A man, 26, was pulled over for traveling 74 MPH in a 45MPH zone on Dec. 30. The driver appeared to be intoxicated and the officer could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from driver. Upon questioning, the driver stated he had come from a bar and he had four beers. The officer then had the driver perform Standardized Field Sobriety Test in which he deemed the driver was unable to perform to satisfactorily. The driver was placed under arrest and issued a citation. He was then released to a sober party.

A vehicle was stopped for loud sounding exhaust on Dec. 30. A responding officer observed a marijuana glass pipe between the driver and the seat. A male and his black bag was searched. Marijuana, a red pouch and small baggies, tools and a small plastic container containing a crystal-white substance were located. The man said that it was not his. A field test kit showed positive for methamphetamine. The man was issued a traffic citation for driving under suspension and loud exhaust, and taken to jail. The incident was all documented on both officers body worn cameras.

During a traffic stop for improper display of plates on Dec. 30, an officer detected an odor of marijuana from the vehicle. After a search of the vehicle, the driver was issued a summons to appear in court for possession of marijuana.

An officer was dispatched to a building on Manchester Road for an alarm on Dec. 30. Upon arrival, the officer checked the exterior and found an unsecured back door. The interior was clear.

A woman stated that she and her boyfriend had been in a verbal argument on Dec. 30. The boyfriend then grabbed her by the neck, threw her on the ground, and started punching her in the face. The woman also stated that she tried to defend herself. The officer took several photos of the woman’s injuries. The boyfriend agreed that they had been in a verbal argument, but said the woman started to hit him in the face first. The officer determined the boyfriend’s injuries appeared to be defensive wounds and placed the man under arrest for domestic violence.

A man, 35, refused to take roadside sobriety tests on Jan. 2 after an accident. He admitted to drinking alcohol and was placed under arrest for operating a vehicle intoxicated. He also admitted to having marijuana in the vehicle. Because the man’s 10-year-old son was in the vehicle at the time of the accident, the man was also charged with endangering a child and possession of marijuana. At the police department, he submitted to a breath test and his blood alcohol content registered .136. The man was issued a court summons and released to a sober party.

A victim filed a report that an unknown person had stolen items from his car between Dec. 20 and Jan. 1, including his social security card.

A 57-year-old man was reportedly trespassing at a Manchester Road business on at 1:30 p.m. Jan. 3. He had been advised previously not to be at the location. He was charged with criminal tresspassing and released with a summons to appear.

A 70-year-old man reported on Jan. 4 that he sent $1,500 through Western Union to Vida Soviole Smith, thinking the receiving party was someone else. The man said that once the money was sent the receiving party cut all contact. This matter is under investigation.

An officer made traffic stop on Van Buren Road on Jan. 4 for a turn signal violation and a plate cover violation. After speaking with the driver of the vehicle, the officer found the male passenger had an active warrant for violation of a protective order. The protected party, a 24-year-old female, was also a passenger in the vehicle. The man, 27, was placed under arrest and transported to City of Barberton Jail.

A woman made a video threatening to harm herself. Police had New Franklin Fire Department respond on Jan. 5 for a psychological evaluation. The woman was transported to the hospital for further evaluation.

A man, 48, saw a woman running from a large dog on Minuet Drive on Jan. 5. The man attempted to help the woman when the dog attacked and bit him. The dog ran off and the man described it as having long black fur. The man suffered minor injuries to his arms and legs.

A 29-year-old man on Jan. 5 stated he had a verbal argument with his girlfriend and that nothing physical happened. The officer, after taking the man’s name, found he had an active warrant. The man was placed under arrest for his warrant and transported to the Police Department. Another officer then spoke with the girlfriend, 30, who said the argument had turned physical. She stated that the man grabbed her by the neck and pulled her hair. Charges of domestic violence were added.

A father reported that his son took the family vehicle on Jan. 5. He was concerned about the welfare of his son. A BOLO was put out on the vehicle. On Jan. 9, a missing persons report was filed. Verizon Wireless was contacted to locate the son’s cell phone. It showed the phone in the area of Creston. The Wayne County Sheriff's Office dispatched deputies to the area and the father also drove over in an attempt to locate the son. The father located his son and took the vehicle home.

