to wash personally owned vehicles within the firehouse. The right is limited to twice a month and they must supply their own washing materials. They will pay $1 a year. Councilwoman Laura Cochran said this is not new, it has been a policy under many village fire chiefs and council is just putting it in writing.

- A resolution authorizing the mayor to enter into a contract with Summit County and the city of Akron to remain a user in the Summit County Regional Radio system. As a user, the village agrees to pay a membership fee of $20 per month, per radio. It is a cost of approximately $4,000 a half-year. It is up for renewal every five years.

- Justice appointed Anne Snyder and Sam Ray, each members from the Fire Department, and Clarence Bittner as board members of the Volunteer Firefighters’ Dependents Fund for 2019.

- A resolution authorizing the mayor and village solicitor to enter into an agreement with the city of Green for fire dispatching services. This is the most cost efficient service available and it keeps the department tied in with the surrounding cities for mutual aid.

- A resolution authorizing the appointment of Jon Strittmatter as an unpaid support personnel for the Lakemore Fire Department.

- An emergency resolution to verify purchase orders approved through Lakemore Purchase Order Policy for 2019. The approved purchase orders total $1,848,864.02.

- Read to be approved at the Feb. 4 meeting was an ordinance authorizing all actions necessary to effect an opt-out natural gas aggregation program. The program provides an opportunity for natural gas consumers collectively to participate in the potential benefits of natural gas deregulation through lower gas rates which they would not otherwise be able to have individually.

- Read for the first time was a resolution approving the amendment to a previous resolution for the memorandum of understanding between the Summit County Combined General Health District and the village. It is a six-year contract with the health district for services of monitoring storm water pollution and/or enforcement of regulations prohibiting illicit discharges to the municipal separate storm sewer system. To be approved at the Feb. 19 meeting.

- Justice thanked all of those in the Department of Public Services for working so many hours to plow the roads in the village throughout the snowstorm on Jan. 19. He pointed out that a couple days before, the Department had three water main brakes and another snow event, so they have been quite busy.

- Councilman Chad Lance said the snow plowing is a tough job. He rode along with a plow driver for three hours during the heavy snow. He asked that residents keep their cars out of the right a way of the road and trash cans back off the street. Hitting trash cans with plows can happen and can damage trucks. Cars parked on the roads makes it difficult to plow and for the large trucks to turn and manipulate the narrow streets of Lakemore.

- Councilman Tracy Douglas said bringing in Republic is a solution to keep the budget intact. “It sounds like they are going to try to work with us. We were one of the first communities to recycle with our own truck years ago.”

Cochran said it is very educational listening about the recycling do’s and don’ts. “Everyone should come to a meeting when they (Republic) are here,” she said.

- Cole said the Rotary Club is holding a big drive to collect plastic bags. They are collecting the items so they can form benches for the community. Lakemore United Methodist Church, SUPER Learning Center and the Municipal Building are drop off locations for bags.

The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m., Feb. 4, at the Municipal Building.