GREEN  The East Liberty Schoolhouse will be up for auction on Jan. 24.

The schoolhouse, which dates back to 1890, has been a staple near the intersection of state Route 619 and Arlington Road.

In 2015, the schoolhouse had to be moved around the corner to make way for Circle K, which bought the property where the schoolhouse was located on state Route 619. Circle K donated the schoolhouse to the city, which then spent approximately $250,000 to move the schoolhouse in hopes a buyer would emerge.

The city took bids, but a buyer never came through.

In November 2017, City Council approved to move the schoolhouse to the Community Improvement Corporation (CIC). Green Planning Director Wayne Wiethe said the CIC would have more flexibility than the city to find someone to take over the schoolhouse.

The CIC has turned to Kiko Auctions to hopefully find the next owner of the schoolhouse. The auction is scheduled for 12:30 p.m., with the schoolhouse being open two hours prior to the auction for viewing.

“We hope that someone with a passion for history will buy it and put it to good use,” Wiethe said.

Zoning for the property is B-1 (general business) as the 2,000 square foot schoolhouse sits on one-acre of land. The inside of the building is in need of renovations.

Wiethe said the building is a local landmark and is also on the National Register of Historic Places. He said any exterior modifications will need to be reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission and any improvements will need to go through the Design Review Board and Planning and Zoning Commission.

It is an absolute auction, so it will sell to the highest bidder and whatever the building sells for the money will come back to the city and will not stay with the CIC.