SPRINGFIELD TWP.  Sixth, seventh and eighth graders from Springfield Local Schools showed their artistic talents as they brought home many prizes from their participation in Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh’s annual Safety Kids Poster Contest.

The county received 1,200 posters from 17 Summit County schools depicting one of 12 rules to keep kids safe, such don't smoke, don't use drugs, don't use alcohol, say no to gangs, don't talk to strangers, gun safety, domestic violence and anti-bullying.

A team of judges selected 48 winners: 12 first place, 12 second place, 12 third place, 11 Honorable Mentions, one grand prize winner and, in addition, six in a new category called Prosecutor’s Picks for funny or creative posters.   

Springfield Junior Senior High School Art Teacher Jessica Casher said Springfield Junior High Student Jaylee Greenwell was the Grand Prize winner for the second year in a row.

"She is the first person in 17 years of the contest to win the grand prize two years in a row," said Casher. 

Because of Greenwell’s love of snails, she came up with the catch phrase, "Don’t be slow to say no!"

"Ms. Casher, my amazing art teacher, told me to think of something I like, and it clicked. Snails are slow," Greenwell said. 

Greenwell said it was then just a matter of which category to choose.

"I remembered that snails do not enjoy being picked up, so I decided to go with unwanted touch," she said.

The eighth grader has entered the contest the last three and won first place the first year, grand prize the second year and grand prize again this year.

Winning for Springfield students continued as Casher said out of 48 total winners selected, Springfield Junior High had 15 winners.

For Art Teacher Kelli Wyss at Springfield’s Schrop Intermediate School, there was a list of winners as 12 sixth-grade students won awards.

"I was thrilled that 12 of my sixth graders won awards out of 48 winners selected from 1,200 contestants," Wyss said.

She said the contest was open to all sixth, seventh and eighth graders who attend school in Summit County, both public and private schools.

"I stressed to my students how proud I am for their hard work because they are the youngest students in the contest and they won 25 percent of the total awards this year," Wyss said.

In total, Springfield Schools had 27 winners out of those 48 students placing including the grand prize winner, and first, second, third and honorable mention winners.

There is a first-place winner for each of the 12 rules. A calendar is printed featuring the winning artwork. First place winners get a calendar page/month and film a commercial on WBNX-TV. First place winners' artwork will also be featured on billboards across Summit County. The grand prize winner gets all these same things, except their artwork is featured on the front cover of the calendar. 

In addition to the previous listed prizes, the winners also received Amazon gift cards: Grand prize winner, $250; first place, $100; second place-$75; third place, $50; and honorable mention, $25.

"Our students look forward to this contest every year and winning is a big deal to them," Casher said. "It is so valuable for students to see their artwork displayed and appreciated out in the community. I’m always so proud of the creative ideas they generate on their own and I’m thankful to the prosecutor’s office for hosting this contest each year." 

When driving around Summit County watch for the student’s artwork on the safety billboards. Nine of the 12 billboards and pictures on the calendars will be from the talented Springfield art students.

The Springfield Junior High winners were:

- Jaylee Greenwell, Grand Prize

- Isaac Snyder, First Place

- Shelby Born, First Place

- Nikki Doshak, First Place

- Anna Kincaid, First Place

- Angela Romano, Second Place

- Alika Durante, Second Place

- Makenna Bry, Second Place

- Lillian Meyer, Third Place

- Nick Brown, Third Place

- Jamia Greer, Third Place

- Audri Bell, Third Place

- Isaac Rockich, Honorable Mention

- Kylie Pyles, Honorable Mention

- Scarlett Bibey, Honorable Mention

Schrop winners included: Tori Freimuth, first place; Madison Hoxworth, first place; Hailey Childress, first place; Grant Carr, first place; Allyssa Kobyluck, second place; Diana Elhindi, second place; Alejandro Alvarez, second place; Gabriella Bratanov, second place; Kendall Wilderman, third place; Kelsie Shumway, third place; Hayley Milhoan, third place; and Guiseppe Yanik, Honorable mention