Two brothers reportedly got into an argument on Jan. 7. The first brother stated that $75 was taken from his bank account by a parent when he refused to go to counseling. The first brother decided to take something of theirs and hid the Playstation video gaming system cords. When the second brother came downstairs, they got into a verbal argument. The first brother threw the Playstation, which hit the second brother causing a small cut on the top left of his forehead. The parents feared the situation would escalate. The officer then documented the second brother’s injuries and transported the first brother to a third party.

A 37-year-old woman reported on Jan. 8 that on Dec. 31 she had invited people over to celebrate New Years. She and male guest consumed several drinks to the point of intoxication. When she was passed out, the man sexually assaulted her. The woman’s daughter and other witnesses were present but did not report it.

A Clinton man stated someone stole items from his vehicle between 7:30 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. Jan. 8. The matter is under investigation.

A Clinton man received a call on Jan. 9 from his neighbor saying that his vehicle rear lights were on in his garage. The Clinton man went outside and located a 21-year-old male hiding under the vehicle. Police were called. The suspect said he went into the garage to look for his dog. The suspect was placed under arrest for criminal trespass and transported to Barberton city jail.

A 61-year-old man on Jan. 10 stated his 38-year-old neighbor came onto his property and kicked his garage door. The neighbor admitted to officers that he went onto the older man’s property, but did not kick the garage door. The neighbor was placed under arrest for criminal trespass and released with a summons to appear.


An employee of Hartville Hardware on Dec. 29 reported a theft of 21 pieces of clothing worth $1,421.

A juvenile and his parents came to the Police Department on Dec. 30 to report harassment. An investigation will be conducted.

A 62-year-old woman reported identity fraud on Dec. 30. The credit card company was contacted and an investigation is pending.

Multiple parties were reportedly outside causing a domestic disturbance on Jan. 1 when police arrived on scene. A female, 39, attacked her husband and another female. The wife was arrested and booked into the Stark County Jail.


When a man, 41, and woman pulled into the woman’s driveway on Dec. 29, they noticed a silver Toyota Highlander parked on the street just after the woman’s house. The pair observed a male in a red hoodie flee from the yard to the Toyota. The man attempted to follow the Toyota but lost sight of it, but he believed it was an ex-boyfriend of the woman’s daughter. The pair contacted the ex’s parents who admitted that the son had borrowed their Toyota Highlander. They advised that the ex had two friends with him. Upon contacting one of the friend’s parents, they found out he was wearing at red hoodie when he left the house. The next day, the man noticed pellet/BB size marks on his driver’s side front and rear door. Officers have reached out to the parents and their children.

A black male reportedly stole two packs of Huggies diapers from a South Arlington Road business on Dec. 29 and fled in a white vehicle

A Chevrolet Cavalier was traveling north on Canton Road on Dec. 29 with no headlights. The drvier, a 26-year-old man, had multiple warrants and a suspended license. A search of the vehicle turned up a hypodermic needle.

A man told police he was walking back from a grocery store on Dec. 30 and saw two black males at a bus stop on Canton Road. As he walked past, one of the men followed and told him to hand over his money, which totaled $330. The victim stated that the second man had a handgun pointed at him through a jacket pocket. The suspects had the victim take the battery out of his cell phone and took it. The suspects then took off on foot. The victim said he tried to follow but could not catch up.

A man was reportedly acting strangely on Dec. 30. He was carrying a baseball bat and had a cord wrapped around his neck and was not making sense. An officer detained the man and found four snort tubes and two small bags. Springfield paramedics were called for evaluation. Officers also found the man’s house was barricaded with furniture. The man was issued a summons and sent to Akron City Hospital.

A woman reportedly invited her children’s father over to see his daughter on Dec. 31. The man got mad when another kid knocked down his daughter. The woman said the man yelling at the other children and she asked him to leave. The man then pushed the woman onto the table and hit her, according to the report. She hit back and he dragged her by her hair to the driveway. The man, who was gone when police arrived, said he was going to get his gun and would be back. The man was gone when police arrived.

