On Nov. 9, a security employee at an Interstate Parkway home improvement store reported a woman returned merchandise and received a refund of $197.98. Surveillance video later showed the woman entering the store with nothing in her hands. It was determined the woman took items off the shelves and returned them to customer service.

Deputies were called to a South Main Street drugstore Nov. 8 after a pharmacist reported a suspicious prescription had been called in. An Akron man, who was dropped off by two other people, came in to pick up the prescription but was detained by deputies and questioned. Upon investigation, deputies could not determine who called in the prescription and therefore no charges were filed. The two women who dropped off the Akron man, however, were arrested; one for driving under suspension, the other for a warrant out of Akron.

A Canton man, 40, was arrested Nov. 8 on charges of burglary and criminal damaging. A Greensburg Road woman told deputies she was in her living room when she saw the man coming downstairs and leaving out her front door. The man, who lives next door with his mother, did not have permission to be inside the home, she said, and noted her three children were present at the time. During questioning, the man told officers he was tripping on LSD, and said someone told him to go to the house. He also said there were about 20 people upstairs at the home. Officers found no one else there but did find rooms ransacked and a window knocked out of the frame. The man was evaluated by EMS for drug use and then transported to the Summit County Jail.

A Thursby Road man told deputies Nov. 8 that he has an ongoing problem of someone dumping trash in his yard. He found several large bags of trash in his yard on the report day and at other times found tree limbs and shrubbery on the property.

Green firefighters responded to a fire at a daycare center on Town Park Boulevard on Nov. 7. The fire was quickly extinguished. No injuries or major damage was reported.

On Nov. 5, a New Philadelphia man staying at a Corporate Woods Parkway motel called deputies, claiming a housekeeper stole medication from his room. He said he was cancelling the remainder of his stay and requested the incident be documented. Video evidence of the alleged incident was inconclusive, according to deputies. Management asked the man to leave and not return.


On Nov. 9, a Fowler Avenue man reported someone attempted to damage his car tire by placing nails under it. He believes neighbors are responsible.

A Judy Avenue man told deputies Nov. 7 that someone hacked into his Wi-Fi and prevented him from getting into his email account. The man presented no evidence to substantiate his claims, according to the report. He was advised to contact his phone and internet providers.

A 14-year-old Coventry Township boy was charged Nov. 7 with misuse of a credit card. His mother told deputies the boy took her credit card from her purse and used it to make charges online totaling $179.95.

Deputies responded to a report of a serial shoplifter at a Manchester Road supermarket. According to reports, on two separate occasions, Nov. 5 and 7, a man filled a shopping cart with cases of pop and left without paying. Deputies were trying to determine the suspect’s identity with a license plate number and security video.

A Lakota Avenue man, 28, was arrested Nov. 6 on charges of domestic violence and aggravated menacing. Deputies said he choked his girlfriend and threatened to kill her, then took a gun out of a drawer and said he was going to shoot her.

An Akron woman, 23, was arrested at a North Turkeyfoot Road home Nov. 6 on a warrant charging her with obstructing justice, a third-degree felony. She was taken to the Summit County Jail and booked.

Deputies issued a warrant Nov. 5 for a 35-year-old Polonia Avenue woman charging her with violating a protection order. She is accused of contacting a Green man despite a court order.


A Johns Road woman, 35, was charged Nov. 9 with child endangering and resisting arrest. According to reports, police were called to the woman’s home the evening before regarding a domestic dispute. Her husband told officers he tried to prevent the woman from leaving the home because she had been drinking. She was later found drunk in a parking lot on Manchester Road and charged with disorderly conduct by intoxication. Hours later, police were called back to the home after the woman reportedly came back with more alcohol. She was confronted by her eldest son, who told police he grabbed the bottle of liquor from his mother and ran outside to pour it out. His two younger siblings were asleep inside the home, he said. Officers said the woman ignored repeated commands to open the door to allow her son back inside. When she finally did, she put up a struggle during her arrest but eventually was handcuffed and taken to Barberton City Jail.

A Center Road woman was bilked out of $230 after she contacted what she believed was a well-known computer company to have her phone fixed. She was told she needed to purchase $230 worth of iTunes gift cards and call back with the serial numbers. She complied but later realized she had been scammed.

