SPRINGFIELD TWP.  Trustees prepared for the beginning of business for 2019 at the Dec. 27 meeting by electing Joe DiLauro as board chairman and Dean Young as vice-chairman.

A schedule of 2019 regular meetings was approved and yearly procedures and regulations were read and approved to begin the new year. Trustees were assigned as liaisons to the township departments.

Business for the regular end of the year meeting included:

- Approval of the carryover of vacations for noncontract and contract personnel as authorized by non-contract policy manual and union contracts.

- Temporary Appropriations for 2019 were approved.

- Approval for Superior Drainage Contractors to estimate, excavate and replace up to 28 feet of 8-inch storm sewer at 2625 Top Flight Drive. The work includes removing the sidewalks as needed and back fill with premium material. Also, camera and jet the line and advise if there are any further problems at a cost of $3,800.

- Nuisance abatement was approved for 946 Onondago Trail. Notice has been given and no representatives of the property were present at the meeting. The property will be abated, and the cost will be placed on the tax duplicate for the property.

The next regular trustees meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Jan. 10 at Town Hall, 2459 Canfield Road.