NEW FRANKLIN  Several non-union employees will be seeing a pay increase to start 2019.

During the Dec. 19 council meeting, City Council approved two pieces of legislation relating to pay increases.

The first is for certain full-time and part-time non-union employees and the second is for certain non-union salaried department and division heads and adjusting the OP&F pick-up and salary reduction for police chief and police captain.

Mayor Paul Adamson said these raises come following the union working out pay increases for their employees.

He said there will be a 7.5 percent increase in pay during the course of three years and the city also added in some step increases for some employees. Adamson said the hope is to attract and keep good people, something the city has struggled to do.

The city explored what other communities are paying some of their employees and found a lot of disparity when it comes to pay levels.

Adamson said the average zoning inspector in Summit County makes about $26 per-hour, and New Franklin’s makes $19. He said many other employees, including administration and dispatch, make less than the average.

“The rates are designed to try to be more competitive,” Adamson said.

The part-time police and fire employees will also see a raise. Department and division heads for the city have not seen an increase since 2015, Adamson said.

Pay increases are expected to be reflected in the first full pay period of 2019.

In other business Dec. 19, council:

- Approved to authorize an advance from the General Fund to the 2905 Bulletproof Vest Grant Fund. Once the city is reimbursed from the grant, then the money is expected to be returned to the General Fund.

- Approved the transfer of funds from the General Fund to the Police District and Dispatch Fund. This is a monthly transfer.

- Approved a request that the Summit County Fiscal Officer make an advanced payment of tax funds for tax year 2018 payable in 2019 to the city of New Franklin. This is something the county requires the city to do each year around this time of year.

- Approved the temporary appropriations for 2019. These appropriations will cover the first three months for the city.

- Approved an agreement to enter into a one year agreement with the Summit County Public Defenders Commission.

- Heard from Adamson who thanked the Police Department for its hard work on several cases, including discovering the body of 18-year-old Samantha Guthrie.

- Heard from Adamson about the hope to install some pickle ball courts in the city.