COVENTRY TWP.  Lakeview School has officially been sold following an auction Dec. 13 at the property.

The building, which dates back to 1925 and has had several additions, served as an elementary school for Coventry Schools until 2011. In 2014, the district moved its administrative offices into the building where they remained until this past summer.

The district was spending about $50,000 per year to maintain the building, which is aging and is in need of some repairs. Only one of the two boilers work and the one that does work is cracked. In addition, either the well needs to be replaced or the building needs to be connected to city water lines. A new roof was put on in 2014 along with new windows in the front of the building.

Zoning for the property is B2 in the front of the parcel, including the building, and R1 for the back half.

As a cost saving move, the district decided to auction the building and hired Kiko Auctions to handle it with the school board having final approval of the bid offered.

The auction included the entire building, everything inside and the 6.57 acres of land.

A decent crowd of people crowded into the building for the auction as 33 people took numbers to bid. Bidding began at $50,000 and slowly increased until the final bid of $230,000 was made.

The highest bid came from Aleks Motryuk, who is from Berea.

The ending price was marked up 10 percent per the agreement, which brought the total to $253,000.

Motryuk said his plan is to covert the building into housing units within two years. He said his father is in the real estate business.

“I think it is a good price, it needs work,” Motryuk said. “We are going to make it better for the community.”

His plan is to start in the spring and be completed in about a year and a half.

Coventry Schools Superintendent Lisa Blough said she would like to thank Kiko Auctions, especially Brooks Ames, who assisted the district.

“It is sad to see the building go,” Blough said. “The district is moving in a positive direction and we could use the funding to help all our students.”

Board President Chris Davis said he was glad to see the building be sold and the expense being taken off the district’s books. He was happy to see so much community interest and said the district is now down to three buildings.