On Nov. 7, a mortgage company representative reported a vacant home on Odelle Drive was broken into. Some property was taken. Police found no signs of forced entry. The house has been vacant for almost a year.

Police responded to a verbal dispute Nov. 6 between a man and a woman at the corner of Fairland Road and Sussex Drive. Nothing physical had occurred between the two. A background check showed the 19-year-old man had an active warrant in Norton. He was arrested and turned over to authorities in that jurisdiction.

On Nov. 5, an officer patrolling State Route 93 stopped to question a woman after seeing her walking on the wrong side of the road. The woman gave the officer a name and birth date that later proved to be false. After finally admitting she lied, she gave the officer her true name. A computer check of the new information revealed the 38-year-old woman was wanted on felony warrants in three counties. She was charged with obstructing justice and turned over to Summit County sheriff’s deputies on the warrants.


While patrolling South Arlington Road Nov. 13, police found a woman asleep in a car in the parking lot of a local hotel. The woman was not registered at the hotel and had no official business there. She told officers she was homeless. Police ran a background check on the 32-year-old and found she had an active warrant in Barberton. She was arrested and turned over to police in that jurisdiction.

A 16-year-old Springfield Township boy was charged with domestic violence Nov. 13. Police said he pushed his mother, causing her to fall and hit her head on the stove. The woman was taken to a hospital for a severe laceration. The boy was issued a court summons and released to an older sibling.

An Akron woman, 21, was charged with theft Nov. 11 at a South Arlington Road department store. Police said she failed to scan $135 worth of food items at a self-checkout register.

A Wilpark Drive man, 34, was booked into the Summit County Jail Nov. 11 for felony domestic violence. Police said the man pushed his estranged wife several times at her home, then threw an object at the TV, breaking it. He then went outside and tore siding off the house and punched a hole deep enough to break through the inside drywall, police said.

While investigating a domestic dispute at a Russett Lane home Nov. 11, police discovered a 37-year-old man there wanted on two felony warrants. He was arrested and turned over to sheriff’s deputies.

A 60-year-old homeless woman was charged Nov. 11 with criminal trespass. Police responded to complaints the woman was continually seeking shelter inside local businesses. Police said the woman refuses to go to Haven of Rest or accept help in finding shelter. She usually orders something small at the businesses, although she has no money and can’t pay for it, police said.

A Celia Avenue woman, 30, was charged Nov. 11 with domestic violence. She is accused of beating up her boyfriend after he woke her up to ask her about a cellphone. The man had a black eye, a swollen lip and cuts all over his face and neck. The woman was booked into the Summit County Jail.

On Nov. 9, a Killian Road man told police he went to a Pressler Road man’s home to pay a visit. When he got out of his car, the Pressler Road man came up and struck him in the head with a pipe. He then went home and called police. The Pressler Road man later told police the Killian Road man came to his home uninvited and when he refused to leave, he struck him in the head with a piece of plastic PVC pipe. EMS treated the Killian Road man at his home for a minor laceration. He refused to sign charges against the Pressler Road man.

An Essex Street woman, 30, was charged Nov. 9 with possession of marijuana and child endangering. Police said she was found smoking marijuana in her car while picking up her two children at the elementary school.  Her youngest son, age 4, was in the backseat of the car. Children’s Services was called and took custody of the woman’s children.

A 23-year-old Tallmadge woman was arrested Nov. 9 after she was pulled over for failing to yield for an emergency vehicle. Police discovered the woman was wanted on a felony warrant in Akron, where she was turned over to authorities.

An Akron man, 41, was charged Nov. 9 with disorderly conduct. According to reports, officers were called to a South Arlington Road store to investigate a possible assault. Upon their arrival, the man began running around the police cruiser, screaming and yelling obscenities. He ignored repeated requests to stop his turbulent behavior and was arrested.


On Nov. 10, a Sanitarium Road property owner reported a man was acting violently at her apartment building. Police advised the man, who is a tenant in another apartment at the building, to leave or he would be charged with criminal trespass. In a separate incident at the location reported Nov. 13, a woman reported someone piled leaves on her front steps. As she was taking her grandchild outside to a bus stop, she slipped and fell, suffering an injury. She refused medical treatment.