Police responded after husband and wife were arguing outside of the wife’s parent’s home on Dec. 31. Officers noticed the husband was displaying strange body movements and talking to himself. Both the husband and wife were noted to be under the influence of methamphetamine and transported to Akron City Hospital. At approximately 3 p.m., Akron City Hospital called to say the wife was stating that she was assaulted by her husband although she had denied it earlier.

A man stated on Jan. 2 that someone entered his vacant trailer and stole a drill, two boxes of PVC pipes and plumbing supplies. A gatorade bottle was left at the scene. Possibly the suspects.

A 63-year-old woman reported on Jan. 2 that an unknown person dug up a shrub from her front yard.

A Youngstown woman, 37, told police on Jan. 2 that she was carrying $9,000 cash in a black silk bag when she entered a residence on Abington Road to warm up. She left the location on foot and was on Canton Road when she realized she no longer had money with her. She returned to the address and saw the silk bag in a vehicle in the driveway. She said she then somebody exit the vehicle with the silk bag and take it into the residence. That person denied the allegations. The incident is pending.

Somebody removed a chain and stole a blue and black mountain bike from a porch on Jan. 3

A man told police on Jan. 3 that radon detectors delivered to his residence on Oakes Drive, where he operates his business, were stolen off the front porch. The radon units have serial numbers and have been entered into the system.

An Akron man, 61, reportedly got into a verbal argument with a Barberton man, 30, on Jan. 3 over a parking spot at a South Arlington Road business. The Barberton man attempted to punch into the window of the Akron man but missed. The Barberton man then kicked the driver’s side door, causing a large dent. The Barberton man then backed his vehicle into another vehicle, causing minor damage. The Akron man was able to take photos of the aggressor and a positive ID was made. A warrant was issued on Jan. 5.

A loss prevention member from a South Arlington Road business approached a man on Jan. 3 who reportedly dropped stolen merchandise and fled into a silver Nissan Murano. The license plates came back to a woman with a South Carolina address. The merchandise, which included drones and other electronics, was worth $803.96.

On Jan. 2, an employee of a South Arlington Road business said a 30-year-old man came into the store, took Nike merchandise and left without paying. He got into a Buick Century which was registered to a woman. The following day the vehicle and was traffic-stopped by Barberon Police and the suspect was the same man from the security videos. He was charged and a warrant was entered into the database. The owner of the car did not return calls and did not answer the door for Barberton police. The vehicle was parked in the driveway.

A mother called police on Jan. 3 because her son was overdosing. He was unresponsive and the mother had started CPR. Narcan was administered by Springfield Fire Department. The man was transported to Akron City. It was unclear what the man was overdosing on.

Between 8:30 p.m. Jan. 3 and 7:30 a.m. Jan. 4, items were stolen out of an unsecured vehicle on Lessig Avenue. Items include driver’s license, social security card, visa gift card, headphones, cash, a coach wallet and a diamond ring.

A woman was reportedly yelling in the front yard of Lessig Avenue on Jan. 4. Responding officers found a 30-year-old woman with her two children. The woman began to pull the children by the arms despite them saying that it hurt. Despite orders, the woman would not release the children. Once the officers could remove the woman from the children, she reportedly began to resist arrest. In the police vehicle, she hit her head against hard surfaces and showed excited delirium, according to police. EMS was contacted and ruled she was under the influence of a narcotic. Springfield Fire Department arrived and sedated the subject before taking her to Akron City Hospital for further evaluation. She was charged with endangering children, obstructing, and resisting arrest.

A 22-year-old man punched his father in the face on Jan. 5, leaving a lump on the left side of his jaw. The son had been drinking and admitted to hitting his father. He was arrested and issued a summons.

Officers received a call on Jan. 6 about a suspect with a protection order and warrants. Upon arrival, officers encountered a male and found a hypodermic needle on his person. The man said that he was diabetic. On further questioning, he admitted it was used for methamphetamine. A vehicle was also parked at the residence, but the suspect said he walked to the residence. Eventually, he admitted that he did drive and that he lied because he had a suspended license. In bags belonging to the suspect, police found substance that tested positive for meth. The man was arrested for felony possession and given citations for driving under suspension and expired license plates. The suspect was issued a summons and released.

