LAKEMORE  The only business approved by council members at the Dec. 3 council meeting authorized the mayor and fiscal officer to apply for the Serveohio Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Grant.

The grant request will be for $1,000 to afford materials to build four benches at Dodds Lakefront Park. 

An ordinance to make appropriations for current expenses and other expenditures during the fiscal year ending December 31, 2019, was read for the first time. The legislation will be read again at the Dec. 17 meeting and council will dispense with the three reads to approve the appropriations.

A resolution read for the first time for passage at the Jan. 7, 2019, meeting authorized the mayor to enter into a contract with the Summit County Public Defender’s Commission for defense of indigents in the Akron Municipal Court from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2019.

Giving thanks

Councilman Sam Ray thanked everyone for coming out to the tree lighting, to those that made cookies and refreshments, the Fire Department, the Spartanaires and all of those that helped to make it a great event.

Councilwoman Laura Cochran thanked resident Marty Davies for her hosting the dinner Taste of Akron which raised $1,350 for the police Share a Christmas program.

“Every dime from the ticket sales went to the program," Cochran said.

She also announced that the Lakemore Lions Club Sock Hop raised $2,425 for the Share a Christmas program.

Cochran said the Fill a Cruiser program with the Lakemore Police Department raised $2,790.32 for Springfield Cares to help those in need at Christmas.

President of Council Rich Cole said there have been many windy days and thanks to the kindness of Police Officers, Dylan Soisson and Perry Linaburg, the village purchased and replaced the tattered flag at SUPER Learning Center. He said he thanked Chief Ken Ray for having such great men on the force.

Other news

- Councilman Chad Lance said that things are changing with the trash haulers in the village as it is using the front loader that picks up the cans and dumps them. Lance said to make sure that trash cans are near the road and away from any other items, so they can be picked up. If not, Republic may not pick up the trash. 

-The Lakemore Fire Department reported it had six Christmas wreaths donated to put up on the light poles on Ken Ray Jr. Memorial Drive (road leading up to the plaza). With the high winds, they all came down and the department recovered three of them. If anyone happened to pick them up or knows the whereabouts of the other three, please return them to the fire department so they can be put back up.

- Speaking before council was Charles Toress, he was seeking justice from council members on an issue he has with the Police Department which happened within the last year. Council members said they were not aware of the situation and would look into it.

The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m., Dec. 17 at the Municipal Building.