JACKSON TWP.  During the regular meeting on Dec. 20, The Jackson Township Board of Trustees approved a stream and wetlands agreement with the Nature Conservatory out of Columbus for over 10 acres of wetland on the land where The Schroer Group (TSG) is building an office building.

The building is planned for Wales Road between Strausser and Braucher Streets.

Township Administrator/Law Director Michael Vaccaro said that the township will pay $63,700 to the Nature Conservatory. He also said TSG will reimburse the township $49,000 of that fee.

Other Actions:

- Approved a yard and waste service agreement with Earth ‘n Wood to haul away the debris from the yard/waste site for the township at $310 per tractor trailer load for the next three years. The site will remain open for the next three years to township residents only. The township doesn’t allow commercial drop offs.

- Approved a Riverside Avenue Northwest speed study that reduces the speed limit from 55 miles per hour to 40 miles per hour. The township will send the study to the Ohio Department of Transportation to approve the reduction in the speed limit.

- Accepted a $72 donation from Teeg Family LLC to the park division.

- Accepted an anonymous donation of $50 to the fire department.

- Paid bills in the amount of $531,985.

- Approved removing the longevity language from employment contracts for management personnel in the township. In the past, employees were given raises based on number of years worked. Trustee James Walters said removing the longevity issue makes it a level playing field for earning raises and that it is good for transparency and is good policy. 

- Appointed Matthew C. Shutter to zoning commission for a five-year term from 2019 to the end of 2023. Also appointed Justin J. Gantz as alternate one for a one-year term and Matthew A. Williams as alternate number two for a one-year term.

- Appointed Patrick Snyder to board of zoning appeals for a five-year term from 2019 to the end of 2023. Also appointed Richard Lutz as alternate one and Jared Singer as alternate two, both serving one-year terms.

- Appointed Jeanette Cho, Richard Evans, Klaus Kuttrus and Janice Spadone to the highway committee.

- Disbanded the Park Citizens Advisory Committee. The trustees stated that it was a committee that duplicated functions performed by the Friends of the Park organization.

- Approved a As Built Survey for the new library at a cost of $3,450 that the township will split with the library with each paying $1,725. The survey is a confirmation that the site is graded properly, and the utilities are in place.

- Randy Gonzalez thanked the trustees for the work they did in 2018. He said it was big year for the township with the North Park project site clearance, with the Comdoc building, the Strip Avenue Extension and obtaining part the Tam O’Shanter property for a park area. He said these were “multi-million-dollar projects that the trustees completed in the past year.”

UP NEXT: Meets 5 p.m. Jan. 8 at Township Hall.