SPRINGFIELD TWP.  The sweet treats were flowing as students and their families arrived at Spring Hill Elementary School for the annual Halloween Party.

the big day for the students and families was Oct. 20 as more than 400 people swarmed the halls of the school to find the treats that were being given out by volunteers, school staff members and organizations of the community.

Second grade Teacher Tom Anderson said it is nice to have the party on Saturday.

"It doesn’t take away from class time and it is nice to see the parents," said Anderson, who added that it is a safe place to trick or treat.

There were no tricks, however, just lots of treats as the families participated in a variety of events that included a pumpkin raffle, cake walk, trick or treat and more.

Members of the Springfield High School marching band played some tunes while others rummaged through their treasures to find just the right piece of candy to eat first.

Each classroom made a pumpkin for the pumpkin raffle and tickets were sold for it. Participation in the cake walk and food items that were available in the cafeteria.

Reading teacher Tabitha Cunningham Radzik said the candy was donated by the parents and staff members as well as volunteers were involved in the decorations and planning of the event.

The idea of having it on a Saturday came from the fact that parents and grandparents wanted to see the kids in the Halloween parade and parties that were traditionally held during the school day. There was not enough room for them to be in the school during the party. Last year, it was decided to hold the Halloween Parade on a Saturday, so the entire family could enjoy the event.

"Was a huge success," said Principle David Jurmanovich. "The parent group made about $1,200. This amount will go to fund our program, The Leader In Me. It also buys prizes for the students and funds other activities such as the end of the year picnic for the students."

Several people commented what a great idea this was so all parents can come and have a fun filled night with their student.

"The staff and I can't wait for next year. We begin planning in January," said Jurmanovich.