GREEN  While the city is still in negotiations for the sale of property to be used for a new fire station, Green City Council on Nov. 27 approved a $341,315 contract with Infinity Construction Co. as construction manager for the city’s planned Fire Station 3 project.

Green Fire Chief Jeffrey Funai said the estimated $4.8 million project, to be located in the northeast quadrant of the city, will be staffed with a lieutenant and two fire medics and will include a fire engine, ambulance, and an officer’s vehicle, most likely an SUV. The ambulance and the engine, Funai said, will be taken from the city’s existing fleet.

Funai said a 4.7 percent increase in calls since 2002, along with a desire to lessen response times overall, formed the impetus behind the construction of the new station.

"Station 1 is roughly in the middle of the city and Station 2 is in the northwest," Funai said. "With the airport, Nimisila Reservoir and rural residential taking up much of the southern part of the city, this addresses response time in our next biggest area of calls."

Funai said he hopes to see the project break ground in March or April and be completed by the end of 2019.

"But it is a construction project, so depending on weather (dates could vary)," he said.

Given that the city is still in the process of finalizing the property sale, Law Director William Chris declined to comment further on its location, stating only that it is "a good location for the city and will be a great benefit for the community to have our third fire station."

Other actions

n Council approved the establishment of a city tree advisory commission for the regulation of public property trees was also approved. Ward 3 Councilman and transportation committee chair, Rocco Yeargin, said the committee will have two specific missions; to create a list of tree species permitted in the city as a means of controlling disease and infestation, and to identify and remove problem trees throughout the city.

"If it is a tree on private property, residents would have time to remove it or the city could come in and take it and bill the property owner," Yeargin said.

n Service Director Valerie Wax Carr said formation of the commission is part of the requirements for Tree City USA recognition, which Green is currently applying for. 

n Council adopted a formal policy regarding municipal credit card use and procedures, required by the adoption of Ohio House Bill 312; and made a $97,419 modification to the 2018 appropriations budget in various funds in order to provide sufficient funding through the end of 2018.