NEW FRANKLIN  One New Franklin resident has already petitioned his street to have speed bumps installed.

During the Sept. 19 City Council meeting, council heard from Catalina Drive resident Brian Soloman. He has raised concerns over the past few months about cars speeding on his street.

Recently, he went around his neighborhood with a petition to see if those living on the street would support speed bumps. He was able to talk with 32 of the 39 homeowners, of which all supported the addition of bumps. The other homes, he said, are either vacant or he couldn’t get in contact with the owner.

Soloman said he hopes council will answer the call to help make the neighborhood safer.

Councilman Jim Cotts said this issue has been discussed and he appreciates Soloman gathering the signatures. He said the city is going to continue to look at what can be done to help in that neighborhood.

Council President David Stock said the city is looking at what other communities have done such as Toledo, which has speed bumps. Akron has also been exploring them. Stock said the city has to set out some sort of parameters for where these speed bumps would go.

Councilwoman Andrea Norris said she doesn’t believe a change in ownership at Howie’s on the Lake, which is nearby, will make any difference in cars speeding in the neighborhood. She said the issue is going to continue to be explored.

Mayor Paul Adamson said the Police Department did conduct a traffic count which showed 305 cars use the street daily. Of those 305, 6 percent of them were going 10 miles or more over the speed limit.

Adamson also said the city is also continuing to work on lowering the speed limit to 15 and declaring several streets an alley, such as Coleman Drive. He hopes to have something in place by next spring.

In other business Sept. 19, council:

- Approved a then and now purchase order for an outstanding invoice from Red Diamond Uniform in the amount of $8,192. The city received a grant for nine bullet proof vests for the Police Department. The total cost is being funded 50 percent by the city and the other 50 percent by the grant.

- Approved for additional appropriations to the 2018 annual operating appropriation budget.

- Approved a resolution accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the Summit County Budget Commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the Summit County Fiscal Officer.

- Withdrew an ordinance authorizing the city to enter into an agreement with the city of Green to create a regional council of governments for the purpose of sharing services and to create a shared public safety dispatch center. Adamson said the city and Green didn’t fully agree so he requested the legislation be withdrawn. He said discussions are ongoing and the city is still exploring ways to upgrade the dispatch equipment as it will likely have until spring to get the equipment upgraded per new state requirements to remain a primary dispatch center. Stock said the goal is to keep the dispatch in the city and to keep the cost down.

- Discussed extending a joint fire and EMS agreement with the village of Clinton. Adamson said this is an agreement already in place, but would extend it for three years. He said there are not many changes in the agreement and Clinton has already approved it.

- Heard from resident Don Wright again regarding concerns he has about trying to paint his fence and his neighbor calling the police after he went on the neighboring property to paint the fence. Stock said the city cannot allow someone to go onto a neighbor’s property. Wright also raised concerns about a camera his neighbor put up, which points toward his house. Stock said the camera issue sounds like a legal matter.

- Finance Director Susan Cooke received an award from the state Auditor’s Office. This is the second year the city has received an award for a clean audit report. Cooke thanked those who work in her office. Adamson also thanked her and those who work in the finance office and said they do a really fine job.

- Heard from Adamson about the county sewer project. He said some information has been posted on the city’s website along with some frequently asked questions.

- Entered executive session for the purpose of collecting bargaining with no action taken.