GREEN  The Portage Lakes Career Center’s (PLCC) first adult cosmetology class is announcing its grand opening for customer services beginning Nov. 27.

The class is trained and eager to offer the public a full line of services including hair, nail and skin at reasonable pricing.

The grand opening will be held Nov. 27 and those scheduling a manicure or pedicure service will receive a free paraffin dip. The services are conducted through appointment only and are available to the public by calling 330-896-8385. Hours are 12:30 to 4 p.m. An instructor is involved during the service time.

Cosmetology classes have been offered for many years to the PLCC high school classes. This year, the school built a new lab setup for adult students to continue their education.

Among them are Ashley Battaglia-Waren, who worked for years for her family’s greenhouse business (Battaglia’s). She was exploring going to another beauty school in Cleveland but didn’t like the hours and the tuition was almost double. When her cousin told her about PLCC, she visited when the cosmetology lab was just a shell but said she felt so comfortable that she decided to enroll.

Adult education class opportunities have been expanding at the career center for the last few years. In the case of cosmetology, PLCC offers small classes, lower costs for students, financial aid where applicable and payment plans. 

Student Crystal Simmons has worked at Akron City Hospital as a secretary for the past 10 years. She took cosmetology in high school but did not get her license and always wanted to go back and finish. She started the process of enrolling at another beauty school but, her start date kept getting pushed back. She saw the PLCC billboard for the new School of Cosmetology and decided to check it out and said she is very happy she did.

Instructor Mindi Berlin is in her 11th year teaching at PLCC and continues her 22-year career as a hairdresser. She said one advantage to the training received at PLCC is the chance to learn in a smaller class and it can dive deeper into training and education.

Student Sasha Frame, of Uniontown, has worked at a couple of area restaurants. She was always interested in the arts and tried an online photography program through the Pittsburgh Art Institute but realized that wasn’t the best fit. She received PLCC’s Adult Ed Catalog in the mail and cosmetology was her plan B. She scheduled a tour and said she instantly felt supported and welcomed. 

The class runs 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. It began in August and will run through June. The students then will take their state boards in July. It is about a 10 to 11 month course depending on how many hours of internship a student does. After passing the state boards, students are off to a career in cosmetology.

"They will have everything they need to go out into the field - perms, cutting, clippers, manicures. pedicures, facials, makeup application - all of it," said Berlin. "The whole gamut from beginning to end."

The cost of the class is lower than many other cosmetology courses. Berlin said because they have smaller classes, the students learn so much more.

"We can get further into things and spend more time on things because it is more one on one," Berlin said. 

Dawn Simpson also helps to instruct the class part-time.

Applications are being taken for the next class. Course length is 1,500 hours and tuition is $14,995 and includes classroom materials, supplies, exam preparation and the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board 1,500-hour cosmetology exam. New classes are going to begin, and more information can be found at

To make an appointment for services, call 330-896-8385.