LAKEMORE  Members of the Lakemore Council approved an ordinance that had been read at the previous three meetings which renames Endeavor Parkway (Plaza Drive), between Lakemore Plaza and Main Street, to Kenny Ray Jr. Memorial Parkway in honor of the son Police Chief Ken Ray and Liz Ray.

Councilman Sam Ray, who is the brother of Kenny Ray Jr., thanked fellow council members for naming the road in memory of his brother. He said if he had to sum up Kenny in one word it would be "loyal."

"We were born and raised here in the village and to him and I you guys are one big family," Sam Ray said.

Kenny Ray Jr. became a first responder with Lakemore Fire Department.

"So, in a way, he was not only a big brother to me but to all of us," Sam Ray said. "He was always trying to protect the family that he so loved."

Sam Ray also said that the day the family laid Kenny to rest he remembered thinking it would be the last time his brother would be in the village he called home for so many years.

"I realized tonight that it couldn’t be further from the truth," Sam Ray said. "My family and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for honoring him in this way."

The village will hold a dedication of the street in April, Kenny’s birth month.

Other news:

- Council held a moment of silence in memory of resident Shirley Strittmatter.

- Mayor Rick Justice announced the village is on schedule for a $90,000 repaving project from Connie to Flickinger this spring. He also said the $230,000 Lake Road and Fourth Street project is going well. That project is paid for with grant monies and gives the village a new storm system through those areas.

"It will be a huge improvement for the village," said Justice, who added that is an area that floods during rain storms.

- Tracey Douglas said the village is in a standstill regarding issues with Internet service. The village had a failure in one department for six days, but it would have to go into litigation to break the contract. He is hoping there will be a resolution to the issue soon.

- An ordinance amending the general plan for Hidden Lakes was read for the first time. It will be read again during the Dec. 3 meeting and a public hearing will be held Dec. 17. Keith Mitchell from Ryan homes spoke to council about the redesign at Hidden Lakes. The new plan is to reduce the number of dwellings from 549 to 395 which will allow for more green space in the allotment. Included in the area will be an empty nester project and the other half will be a Simply Ryan project. He said they have been building these types of homes in other communities including Springfield Township and the homes are move-in ready. He said they are excited to build this multiple market home for everybody.

"This is an exciting place to put it," Mitchell said.

- Also read for the first time was a resolution authorizing the mayor and fiscal officer to enter into a three-year property maintenance program agreement with Wide Open Property Maintenance Services for all village owned and village responsible properties.


- There are four recycling bins for cardboard and paper across the street from Lakemore United Methodist Church (LUMC) in the parking lot. The recycling bins are the primary source of funding for the food pantry.

- The food pantry is collecting turkeys and hams at LUMC for the food pantry through the new year.

- For community members who have medicines at home that they need to dispose of safely, there is a medication drop area open 24 hours a day in the lobby of the Police Department. No liquids or needles are allowed. It is locked, but people can put meds in but cannot take them out.

The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m., Dec. 3 at the Municipal Building, 1400 Main St.