Hollywood streets may be a place to spot the stars but, in Ohio, the place to be on a clear evening is the John Glenn Astronomy Park located in Hocking Hills State Park.

Opening in the summer of 2018 the John Glenn Astronomy Park (JGAP) has rapidly become the place to view the stars.

A visit to the park is free and a place where visitors will find the stars that come out at night. It is a great place to view the celestial bodies as the park is tucked back and high up in the hills of Hocking Hills State Park, an area known for its lack of light pollution. The clear night skies lend themselves to the planets and stars shining brightly. Astronomy fanatics are known to seek out these skies.

The JGAP plaza is open to everyone all year and public programming begins March 1. Bring a lawn chair and telescope, if you like, and watch the skies move before your vary eyes.

The mission of the park is dedication to sparking an interest in science, learning and exploration by sharing with visitors the wonders of the sky, both day and night.

Many parts of our lives have relied on the stars such as calendars, agriculture, festivals and more. Lights of the city dim our view of what can be a vivid and brilliant night sky.

At the astronomy park those, otherwise dull skies, shine brightly for all to see. It is one of the few places left in Ohio where the sky can be seen without the lights of civilization washing it out.

Hocking Hills State Park is located 40 miles southeast of Ohio’s capital city, Columbus. It has been an area for those interested in astronomy for years and now there is a great area for viewing the skies.

The observatory has already, in its few months of being available to the public, been well used as many have visited to see the beauty of the heavens.

The park is also interesting during the day. JGAP includes a Solar Plaza 80-foot in diameter that highlights the sun’s orientation to the earth as it changes. The plaza is surrounded by a low wall with notches. The notches frame views of the sun on key days.

The highlight of the John Glenn Astronomy Park is the enclosed observatory which features a retractable roof permitting the greatest views of the skies through a large telescope. Experts are on hand when the observatory is open to point out the spectacular constellations, planets and more as the evening goes on. The telescope pulls that spectacular sky in close for all to see and understand. The views are mesmerizing to all ages.

Special events are held throughout spring, summer and fall. A schedule is on the website at www.jgap.info. Programs are offered during the day and evenings. Daytime programs offer visitors views of the sun through telescopes with special filters.

Visit the website to reserve a free parking place as spots are limited. Follow the directions online.


To contact the park email JGAstroPark@gmail.com. Directions to the park are available on the website. The park is located along Route 664, for GPS devices use the address 20531 OH-664, Logan, Ohio 43138.


Look up! The skies are brilliant at JGAP.