A woman called police on Jan. 6 and said she and her ex-husband were arguing and he was trying to plant a drug pipe on her. Officers found the ex-husband walking through a trailer park. He admitted he had a pipe in his jacket pocket. He stated that he had been staying with his ex-wife for a few days at her request. He stated that she had attacked him, but the ex-wife stated that he attacked her. No one was arrested for domestic violence and the ex-husband was issued a summons for drug paraphernalia.

Three women were reported to be fighting on Jan. 6. Officers separated the women and it was determined a 35-year-old woman was the aggressor. She was issued a summons and dropped off at her residence.

Officers were investigating a scene on Jan. 8 when a suspect gave a false name and birth date. He also did not know his social security number. The officers say they knew he was lying because they have had previous contact with him. They confirmed the suspect had three active warrants and the suspect matched the description. After being placed under arrest, the suspect confirmed he had given false information. He was arrested, issued a summons, and handed over to Lakemore Police.

Two suspects entered a South Arlington Road business on Jan. 9 and took a hatchet, power drill and two windows. They attempted the return the windows. They were not successful, but still walked out without paying for the hatchet and power drill. One suspect was apprehended and found to have an active warrant out of the Summit County Sheriff's Office.


After previously being charged for harassment earlier in the month, a 35-year-old man emailed a woman three times on Dec. 29, stating that he knew who her new boyfriend and "You bring him to me or I will find em."

A 35-year-old man noticed his 2000 Chevrolet was damaged on Jan. 3. It appears the damage was caused by a BB or pellet gun. As of yet, there are no suspects.

An officer stopped two men walking on Sanitarium Road on Jan. 5. The first man stated he was coming from the park and the second stated their friend’s house. It was found that the first man had a warrant out of Columbus for parole violation. He was booked into Summit County Jail as a courtesy hold. The second man walked home.


A suspect shoplifted $50 worth of goods from a West Maple Street gas station on Jan. 1.

A vehicle went off the highway on North Prospect on Jan. 1 and caused damage. The driver left the scene on foot and was stopped by officers. He was observed to have red eyes, be unsteady on his feet and have an odor of alcohol. He could not complete sobriety tests due to suspected intoxication and not understanding English. He did not have a valid ID. The owner of the vehicle arrived on scene and claimed the man was at a family party and did not know the man had taken her vehicle. The owner said she had seen him drinking wine. He admitted to drinking two vodkas and five Bud Lights. The man was taken into custody and, after refusing to submit to a breath test, he was issued citations and transported to the Stark County Jail.

An unknown person wearing a ski mask broke into a West Maple Street business between 8:49 p.m. Jan. 1 and 2:26 p.m. Jan. 2. They stole a safe and damaged a door. An investigation is pending.

Officers were dispatched to a residence due to the smell marijuana on Jan. 4. A male, age 21, answered the door and admitted to smoking with two friends. The man had seven grams of marijuana still left in his possession, which was seized. The man was issued a citation for criminal possession.


A white male suspect with an orange jacket and black pants stole a butane lighter from a business on Dec. 31. He was not located.

A woman, 28, reported on Jan. 1 that her locked apartment had been broken into while she was out of town. There were no signs of forced entry, but it appeared somebody manipulated the lock on her son's bedroom window. Items stolen included almost $100 from her son's piggy bank and one bra. There are no suspects.

A 47-year-old man stated on Jan. 1 that his friend had assaulted him at his home. The man had dried blood on his face. The man did not want to press charges on his friend.

A Coventry Township man told police Jan. 2 that he ordered new checks to be delivered by mail. The man, 82, never received the checks so he inquired with his bank and found four checks had been written. The sum came to $2,300. The bank put a freeze on the man's account and the fraud department was contacted.

Between Dec. 22 and Jan. 2, an unknown person entered the private parking lot of Meadbrook Services and took a muffler and catalytic converter from one vehicle, and poured sugar into the gas tank of another.

A 41-year-old man told police on Jan. 2 that he received a letter in the mail from the National Recovery Agency stating that he had an overdue electric bill in Illinois for $296.33. The man never resided in the state of Illinois. He has been provided an incident report to remove this from his credit report.

Police were dispatched to an unwanted female at a South Main Street business on Jan. 3. The suspect was found to have felony warrants and was placed under arrest.

