On Nov. 27, an employee at a Massillon Road physicians’ office said she discovered two unauthorized transactions totaling $4,225 were made on the business account. She called the bank and was told both transactions were wire transfers and made by someone using her ID and password. One of the transfers was to a credit union in Los Angeles. The employee was unaware her ID and password had been compromised. The bank was conducting an investigation into the matter.

In another incident reported the same day, a manager at a South Arlington Road car dealership told deputies that two business checks, totaling $46,812, had been stolen. Both checks were made out to a dealership in Streetsboro. It was later discovered the checks were cashed and deposited into personal accounts.

An Akron man, 43, was charged with theft Nov. 27 after he allegedly left an Arlington Ridge department store with a $60 video game concealed in his pocket. He was issued a court summons and released. The day before at the store, a 19-year-old woman was charged for attempting to walk out with a $60 winter coat without paying.

Deputies responded to a vandalism incident on Guinevere Circle on Nov. 26. A resident reported someone caused $2,000 in damages to the paint and interior of her vehicle.

A Kimwood Drive man told deputies on Nov. 26 that someone used his identity to obtain services from AT&T and racked up charges totaling $4,724.

A Florida man staying at an Arlington Ridge East hotel with his son reported his Ford pickup truck was stolen from the parking lot Nov. 26. Property inside the vehicle at the time included two video game systems, a laptop computer and containers of clothing. Upon further investigation in the area, deputies found a black Hyundai Sonata with a damaged steering column and a car key on the ground next to the vehicle. It was later discovered the vehicle had been reported stolen in Cuyahoga Falls.

A Koons Road man, 50, was charged with domestic violence Nov. 25 after deputies said he slapped his 17-year-old daughter on the buttocks and shoulder at their home. The man said he was disciplining the girl for being incorrigible. The teen sustained a minor injury during the incident, but she was unable to tell how it happened.

Deputies issued a warrant Nov. 24 for a 29-year-old Mayfair Road woman accused of domestic violence. Deputies said she kicked her mother four or five times during an argument at their home. The woman had left before officers arrived.

A Uniontown woman, 43, was charged Nov. 24 with obstructing official business. During a traffic stop on South Arlington Road, deputies said the woman got out of the car and refused to get back inside after an officer ordered her five times to do so.

An East Turkeyfoot Lake Road man, 30, was charged Nov. 24 with domestic violence. His girlfriend told deputies the man threw a metal bowl at her that struck her in the head. She said they got into an argument while they were out drinking and it escalated once they got home. The man was booked into the Summit County Jail.


On Nov. 27, a manager at a Manchester Road fast food restaurant told deputies she terminated an employee. Shortly after, she received a phone call from the employee’s mother who threatened to smash her head in. The matter was still being investigated at the time of the report.

An Akron woman, 33, was arrested at a Manchester Road motel on Nov. 26 on a warrant charging her with theft. She was transported to the Summit County Jail and booked.

A Judy Avenue man, 47, was charged Nov. 26 with domestic violence. Deputies said he punched the mother of his children in the face and side during a quarrel at the home. Children’s Services was called to the home due to hazardous and filthy conditions, according to the report. Deputies said there were no mattresses for the children to sleep on and part of the bedroom ceiling was falling through.

Deputies issued a felony theft warrant on Nov. 25 for a 29-year-old Barberton man. His father told deputies the man stole three guitars from his Chaffin Road home in order to support his drug habit. The guitars had a total value of $1,500.

A North Bender Avenue man, 49, was charged Nov. 24 with assault and resisting arrest. Deputies were called to a Wagoner Street home where the man reportedly struck another man in the arm and chest with a skillet during a fight. The man fled before officers arrived. He was found at his home shortly after, intoxicated and bleeding from an injury. Officers said he initially slammed the door on them and then refused to stop during a pursuit inside the house. While inside a cruiser, he repeatedly banged his head against a window, deputies said.

A Longacre Drive woman, 49, was charged Nov. 23 with allowing her animal to run at large. According to a report, the woman called deputies after a neighbor man took her cat and wouldn’t return it. When questioned about the matter, the man said the woman allowed the cat to run wild and didn’t take care of it. He took the cat to a veterinarian and had it treated for worms and fleas. After caring for it, he kept the cat on his property, he said. The woman admitted to allowing the cat to run loose and agreed to pay the man’s veterinarian fees.


Akron police charged a man and a woman with the murder of an 18-year-old Akron woman on Nov. 26. New Franklin police found the woman’s body in a wooded area on Rex Hill Road around midnight on Nov. 25. The Summit County Medical Examiner ruled the woman’s death a homicide, resulting from a gunshot wound to the head. The woman’s mother had reported her missing to Akron police on Nov. 5.

An Akron man, 21, was charged Nov. 22 with criminal trespass and criminal damaging. Police said he went to his father’s Renninger Road home where he had been told the week before not to return. While there, he got into an argument with his father and broke some household items, police said. He was arrested shortly after and taken to the Barberton City Jail.

A Kertesz Drive man told police Nov. 21 someone used his identity to open a credit card account then made $3,000 in unauthorized purchases from a resident in New York.

A W. Nimisila Road man, 46, was booked into the Summit County Jail Nov. 21 on a charge of domestic violence. He is accused of beating up his wife while intoxicated.


A Russett Lane man, 37, was arrested Nov. 26 on felony charges of trafficking in drugs and possession of drugs and also a misdemeanor count for possession of drug abuse instruments. Officers responded to a call of the man screaming in his trailer park. During the investigation, they found him in possession of a bag of heroin and 6.2 grams of methamphetamine, all in individual packages, along with a hypodermic needle.

A Canton woman reported someone slashed two tires on her car while she was parked at a South Arlington Road department store Nov. 26.

A contractor working at a mobile home park on Wilpark Drive told police Nov. 26 someone stole two batteries and two battery jumper cable connectors from his work vehicle. Total value of the property was listed at $600.

On Nov. 25, police were called to an Abington Road home after a man there reported a male acquaintance punched him in the head and chest while holding a knife. EMS transported the man to a hospital, although police later said they saw no visible injuries on him. Two witnesses confirmed the man's story and also said the suspect tried to force his way into the man’s home and threatened to "gut" him with the knife.

The pastor of a Mohawk Trail church called police on Nov. 25 to report a pickup truck had been sitting in his parking lot for the past several days. Police later discovered the truck had been reported stolen in Norton.

A Cuyahoga Falls woman reported someone keyed the passenger side of her car while she was parked at a Massillon Road apartment building Nov. 24.

Someone used a counterfeit $100 bill to pay for purchases at an East Waterloo Road pet supply store, according to a Nov. 23 report.

A Delaware Avenue man, 24, was arrested at a Canton Road location Nov. 23 on a warrant charging him with a fifth-degree felony. He was turned over to Summit County sheriff’s deputies.

On Nov. 21, a Maryguard Drive man told police he saw a maroon Honda driving up and down his street. He then noticed the car stop in front of his house and looked out and saw a black male running from his backyard. When he went outside to check, he found a newspaper had been lit on fire and stuffed into his vehicle’s muffler.

A Rolling Meadows Lane man reported his trash can was stolen from his driveway Nov. 21. A Ronald Road man reported his trash can was stolen on the same day

Concrete finishing tools worth $500 were reported stolen Nov. 21 from an unlocked truck on Marion Avenue.

A Pressler Road woman, 36, was charged Nov. 21 with domestic violence. Her husband told police the woman punched him in the face during an argument over her drinking. She was arrested and booked into the Summit County Jail.