SPRINGFIELD TWP.  The students at Young Elementary School had a very spirited week of Dec. 17 before their Christmas vacation.

Between learning their ABCs and addition and subtraction, the kids had some fun with the "Four Days of Spirit."

On the first day of Spirit Week kids and staff members were seen in their pajamas. It was PJ day and kids could dress in their best Christmas or favorite pajamas the whole day. What a comfy day it was and the kids loved seeing each other’s favorite sleepwear.

On the second day of Spirit Week it was "Elfie" Day with the idea that students and members of the staff wear anything that took on the look of being an elf. A variety of learning activities were planned by each classroom that revolved around elves. If Santa has 22 elves making iPads and four called in sick, how many elves were making iPads that day?

On the third day of Spirit Week kids and staff members had Ugly Sweater Day. What could be cuter than a elementary child in an ugly sweater? Some of the kids sat with their families and made their own sweaters, others were store bought. Everything was seen from decorated tree sweaters to Darth Vader Christmas sweaters. The kids and their families really used their artistic abilities to glitter, hang tinsel and garland on sweaters.

On the fourth day of Spirit Week kids and staff alike had their Santa hats on. There was all kinds of cuteness under those very stylish Santa hats. There was a lot of excited at Young School on that last day of Spirit Week and school before the holidays.

Singing was heard throughout the halls from "Jingle Bells," "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" and "Frosty the Snowman."

Principle Jennifer Ganzer said it is a great time to let down and have some fun for the kids. She said the Young Elementary kids are great and work hard all year.

On the last day, parties were planned in each room for the kids. Themed learning activities went on throughout the week. The staff enjoyed the four days of Spirit Week as much as the kids and they will all be back in January to begin the rest of the school year.