A couple were reportedly arguing Jan. 4 over the male taking the car to work. The couple stated that they were stressed because the woman's mother had been in the hospital for several days. They agreed they needed a time out and the man went to work.

A property manager called in a suspicious vehicle with two occupants on Jan. 6. One of the occupants, a Clinton man, had a warrant and was turned over to Akron Police.

A note was left on an Akron woman's front porch on Jan. 8 telling her to be a parent and not a snitch. There were no witnesses.

An Akron woman stated on Jan. 9 that her ex had shown up to her house intoxicated and threatened to kill her. The 49-year-old man threw her patio furniture around and then left. Officers had previously been instructed by police not to go to the woman's residence. Officers made contact with the man at his residence. When an officer attempted to arrest him, the man fled up his stairs. After a struggle, the man was successfully arrested and led to the police vehicle. The man threatened to stalk the arresting officer and kill him as well as any deputies that may visit his home in the future.

A male suspect, 51, was accused of choking a woman and hitting her in the face during an argument on Jan. 10. The woman did not have any visible signs of physical violence and there were no witnesses. Due to conflicting statements, the report was closed.


A male suspect, 18, was seen parked in a handicapped spot on Dec. 30 smoking marijuana out of a modified soda bottle. He was arrested and released to his mother with a summons.

A woman stated on Jan. 3 that she rented a vehicle from Enterprise and was advised to leave the vehicle in the driveway with the keys in it. When she contacted Enterprise about getting her security deposit back, an employee said they never received it. She advised Enterprise to make a report about the stolen vehicle. Enterprise said it would try to use OnStar to locate the vehicle.

A husband and wife were in an argument on Jan. 3 because the husband was playing a video game too loud when their baby was sleeping. When the husband, 27, did not turn the volume down, the wife, 26, unplugged the game. The husband grabbed her by the face and pushed her down onto the loveseat, the report said. She had visible marks on her face and neck. The husband was arrested and transported to Summit County Jail.

A woman, 30, stated that her mother, 58, had been drinking on Jan. 6 and hit her several times. The mother admitted to grabbing her daughter but not striking her. The mother was taken to Summit County Jail.

A 47-year-old man enlisted a 58-year-old woman to clean his home. He was unsatisfied with the work and told her so. The woman then began to send the man texts. The man told her to stop and and the woman sent another text. Police contacted the woman who said she would not contact the man again. No charges are pending.

A woman and daughter reportedly got into an argument over house rules on Jan. 7. The daughter, 11, stated to police that she was upset but now understand that she must listen to her mother. The daughter has an open case with child services because of a previous incident at the father's home in Akron.

Police responded to a suspicious male on Bobwhite Trail on Jan. 7. The man, 20, stated that he was meeting the homeowner's grandson. He consented to a vehicle search. A loaded 9mm handgun was found under the passenger seat. The gun was listed as stolen in December 2017. The man said he had purchased the gun from a third party for protection. He was arrested for receiving stolen property and counseling without a permit.

A Uniontown man reported on Jan. 7 that someone had stolen his wallet with $100 in it from his unlocked vehicle.

A 34-year-old man reported that unknown persons took several items from his unlocked vehicle between 6 p.m. Jan. 7 and 8 a.m. Jan. 8. Stolen items included $280 in cash, debit and credit cards, a driver's license, wallet and Michael Kors purse. The suspect used the debit card to make a purchase of $192.08.

A couple rented a room with cash on Jan. 9 at an East Turkeyfoot Lake Road motel and left after eight hours. The white male, who rented a room, took the television when he left. Because the hotel does not require ID, the name of the suspect is unknown, but the manager did take down the license plate. It came back as stolen out of Akron. Akron police were notified.

A Clinton man stated on Jan. 9 that the mother of his children punched him in the face after seeing messages in his phone. The woman said she did not assault the man. The man, 46, did have a red mark on the left side of his head. The woman, 28, was arrested for domestic violence and booked into Summit County Jail.

Loss Prevention at a South Arlington Road business observed an 18-year-old woman load baby formula into her shopping card on Jan. 10 and push it to the exit. When stopped, she admitted she was planning to steal it. She was given a summons and released on the scene.