SPRINGFIELD TWP.  The Springfield Board of Trustees held a special meeting Jan. 17 to discuss the possibility of placing a levy for the Police Department on the May ballot.

Trustee Dean Young said, by law, trustees are bound to submit any levy millage they are considering to the Summit County Fiscal Officer to have the total current tax valuation certified. This needs to be done several months prior to the election.

Young said a levy is needed to keep the department running at its current level of service, but there are also needs that go above that service. Cruisers are run 24 hours a day and mileage adds up quickly, Young said. The department was in need of a new cruiser this past year but did not purchase one due to shortfalls.

The anticipated shortfall for the department in 2019 is $80,000.

During the meeting, trustees also approved resolutions to place additional millage amounts on the ballot to see what amount of dollars each scenario would collect.

With a voter approved levy in May, Young said the tax collection wouldn't begin until 2020, which leaves the township to make up that shortfall.

The four resolutions included an additional 0.75-mill levy, a 0.9-mill levy, a 1.1-mill levy and a 1.25-mill levy.

The legislation read "A resolution declaring it necessary to place an additional (amount here) mill tax levy and request the Summit County Fiscal Officer to certify the total current tax valuation of the township and the dollar amount of revenue that would be generated by that additional levy pursuant to O.R.C. 5705.191."

After the amounts are reviewed by the board, a decision will be during a public meeting.