A Uniontown woman, 24, was charged Oct. 27 with disorderly conduct. Police said she caused a disturbance at a Dressler Road bar and tried taunting a staff member into fighting her after being told to leave.

Police were called to investigate a suspicious vehicle Oct. 27 in the 4300 block of Whipple Ave. A man later identified as a 33-year-old from Canton was found sleeping in the driver’s seat. A background check revealed he had an active warrant in Carroll County. He was arrested and turned over to sheriff’s deputies in that jurisdiction.

A New Franklin woman, 34, was charged Oct. 25 with illegal conveyance of drugs onto the grounds of a detention facility or institution, a third-degree felony. Police said the woman smuggled a dangerous drug into the booking area of the Stark County Jail. An officer using a body scanner located the drug hidden in the woman’s vagina. The woman was originally arrested on a warrant for failure to appear on a theft charge.

A wary employee prevented a Dressler Road business from being defrauded of $3,000 on Oct. 24. According to reports, the employee received an email from a person she thought was the owner. The email instructed her to purchase 30 iTunes gift cards for clients and send pictures of each of them to the email address. The employee purchased the cards at a local store. However, when she went to download the cards, she noticed the email address was different from the owner’s. She contacted the owner, who said he did not send the email.

An Akron woman, 44, was charged Oct. 24 with theft after she allegedly left an Everhard Road store with a bag containing $87 in stolen merchandise. She was issued a court summons and released.

A Canton woman reported her wallet was stolen after she set it on a bench at a Strip Avenue Northwest store on Oct. 24. The wallet contained $100 and a $25 gift card.

A Massillon man, 22, and a Canton man, 19, were charged Oct. 24 with misdemeanor possession of drugs. A patrol officer caught them smoking marijuana in a car while parked near a clubhouse on Hills and Dales Road Northwest.

On Oct. 23, an employee at a Whipple Avenue business reported two drills and a charger, total value $200, were stolen from the bed of his pickup truck.

A Canton man, 21, was charged with theft Oct. 23 after he was allegedly seen putting $60 worth of merchandise in his pocket at a Dressler Road department store and leaving without paying.

Police were told an unidentified woman used a counterfeit $20 bill to pay for a food order at a Sunset Strip Avenue fast food restaurant on Oct. 23.

A Sparta woman, 34, was charged Oct. 23 with theft and obstructing official business. Police said she left a Whipple Avenue supermarket with a shopping cart filled with $100 worth of groceries without paying. During her arrest, she gave an officer a fake name.

On Oct. 22, a Parsons Court woman told police someone used her identity and credit card information to make unauthorized purchases totaling $421.

A Shaftesbury Drive woman filed a criminal damaging report on Oct. 22. She said someone threw bricks and stones at her car while it was parked in a carport at her home.

A Canal Fulton man, 18, and a Barberton woman, 19, were charged with possession of marijuana Oct. 20. Police said they found the couple in possession of the drug after their car was stopped for a burned out headlight. The woman was released to Barberton police on a warrant for failure to pay fines.

On Oct. 18, a Willowcrest Drive woman told police someone entered her unlocked shed and attempted to remove the battery from her riding mower.