The November 6th midterm election is over, and one thing is very clear: Green is divided. Issue 14 was and will remain a contentious issue for a while, but the bigger problem isn’t as simple as Issue 14, it’s with the community in its entirety.

Disagreeing on issues and policies is normal within a community and politics itself. What is concerning are the personal attacks, name-calling, and hateful rhetoric slung from one side to the other not just on social media or over the phone, but through pre-planned mailers dropped at our houses. Regardless of anyone’s position on this issue or any others, we must begin having productive conversations with the understanding that we may disagree, but it doesn’t mean we need to hate one another. Disagreeing means we have different ways of thinking. Leave as friends and work hard to promote your stance while maintaining a bit of decency toward one another. At the end of the day, we’re all neighbors.

We’re a strong community, and I think we’ve all witnessed that strength. These are trying times in Green. I think to heal we must work with our neighbors and elected officials to come up with real solutions to problems we face. Our elected officials should take the lead on this by working with residents, taking varying opinions into consideration, and making decisions based on compromise and what is best for the community at-large. I hope we can work together to heal in the future.

We all love this city… but where do we go from here? Let’s start by being neighborly again.

Justin Leonti