Two residents in the 2500 block of Royal County Down Drive reported thefts from their vehicles on Oct. 14. In the first incident, someone used a brick to smash a window to gain entry into the vehicle. A black nylon bag and a notary stamp pad, total value $200, were stolen. In the second incident, the thief entered an unlocked car and took an iPhone worth $600.

Also on Oct. 14, deputies investigated a burglary at a home in the 3300 block of Mayfair Road. The homeowner told detectives he was out of town for a month and when he returned on Oct. 14, he found his home had been broken into. A garden tractor and a 12-foot kayak, total value $3,600, were reported taken from the garage. A neighbor said he saw the man’s garage door open two weeks prior, but was unable to get in contact with him.

An employee at a South Arlington Road car lot reported someone stole a dealer’s license plate from his vehicle between Oct. 11 and 13.

On Oct. 12, an employee at a Corporate Woods Parkway medical facility told deputies she believes a patient stole a cellphone from the office before leaving that day.

A Brigantine Avenue man, 41, was charged Oct. 12 for a noise complaint. According to reports, a neighbor called deputies after the man had reportedly been playing loud music for more than three hours. A deputy arrived and advised the man to turn down the music, and the man said he would comply. However, as soon as the deputy went back to his cruiser, the man turned the music back up. Deputies said they had received numerous complaints about the man’s loud music in the past.

Deputies issued an arrest warrant Oct. 12 for a 22-year-old Cleveland man charging him with domestic violence. Deputies said the man and his ex-wife got into a heated argument in a car while they were parked in the driveway of a Ridgedale Drive home. The man allegedly grabbed the woman by both arms and then punched her in the left shoulder, leaving bruises. Deputies later learned the man was incarcerated in the Strongsville City Jail.

An Akron man, 53, was arrested on East Turkeyfoot Lake Road Oct. 12 after deputies discovered an outstanding warrant for aggravated possession of drugs, a fifth-degree felony. The man also was found driving under suspension.

A Springfield Township man, 28, was charged with theft Oct. 12 after he allegedly left an Arlington Ridge department store with a phone charger and headphones, total value $160, without paying. He was issued a court summons and released.

Someone entered an unlocked car at an apartment building on Royal County Down Drive Oct. 10 and stole a pair of sunglasses, a garage door opener and a plastic bag containing about $12 in change.

A South Arlington Road man told deputies Oct. 10 he allowed his ex-wife, who was visiting from Florida, to stay with him a few days. Early one morning, his ex-wife packed up her belongings, he said, and left with his dog, a four pound white Poochon. He was unable to contact her and believes she is traveling to Oregon in a white Chevrolet Traverse with a Florida license plate. Deputies advised the man the incident was a civil matter and he needed to consult with an attorney if he wished to pursue it further.

An East Turkeyfoot Lake Road man, 49, was charged Oct. 10 with possession of drug abuse instruments and having an open container. Deputies said they found him with three hypodermic needles and an open can of beer during a traffic stop on Raber Road.


On Oct. 11, the Coventry Fire Department along with several other area agencies responded to a house fire on Krebs Drive. A preliminary investigation determined the fire started in the attic. No injuries were reported and the fire was extinguished without further incident.

An Akron woman, 51, was arrested at a Swartz Road location Oct. 11 on warrants for a probation violation and contempt of court. The original charges on the warrants were for driving while intoxicated and allowing a pit bull to run at large. The woman was transported to the Summit County Jail and booked.


On Oct. 13, police responded to a call of a possible drunk driver on Manchester Road. Shortly after, an officer located a vehicle matching the description and initiated a stop after observing the driver swerving outside the travel lanes. The 57-year-old male driver was found driving with a suspended license. He was cited for traffic violations and his car was towed.

A 55-year-old Akron man was arrested Oct. 11 after he was found with a warrant during a traffic stop on Manchester Road. The man was a passenger in a car stopped for a burned out license plate light. During his arrest, the man was reportedly found with a bag of marijuana and a smoking device. He was charged with two misdemeanor drug counts and taken to the Barberton City Jail on the warrant.

