GREEN  A gym with a familiar name has opened a new location in Green.

American Muscle & Fitness recently opened on South Main Street in the Buehler’s plaza. For many years, American Muscle operated on Massillon Road next door to the post office, before it closed and then was demolished.

Jason Kungl, who ran the old location for period of time, sold that location as he wanted to go back to school and get a degree. He attended the University of Akron and obtained a degree in International Business.

Prior to American Muscle opening, the space was vacant as Dollar General at one time occupied the space. Dollar General constructed a new store just north of the plaza, which it has moved into. Kungl said he signed a lease for the space about a year ago. He said the space was just one big area and they created rooms in parts and opened the area where the stockroom used to be. While he hired an architect to do the project, Kungl designed the layout himself. 

Kungl said working with the city of Green went smooth as he took out the tile floor and painted the entre space.

He said he always had a vision of opening another business and the space on South Main Street was the right location.


Kungl wants visitors to the gym to have the opportunity to be educated if they want to learn more about the equipment and how to use it.

“The goal is to educate people on the different pieces of equipment,” Kungl said. 

He said there are many cookie cutter gyms out there that are all the same and he doesn’t want to be like that.

“You don’t get that much personal training there,” Kungl said. “My goal is to make it more fun.”

The hope is to create a family atmosphere Kungl said where members talk to each other and get to know one another.

“If you miss a workout, then you didn’t see your friends,” Kungl said.


Walking into the new American Muscle, there is a sign that reads positive attitude equals positive results.

The gym is broke up into different areas include a cardo section, weight area, a room for classes and an area with artificial turf. The classroom is used for different fitness classes and anyone can use the space if a class isn’t going on Kungl said. There is also another small room for parents to leave their children in who are five years and older where they can play or work on homework. 

Near the cardo equipment there is a picture of Forrest Gump which reads, “I just felt like running.” Kungl said he wanted to have a mix of different things to decorate the walls.

Kungl said the Astroturf area can be used for different strength exercises including tire flipping or to do core exercises using one of the kegs.

The gym also features men’s and women’s restrooms, which include showers and lockers.

Kungl said he had a big following when he had the other American Muscle location and when he decided to open this new location, he reached back out to people who used to come. He said people were pushing him to get the new location open.

The new location has only been open a few weeks, and Kungl said he already has more than 100 members.

“It is a great combination of old members and new members,” Kungl said.

To join, the cost is $35 per month and Kungl offers discounts for police, firefighters and veterans, just to name a few. There is also a $60 per month package for a couple or for a father and son or mother and daughter.

Personal trainers are also available Kungl said and many different exercise classes will be offered.

“The goal is to help some people out,” Kungl said. “I want to get them out of there comfort zone some.”