More than a dozen car break-ins have been reported throughout the city in the last month.

NORTH CANTON  Police are asking residents to lock their car doors after more than a dozen vehicle break-ins in the city.

Officers have taken 12 to 15 reports of break-ins throughout the city in the last month, "mostly during the night and a few more on weekends," Lt. Doug Cardwell of the North Canton Police Department said Tuesday.

All of the break-ins have involved unlocked cars and, while initially they were mostly in the northeast section of the city, they have since spread to other areas, he said.

Police believe the break-ins have been carried out by the same group of young people who are likely on foot or riding bicycles. But no one has been arrested.

Cardwell recommends removing belongings from cars "or at least locking them in the trunk." Although the thieves are able to pop open the trunk once inside the car, Cardwell said that has not been taking place with the recent break-ins.

He said anyone with information about the break-ins should call detectives at 330-499-5911.

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