GREEN  With school security a top priority, the Green Local School District has moved forward in its attempt to provide as safe as an environment as possible. This is in response to the concerns of parents after a meeting in the spring attended by 300-plus residents. This resulted in a security levy that was passed overwhelming in a special election in August.

One of the new additions was the implementation of a district-wide screening process for anyone entering any of the facilities during school hours. This system is known as the Raptor Visitor's Management System. It is based on use of an Ohio Drivers licence or other form of state ID. The system will identify potential sex predators, along with custody alerts, and keep a record who is in the building. Anyone entering a building will give their identification to the secretary at the entrance and it will be entered into the system and checked. The machine will print out an ID badge for the person to display while they are in the building. This is good for only the day the person is there and it cannot be reused. Other forms of identification may be use, such as military IDs and passports, but those must be entered manually and may take longer to be approved.

According to Director of Operations Wendall Jackson, Green looked at a number of different systems and selected RAPTOR after talking with several local schools that used it. The total cost for the system in all buildings is approximately $8,000 for all five schools. According to Jackson and Director of Technology Marc Clendaniel, the system has so far functioned without any major problems.

"The staff was trained in how to use is and there has been no major problems, either with its implementation, or with people being screened by the system," Jackson said.

"So far, we have been pleased with the system here at the high school," said Green High School Principal Cindy Brown.

Brown's comments were supported by the front office which has experienced no problems in checking in visitors. Once a person turns over their ID for processing, the machine checks and prints out an ID badge in about a minute. Unlike the old system where a person had to leave an ID at the front desk, this alleviates people inadvertently forgetting to pick up their ID when they leave the building.