MACEDONIA  Brownie Troop 90833 is an example of how Girl Scouts lead and make a difference through its plastic bottle recycling project at Nolley Elementary in New Franklin.

After learning about ocean pollution, troop members were devastated to learn about the effects plastic bottle waste has on sea creatures and how recycling can help reduce the negative effects on our waters.

“Recycling is really important because it can save animals in the ocean. If we don’t recycle bottles, a lot of animals will die,” said troop member Grace C. in a news release.

They noticed that their school used a lot of plastic and didn’t have a recycling bin in their cafeteria. Being pro-active Girl Scouts, they saw a problem and decided to step up to make a change in their school.   

Girl Scouting gives girls the confidence to express their ideas and lead others to make their communities better places to live. Emma R. explains that “(Girl Scouts) has taught me to be responsible and take action for important things in our community.” 

This troop put their minds together to figure out how inform their school about the need to recycle their plastic bottles and what they can do to help. Part of their project included a video -featured on the morning announcements and on the school’s website for Leadership Day encouraging their classmates to and recycle their plastic bottles.

They also presented their idea for a cafeteria recycling bin to their principal and classmates during lunchtime. For the girls, presenting their ideas to their classmates was a new experience but one they were proud to accomplish.

“It [presenting to classmates] made me feel weird, but good too. I was nervous but also proud of the work we did.” said Molly M.

The Girl Scout Brownies stepped out of their comfort zones and enacted a positive change in their school. The recycling bin was full by the end of the first day.