GREEN  By next spring little league teams will have a new field to play on as construction continues to create a new field on the Kleckner School site, just south of where the school once stood.

The new field came about after the city’s Sports Impact Advisory Committee recommended no longer scheduling games on field 4 at Greensburg Park because of its proximity to the NEXUS Natural Gas Pipeline.  

Green Service Director Valerie Wax Carr said city crews have been working diligently at the site so it can be used in the spring. City Council approved up to $100,000 from the NEXUS Settlement fund to be used to move the field.

Wax Carr said there will be one larger field closer to Thursby Road and then a smaller field constructed in the future next to it. City workers were able to do most of the work, but they ran into problems when it came to the drainage of the fields.

Wax Carr said city workers started the drainage project, but found it to be too much to handle and the city entered a contract with Vizmeg Landscape to do the work. She said the drainage problem has been corrected and the land can serve as ball fields or even be used as an expansion for the neighboring cemetery, which was the city’s original plan for the property when they obtained it from the schools.

The city ran into another complication with the project. When Central Park was constructed, some of the top soil from the Kleckner site was taken out and taken to Central Park. The ballfield site had to be graded and the city has opted to place sod instead of trying to grow grass.

Wax Carr said the project remains well within the budget and play is guaranteed for April. She said approximately $70,000 of the $100,000 has been used.

"The second field is not out of the question," Wax Carr said. "It is something we will look at in the spring."