Police issued warrants Oct. 11 for the arrest of a 31-year-old Akron man. According to reports, the man’s father, who resides on Vanderhoof Road, told police the man called him in violation of a protection order he has against him. During the conversation, he said the man became angry and threatened to put a bullet in his head. The father and two family members told police they feared for their safety because they believed the man has several firearms.

On Oct. 10, a Sonata Drive woman reported someone threw bricks at her home, damaging a lower level bedroom window and the outer pane of a living room window. Police collected two bricks from the scene.

A South Main Street man, 20, was charged Oct. 9 with domestic violence/menacing. His girlfriend told police the man began arguing with her while he was moving his belongings out of the home. At some point in the argument, he approached her in an aggressive manner and threatened her with physical harm, she said.

A Will Drive man, 48, was booked into the Summit County Jail Oct. 8 on a domestic violence charge. His adult son told police the man tried to choke him inside the home and when he ran outside to get away, the man chased after him. He believed his father was on drugs, possibly cocaine.

A Rex Lake Road man reported property was stolen from his boat while it was docked at Craftsman Park between Oct. 2 and 8.


Two copper pipe bending tools, two acetylene torches and a condenser for a furnace, total value $1,520, were reported stolen Oct. 16 from a vacant home in the 2400 block of Greenland Avenue.

A Waterbury Drive man, 26, was charged Oct. 15 with disorderly conduct by intoxication and possession of marijuana. Police were dispatched to an East Waterloo Road bar after a woman reported the man broke the driver’s side-view mirror on her car in the parking lot. She told officers the man was harassing her and her friends throughout the evening and became upset when his advances were rejected. Officers found the man in the parking lot, visibly intoxicated. He denied breaking the woman’s side-view mirror.

An Akron man, 36, was charged with theft Oct. 15 after he allegedly left a South Arlington Road department store wearing a new pair of tennis shoes he failed to pay for. He was issued a court summons and released.

An Akron man, 25, was charged Oct. 14 with criminal damaging. According to reports, the man was being pursued by Akron police when he crashed his car into two township street signs, at Shady Brook and Hillstock avenues. He was apprehended at Hillstock and Mohawk, where his car reportedly grazed a telephone pole, causing a scratch.

On Oct. 13, an Akron woman reported her wallet was stolen after it accidentally fell out of her cart while she was unloading groceries at an East Waterloo Road supermarket. She told police she didn’t know the wallet was gone until her boyfriend began getting alerts on his phone about his debit card being used. The wallet was not found but police found the debit card later that day on the trolley tracks at the end of Canfield Road.

Two bicycles valued at $270 were reported stolen Oct. 13 from a yard on Mobile Lane.

A Rook Drive man, 48, was arrested Oct. 12 for felonious assault. Police said he slashed a woman on the arm with a knife during an altercation at a Massillon Road business. Several people pointed to the man when officers arrived, saying he had a knife in his possession. Officers found the knife in the man’s front pants pocket, a report said.

The owner of a Canton Road car lot told police Oct. 12 a man took a car for a test drive to have it checked by a mechanic, but never returned. The man gave a phone number that was found to be disconnected. Police were investigating.


On Oct. 13, police responded to a burglary at a Castleton Court home. A woman said someone kicked in the front door and ransacked the inside. Numerous items were reported taken, including a desktop computer, an Apple watch, a small revolver and an Alexa speaker. The woman told police she found a cigarette in her bedroom and a ski mask in the garage. She was later contacted by the Brimfield Police Department concerning her stolen items being found in a vehicle involved in a traffic accident.

Also on Oct. 13, police were called to investigate four teenage boys seen in front of a Springfield Lake Drive home. One walked to the front door, then went into the unlocked garage and took a bicycle and rode off with it. The teens were gone before police arrived and could not be found.

A Springfield Township man was transported to an emergency room Oct. 10 after he stabbed himself in the stomach with kitchen knife at a Fairdale Drive home. He admitted he had taken a gram of methamphetamine earlier that morning.